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Steven T. Helt wrote:

I think this class frontloads too much power, and isn't really clever. Thematically, the judgmental inquisitor archetype gets changed to...a judgmental inquisitor. Only the mechanics change, and not enough to jsutify a new archetype. Moreover, the changes are really based on one ability that all other inquisitors get later. In addition to having balance issues, it's just not exciting or clever.

And then there's the styles issues. I feel we are sometimes told "have an awesome core concept", and then told "Superstars don't have to choose - you can get it all right" and then told "You have to submit an entry as if it's a proferssional audition for work. An unprofessional entry isn't superstar". Balancing these facotrs can be a little subjective, and can be tricky when evaluating so many entries, but I think this one is a case where the author doesn't even proofread the entry or evaulate the styles of Paizo and Pathfinder terminology. It's egregious enough to cost my vote even if there weren't other, huge issues with the class.

I've never actually played an inquisitor, but I've seen some through the course of playing and they've been decent but didn't seem incredibly powerful. When looking at the spells that the Inquisitor gets in order to make a valid decision on the archetypes round, I really liked the forced repentance spell and thought it could be the definitive spell of the class. Seems to me that Inquisitors in general are people who force confessions from supposed heretics and here's a spell that did just that. Except, it was a fourth level spell. No wonder I'd never seen it played - despite the defense from Russ Taylor, it is one of the weakest 4th level spells I've ever seen. I would never take it and I've never seen someone who has. It's extremely limited in application and just about anything can stop it from working. And yet, it's the most flavorful spell that an Inquisitor can use. It's the best RP spell in the book.

Truthfully, some of the criticisms I just don't get. I thought Monster Knowledge Check was pretty standard wording for when you make a knowledge check ... on a monster. But maybe that's just in my circles, I don't know. Maybe I don't know enough about correct terminology to be a good contributor to the competition.

But at least I know enough to know that the judges may be giving voters incorrect information, probably though misunderstanding, that may be making this submission seem more overpowered than it is.

Ryan Dancey wrote:
At 5th level, the Denouncer is going to have 5 shots at inflicting forced repentance on the toughest opponent each day.

But from my understanding, at 5th level, the Inquisitor would be half his class level (therefore TWO) shots at inflicting forced repentance on the toughest opponent each day. And that's IF the toughest opponent is evil and IF he doesn't have the evil subtype and IF he can be affected by mind-affecting and it breaks if the next person to go hits the toughest opponent or if the Inquisitor loses line of sight (which could be accomplished by a freaking smokestick but also by invis, blindness, unconcious, etc.).

I really just don't see the frontloading of the power. I see it as fixing an awesome spell. Guess that's not Superstar, though.

I would love to love a bard archetype that focuses on perform and role playing - my favorite character will always be my first and that was a bard who certainly knew how to tell a tale. Although she was too sweet to be a con artist, I'm sure I could whip up a suitable character for it.

However, the truth of the matter is that party members want a bard for inspire courage. If you take away inspire courage, people will hope that you'll choose another character. And a charm person is not going to be enough to persuade them.

Neil Spicer wrote:

It's a firebrand, judgment-inflicting inquisitor with a major focus on the forced repentance spell (which is a pretty potent spell meant to target one creature at a time). You're granting this 4th level spell effect (which normally isn't attainable until an inquisitor reaches 10th level) as a 5th level class ability usable a number of...

I'm agreeing with a lot of what you're saying here, but I've got to say something about the forced repentance. This actually is a problem with the forced repentance spell itself - the spell has EXACTLY the same casting time, components, range, duration, saving throw, SR and effect (become prone) as the first-level hideous laughter that bards get at second level (and since Inquisitors have effectively the same spell progression, this is a totally valid comparison).

The only differences between the spells is that hideous laughter DOESN'T break on attack (while forced repentance does, making it LESS POWERFUL of a spell) and forced repentance is actually more limiting in targets - if the Denouncer used his limited power on a non-evil creature or one that had the evil subtype, it would be wasted.

There are stylistic problems with this archetype. But overpowered abilities in Repentant Strike and Compel the Faithful? Not really.

Dorje Sylas wrote:

I agree, those of us not in the 32 should wait to post until after the voting is closed + 24 hours. After all Superstar is not an open alpha or beta :P

Slot reserved for witch fan-boy archetype. That is not to say the witch is replicating a stereotypical fan-boy, or that I'm a witch's fan-boy.... Oh just pass me the spade and I'll keep dig this verbal hole.

I think archetypes are the oddest category because unlike many of the others archetypes are a new sub-system and thier ramifications have not been fully explored. Much like saying "design a prestige class" in the early days of 3.0. Best of luck to the contestants because I feel out of all the categories this is the one that stares into the void so to speak.

All my best ideas for archetypes are for witch. I've never entered RPG Superstar but if I did, I probably wouldn't submit a witch for that very reason - the witch (with the note that "no one knows" where their power comes from) seems all too easy to be inspired by. That being said, since I've spent so much time dreaming of witch archetypes, I'd be interested in seeing yours to see just how unlimited the ideas really are. :)

Standback wrote:

Reciprocity Coin
This platinum coin bears an engraving of balanced scales crossed by a feather quill. Both its faces are identical - down to the smallest nicks and scratches. This coin offers an exchange both eminently fair and inescapably perilous; it can purchase things no mere currency can, and exact payment more dear than gold.

The coin is used by giving it to another, in gift or trade. The giver may activate the coin to make a demand of the receiver (as the spell; Will DC 22 partially negates). Once the demand effect ends (or is negated), a whispered voice echoes through the receiver's mind, repeating the words of the giver's demand and compelling him (as a suggestion) to set them in writing, in his own hand and on whatever surface he chooses (no save; 15 hour duration).

If the receiver fulfills this suggestion, then in the following week he may issue a demand of his own to the giver (as the spell; Will DC 22 partially negates) by writing its words beneath his transcription of the giver's demand.

I really like this item - like, so much that I'm thinking about using it in a home campaign I'm running. But maybe I'm just missing something - what is up with the partially negates? There's no save for the suggestion, so what is the partially negates for the demand?