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Full Name

Zoso Cendelë'tiqile


Place of Death, The Armageddon Echo


Deceased Male Elf Bard 7 :






Chaotic Neutral




Common, Elvish



Strength 14
Dexterity 18
Constitution 10
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 7
Charisma 16

About Zoso Cendele'tiqile

Zoso is dedicated to singing the ultimate ballad, one that will forge the future and rewrite the past. He wanders throughout Golarion searching for the greatest moments of lore so he can witness the essence of an exemplary soul in their moment of achieving triumph and harness the power of fate within the fabric of this mortal realm.

Zoso was born into a modest Elf family. At a young age he began training with a short bow and took to immediately, which was of no surprise. It quickly became evident that he had the touch to master all strings, be it a bow or a mandolin. The magical potential in his elvish blood gave him an innate sense of the vibrations around him."

"As Zoso grew his fascination with the bow waned, as it became just a means to an end, while the world of performance began to fully open up to him. He was seduced by the intricacies of a perfect show, how his songs and strumming could reach into the heart and mind of his audience. Zoso would take the listeners on journeys where they could actually feel the pain of a scorned lover, smell the sea misting across the bow, and hear the war drums shaking the castle's walls. But, he found it to still fall short, his audience would wake up after his last note. The illusion was just that."

"So Zoso left home to travel the world in search of something deeper, something common that binds all sentient beings. That is when he heard his first tale of the Drow. The notion of such a duality in his own blood, that he and any Elf could spontaneously transform into a Drow, utterly amazed him. He was in existential bliss and for years hunted down a way to get into that secret frontline. He knew that the key to reality that he sought laid in the answers to the mystery of the Drow."

"It was a gloomy, raining day that his work finally paid off. He had been working in a labor camp for weeks, steering giant geckos as they mined minerals off cliffs. While he worked, he watched the dark recesses under him with a keen eye, and that was when he saw a few Elves sprawl out of a crag and onto a field below. They tried to flee as a band of Drow pursued them. Zoso maneuvered his beast around and arched unrelenting waves of arrows from cliff-hugging Gecko-back onto the unsuspecting drow. The elves heard slaughter and turned to see which of them had fallen behind, only to witness the last Dark Elf get zealously stapled to the sod by what seemed at first to be heaven itself."

"Zoso easily convinced the weary few to bring him back to the Lantern Bearers with them, and they welcomed him openly. After only a few short missions as a Latern Bearer Zoso was paired with Lyr, a Drow abduction survivor. While the Shin'Rakorath is rebuilding Lyr, they have tasked Zoso to act as an example of how an Elf socializes as well as a social protector and advocate. In return, Lyr s to keep Zoso alive while he absorbs as much of Lyr's knowledge of the Drow and the underworld as he can."

Zoso is forever an optimist. Some have said he becomes more joyful as the times get more dire. He is never gitty, but muses thoughtfully as he awaits the next moment to reveal itself. He is creative and has wit, but is no means the smartest man you'd meet in a given room. At times his schemes may seem fanciful or outlandish, as he is mentally writing his next ballad and is wishing to push the events to a desired point, but with an open-minded and more grounded person in the group Zoso's ideas can easily be seen to bare relevance and have merit.

Zoso is skillful with people and social interactions, as he is enthralled by the similar dynamics of such fickle situations to the delicate weaving of performance. Since people are his characters, it takes time for Zoso to develop a sense of kinship with fellow adventurers. But, once that bound is made, Zoso can be quite dedicated to whom he views as his protagonists.

Zoso stands at 6'3", has mahogany skin and hair that match his mandolin, and eyes of orange and blue swirls. He is quite thin and lanky, reflecting his years behind strings rather than iron. His hair is long, unbound, and wavy but his clothes tell a tidier story. While they are not excessive or flashy, his garments teeter between fashion and function. He wears a blend of entertainment and exploration pieces that match oddly well and are dyed in hues of tans and browns.


Male CN Elf Bard 7
CN Medium humanoid (elf)
Init +6 2 from Reactionary; Senses Perception +0
AC 19, touch 14, flat-footed 14
hp 38/38
Fort +4, Ref +11, Will +5 (Cloak of Resistance adjusted)
Armor Mithral Chain Shirt (+4 AC, no armor check penalty)
Armor MW Buckler (+1 AC, no armor check penalty)
Armor Cloak of Resistance (+2 all saves)
Armor Ring of Protection (+1 AC against Magic)
Armor Belt of Dex +2
Speed 30 ft.
Ranged Thundering MW Longbow Composite +2 (BAB+Dex+MW)= (+11)(1d8 +3 (20/*3 +2d8))
... Deadly Aim: (+9)(1d8+7)
... Point Blank: (+12)(1d8+4)
... Point Blank, Deadly Aim: (+10)(1d8+8)
... Rapid Shot: (+9)(1d8+3)
... Rapid Shot, Deadly Aim: (+7)(1d8+7)
... Rapid Shot, Point Blank: (+10)(1d8+4)
... Rapid Shot, Point Blank, Deadly Aim: (+8)(1d8+8)
Melee ... Elven Curved Blade (1d10/18-20/*2)
Str 14, Dex 20, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 7, Cha 16(^1)
BAB +5; CMB 7; CMD 20

Class and Race:

Bardic Knowledge
Bardic Performance (19/day) as Move action
Inspire Courage +2
Inspire Competence +3
Versitile Performance (String)
Lore Master

Immune to Sleep
+2 against enchantment
+2 to Perception
Low Light Vision

Feats and Traits:

Point Blank Shot[1]
Precise Shot[3]
Rapid Shot[5]
Deadly Aim[7]

Reactionary: +2 trait bonus on initiative checks.
Savant: +2 trait bonus on all String Perform checks
Optimistic Gambler: Effects that grant you morale bonuses persist 1d4 rounds longer


Skills 7 = 6 + int
Acrobatics (10)
Bluff (VP 14)
Diplomacy (VP 14)
Disguise (7)
Escape Artist (9)
Intimidate (7)
Knowledge (Arcana) (7+BK)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) (7+BK)
Knowledge (Geography) (7+BK)
Knowledge (History) (7+BK)
Knowledge (Local) (7+BK)
Knowledge (Religion) (7+BK)
Knowledge (Planes) (7+BK)
Perform (Singing)(12)
Perform (Strings)(14)2 from Savant
Perform (Percussion)(7)
Sleight of Hand (8)
Stealth (14)
Use Magic Device (7)


Wand of Cure Light Wounds
MW Musical Instrument (Mandolin)
Backpack, flint&steel
belt pouch
trail rations x5
cold weather clothing
Alchemist Fire x3
Antitoxin x3
potion lesser restoration
potion remove paralysis
3553gp, 4sp

Carrying 55.76lbs
Light Load 76lbs

Tracked Resources (used)
Arrows(Cold Iron) - 10/60
Arrows(Incendiary) - 0/15
Arrows(Drow Poison) - 0/5
Arrows(Whistling) - 0/20
Wand of CLW - 24/50


Spells per Day

Item to get: Pages of spell knowledge (1k 1st, 4k 2nd, 9k 3rd)

With a not amazing CHA score party buffs are going to get better use than saveable debuffs. What I'm thinking is:

0: 6
Detect Magic, Read Magic, Mage Hand, Light, Message, Prestidigitation

1: 6=5+1
Saving Finale, Invigorate, Timely Inspiration, Vanish, Ventriloquism, Silent Image

2: 5=4+1
Heroism, Blur, Galant Inspiration, Invisibility, Versatile Weapon
-Cat's Grace

3: 4=3+1
Reviving Finale, Purging Finale, Haste, Good Hope
-Find Fault
-Jesters Jaunt
-See Invisibility
-Crushing Dispair

Noteable things found for the future:
Heroic Finale
Dimension Door

Stunning Finale

Deadly Finale