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I am looking at making a spell caster for a brand new campain. Our DM says it will be Reign of Winter so I am assuming it will be alot of frozen or cold based places. My question is , having never played a spell caster what skills or feats should be concentrated on at low levels to make my spell caster (some kind of wizard or witch)effective at higher levels? Ie spell penetration etc. etc.

Will be starting at first level so maybe a template for a build might be helpful.

Also should i consider multi classing, arcane classes or prestige classes or just stick with the base spell caster?

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I am considering putting Lead Blades onto my great axe (1d12 dmg)which then would make it (3d6 dmg). Now if i enlarge how much more of an increase would i get? according to the core rulebook i should go to the next category but i dont know what the next category would be from 3d6. Would it change it to like 4d8????? I put the numbers into Hero Lab and it changed it from 3d6 to 4d6 which doesnt seem like much of an increase.BTW I am running a standard Barbarian

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Last game session a Harpy was caught in a fireball which reduced her to 3 hp she did a full withdrawal and flew away down various corridors. I had to chase her for 4 rounds before i caught her at a large door she was having trouble opening. My question is in old school D&D there was a provision for winged creatures taking damage based on their wing type (feathered or Bat like). I could find nothing covering this at all. I am not saying just because of damage she would be unable to fly but damage from the fireball would have set her feathers ablaze which in turn would have prevented her flight or at least severely hindered it forcing her to land instead . Spoke with the DM on it he was willing to look into it and make a decision this week for future reference. Anyone have some input on this that i could use to make our case to the DM.

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I just made a sylph (pathfinder advanced race guide pages 156-161) my base stats are after level and race adjustments.

str 15
dex 18
con 13
int 12
wis 13
cha 10

I was thinking of using weapon finesse, looking for help with my build. We'll be starting at fifth level
and was looking for a good fighter class that would fit well with my stats and race.
I was thinking of using a duelist, but i was thinking maybe there are better options available.
I also have 10500 gold pieces to spend on my character.

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I belong to a group of players currently in the capital city of our campaign. The problem is the rest of the party members only do 3 things then they want to leave. they will go to the temple for healing and potions, try to buy magic items at the local shops, or go to a tavern. Oh yes they do get a room at an inn but never try to interact with anyone, even when given the opportunity. So what I am asking is what else is there to do in the city that would interest this group of players to remain in town more than one day. Even when I have spent time at the temple and have talked with the dm about the time frame for either information or scrolls or such, when the dm asks the rest of the group they either say they want to buy certain items if available or go back to the tavern or in. Even when buying items they just want to get the item and deduct the cost and not really wander about the city taking in the sites or talking to people. I guess what I would like to bring to the game is something like a 100 THINGS TO DO IN A CITY sort of thing. For whatever reason they all seem bored in the city, while I find it filled with stuff for my character, but I don't want the whole time in the city to be just about me while everyone just sits around either. Hope you guys can help either with suggestions or links thanks.

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My question is, all my characters I have made todate have been made with the 20 point buy in (at first i was told it was 15 which messed me up major but got itworked out), then I looked over some of the approved pregens for PFS play and they all have 25 point makeups. So should I change to a 25 point buy in when making characters or should I just take a pregen and change the name therby getting a better start up?

Just recently started going to sanctioned events and would like to clarify before I go to ANCON friday.

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Just a quick question, we have a group who enjoys playing sanctioned games but would prefer not traveling an hour or more to get to one. One of our members wants to gm sanctioned games but we are not sure what he needs to qualify or if he needs to sign up on a forum or something. We know he will need to buy scenarios and have all offered to chip in so as it is not any cost to him. So basically whats the scoop on becoming a gm for PFS?

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First off I apologize for the length but it is neccessary....
I currently am running a game in which I have a halfling Oracle which had been reduced to -5 by a spectral Paladin which had succumbed in a battle with a greater Evil and is now forced to slay any living creature which enters its lair {blah blah blah} the point is the oracle drops at witch point another player (witch) continues magic missiling the paladins ghost. The ghost ignores the witch and continues to feast on the fallen halfling for 2pts negative energy draing per round, in three rounds the halfling will be dead. The witch takes the time to kick the body of the halfling out from under the ghost in an attempt to prevent the draining which did actually give the halfling an extra round to hang on. Hope that sets the picture, now comes the problem the witch casts CMW for 17 points on the halfling oracle minus the -9 he was at (2pts for 2 rounds added to the -5) would leave him at +8 done on the witches initiative. next would be the ghost who knowing what the witch has done planned to coup de grace the halfling with his spectral sword(formerly a +5 holy avenger). First the halfling player pipes up with "I should be able to defend myself because I am at +8" to which I explain that he has been out of the initiative order for 4 rounds and dying and cannot act until the next round which he would have to re roll for new initiative since he is effectively rejoing an ongoing combat. Then he explainse from one of his skills or abilities or such he automatically stabilizes when he goes to 0 or less and cant take any more damage. I explain he can indeed continue to be damaged but it must come from additional attacks on his limp body ( the -4 additional drain point). And regardless of his current hit point total even if we used his original initiative, it would still not come until after the ghosts coup de grace. Now when you get healed after being down for more than one roungd do you automatically jump up and can get right back into the fight or is ther some time frame before your head clears allowing you to fight???? can find no real clarification on this. Also should the ghost get the coup de grace if he is truly awake or does that mean he is no longer considered helpless????? if that is the case then I would feel correct in classifying him as flat footed at the very least. To this last bit he informs me he cannot be caught flatfooted except by a rogue of equal or higher level. Which is fine for combat but this is essentially a special circumstance. I stopped the game for the night at this point so I could review and come up with some sort of fair judgement. If anyone could read this and point me somewhere for a definitive rules answer that would be great otherwise I will just have to make a DM judgement which no one may like.

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Well now this seems to be exactly what I need but also makes me hesitant due to the cosmetic problems and no refund policy. Add to that the fact it comes in a tube and will therefore have to be unrolled and flattened to be usable which in itself may cause the wrinkling or even a seperation of the laminate definitely makes me cautious espcially at the cost of $50 plus. I am looking at buying both items but would love to hear from anyone even the developer regarding straightening the rolled tiles. Again if the tiles are in a tube they must be thin similar to the flip mats which in itself is not a major problem but still one nonetheless.I have purchased a number of flip mats and they work great but I absolutely hate (with a capital H) the creasing from the folds but I can work around it because the pricing is bout half of the endless terrain. Overall you get more smaller maps with this company which when put together seem to make one large map of a size equivalent to the flip mats. If I can get some type of response from the developer or somene who may have play teseted thise things I will most likely purchase this within a week, after which I will write a review.

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I recently signed up for the campaign setting and ordered the rule of fear along with a mini and the carrion crown deck. Well everything came in fine and undamaged but you sent me 2 carrion crown decks. Looking over my account I dont believe I was charged for the 2nd deck and was wondering how to return it. I thought perhaps after I ordered the original deck maybe one was supplied with the campaign subscription or maybe the rule of fear module. Just wanted to try and clear up this mistake.

Thanks for taking the time to review this 1669823 was the original order number and was moved to 1669723 hope that helps you locate things.

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I currently have a female Andoran wizard lvl 1 Arcane:Conjuror with bonded item that worships Pharasma. Her background indicates she learned her magic skills from a mid wife hermit (witch). I am thinking of multi classing into a Wizard / Witch. which should grant me additional spells from the witch spell list plus another opportunity to acquire a familiar. Does this sound feasable and would the benefits if any unbalance gameplay? She is my first Society character so I have at least two more games to play beore making that choice. Any help or info wouldbe appreciated. I have looke over the witch messageboards and find a great deal of useful info. Just wanted the community input as to the viability of such a dual class.

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looking at the size modifiers for attack and armor..halfling and gnome are small and get +1. Now old school you would get the size modifier if your opponent was 2 size categories larger then you but this seems to say they get it all the time. If they do then they would get +1 vs each other? that doesnt seem to make sense. Is there some official ruling on how this applies, would they still get the +1 against creatures smaller then them??????

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So much is condensed in pathfinder as well as a number of changes overall that i am going to have many questions i think. Hopefully this is the place to get some clarifications.

1. can shadows crit? and do they still get 50% miss chance for being incorporeal. Could not find reference for either in any books so I took it as no for now. Please correct me if I am wrong.

2. Revelations (Oracle) how many times per day can they be cast. They seem to be in addition to normal spells so they dont take up a slot, just need to know how many times these can be cast.

3. Sorceror/Sumnoner....When learning new spells can they learn them from scrolls and spellbooks...had a discussion last game session on this and my player seemed to think his spells just manifested themselves without having to learn them from anything. My argument is that without either seeing a spell done or looking over some description or document then he has no choice over what spells manifest. They would be totally random if they just relied on manifesting themselves. I realize there are spells to choose from and that is my point, if he can choose he must be able to choose from something. How does he get say magic missile if hes never seen or heard of it, theoretically he wouldnt even know it existed. I am not forcing him to carry a spellbook or anything but he needs a way to acquire spells and could look over a spellbook just to get the spell.

Does any of this make sense using the pathfinder system?????

Have been DMing since 1976 but am a newbie to this pathfinder.

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I just received this order today and for the most part everything was fine, but instead of sending me Bestiary 2 which is what I ordered, I was sent the Game Mastery Guide which I already own. I have tried to call all day at the customer service number but each time I select 0 for customer service i get disconnected. I even tried dialing some random names in the hope of getting hold of any living being all to no avail so i am contacting you here to get this issue resolved. Please make the correction and send out my Bestiary 2, please let me know what to do with the Game mastery guide you sent as I don't need two of them. I would be willing to return it but have no desire to pay shipping costs for something that was not my fault.

This is the first time I have had any problem with anything I have ordered from your company and have always found i the past that your service was always punctual and accurate.

Thank you.