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I'm putting together a vaguely melee shaman for this now (because last minute shaman, you know. It's apparently a great idea to have no possible dump stat at all.) No one seems to have talked about background skills at all, so I assume we're not using them?

@Albion, looks like you can get another feat in there. Remember that you get power attack for free from the feat tax!

@Anton Silverseed, I think you should actually be able to add deft maneuvers and two more feat to that build. The feat tax rules address the fact that Unchained Rogue no longer have a benefit of getting weapon finesse for free (as everyone does) by giving deft maneuvers instead. You also get a feat at every level and a bonus feat at first, so you'd be up to 3, and I only see one that you're selecting.

If I'm reading that wrong hopefully The Scepter of Ages will correct me so that I don't get my build wrong!

I believe that I recognize that Rules Changes bit in Scottg0's SQ is the intro to the Elephant in the Room Feat tax article, so I assumed it was just copied in by mistake.

For gear should we assume that masterwork is fair game on one or two pieces of equipment or everything or just armor and weapons or ...

I'd been putting together a build with 2 MW Kukri, a MW Shortbow and MW Studded Leather. I haven't gotten to more mundane gear yet, but I'd probably throw a MW backpack in as well.

Sounds good! I don't have a name yet, but my concept would be a conscript/warlock gestalt from the sphere's system. Mechanically it would something like a specialized arcane trickster (the types of specialization could vary depending on group needs.) She should make for a good scout with decent damage potential in a fight. I'll try to throw something together in the next couple days.

Spheres was the first question that sprang to mind for me as well. If they're an option I've got a build I was tinkering around with a while ago for a grippli that should fit this nicely story-wise.

Working through the character here (it should be a Vanara Aerokineticist I'm thinking,) I'd like to clarify that phobia of water. Is it a fear of entering water or being in any danger of falling in it? Or getting within some distance of it, like 10 feet? Or just seeing it?

It was tempting to go Grippli despite the water thing, but I just can't see replacing the frog mouth with mandibles; apparently I have an easier time seeing that on a Vanara.

Right, it looks like both Grippli and Vanara haven't gotten onto the spreadsheet, so I'll probably try to roll one of those up. What sort depends on this roll I suppose:

Mutations!: 3d40 ⇒ (36, 1, 30) = 67 => 30 (unless one of the others was unclaimed (disclaimed perhaps?) and I didn't notice.)

Although I hadn't posted anything previously, I'm playing around with my third build for this (well, fourth, but the first idea was yet another kineticist and apparently those are surprisingly popular this time around) and am currently looking at a Warpriest.

Are background skills allowed? It didn't matter for my previous ideas (alchemist and fighter,) but now apparently it does for crafting purposes.

How long ago did the Darians take over the kingdom? I'm considering submitting a gnome mesmerist (possibly a Cult Master, but certainly also going the sedition route it turns out,) and I need to figure out if her parents were killed for being loyal to the old regime and Asmodeus worshipers or if it needs to be a couple generations back.

1d10 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9
1d10 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15

So to bring that up to a 25 point build I'd go with 18, 15, 12, 12, 9, 8.

Kromdor Redhands is an Orc. A lot of people stop right there in their assessment of him, and sometimes that's helpful to him, so he doesn't discourage it too much. For those that choose to dig beneath the surface a bit, there's more to it than just being an orc though. While Obould Many Arrows was going about the process of founding his kingdom of Many Arrows, Kromdor was being raised in a Monestary by members of the the Order Sun Soul, worshiping Lathander. The monks never told Kromdor how he came to be at the monestary, and his earliest memories are in training in the yards and doing various menial tasks throughout the grounds with at the direction of the monks.

As he grew older, Kromdor began notice the looks that everyone other than the monks gave him and to question his place in the monestary. He grew resentful at the lack of answers and started to undermine the training he was receiving, and directing his energy towards pranks and tricks rather than the maintenance he was supposed to be doing. When he eventually left, it was a mutual decision. The monks he knew best would always be happy to see him should he return, but it was clear to everyone that Kromdor's energies and attentions were best spent elsewhere.

Out in the world, Kromdor quickly learned that orcs were not welcome in most places, but he learned to adapt and make the best of any situation he found himself in. He traveled, finding work as a bounty hunter and mercenary where he could, attempting to help those around him even as they showed their distrust. Along his travels he did find the kingdom of Many Arrows, but felt as out of place in the chaos there as anywhere else.

Now Kromdor has recieved a summons from an old associate, Flarghin, with whom we worked on several missions before. The dwarf was one of the few who took the time to get to know Kromdor as anything other than just an orc, so working with him one last time holds significant appeal.

Kromdor will be a monk (Maneuver Master) 1, and then Fighter (Dirty Fighter, Mutation Warrior) 4+. His focus will be on control and debuffing, using a combination of intimidation, dirty tricks and tripping.

He will try to start battles with a lucerne hammer hammer (for the reach situations, and intimidation via enforcer) and switch to a falchion as foes get close. This will become easier when he gets another couple levels in and can take the vestigial limb discovery which should allow him to freely switch between the two weapons in combat (and then eventually a second which will allow him to threaten with both all the time.)

He should hit hard enough as a two hand fighter, but damage output isn't really where he's at, and there should easily be room for both he and another fighter with other focuses to run in the same party if the situation arises.

Kromdor is a follower of Lathander and genuinely wants to further the general welfare of the people of Faerun, but he's much more willing to let the ends justify the means than most would be. In combat in particular, Kromdor will take any advantage he can get, from using dirty tricks to using mutagens to grab any physical enhancement he can manage. His orc heritage seems to have won out over the teachings of the monks when it comes to any sort of honor in a fight.

Outside of battle, Kromdor is much more reliable. He's not overly bright and will make rash decisions, but he'll put up with a lot that others wouldn't with something close to a smile. If you're willing to give him a chance he's going to reward that with friendship and loyalty as long as he respects the cause that you're working towards.

Kromdor tries to be effective at the end of the day. If there's a task to get done, he's going to do his best to get it done, even if not in the way that might be expected.

Potential Connections:
Kromdor has traveled a fair amount and could easily have done work with or for the other characters. As long as they treated him with respect, he's likely to like them and be happy to come to their aid.

About Me:

I'm in my 40s and trying to get back into some RPGs that I haven't had a chance to play much (at least outside of computer game versions) in the past couple decades or so. I've been on the Paizo forums, playing games for the past 3 months or so, and it seems to be an acceptable way to experience the games (if a bit drawn out for obvious reasons.) I should normally be posting once or twice a day during the week, and I can often get on for an evening post at least once during the weekends, though family and the rest of life would come first.

My experience with online GMs here has been varied. Some are pretty attentive to details and move along quickly, others are more lax than I'd like, but I should be counted on to play into the story as we go along as long as there's a story there to play into.

I recognize a lot of the names on the maps of Faerun when I look over them,some from my playing time before 2000, but more from the games based on the setting that I've played since (well, or also before 2000; I still have fond memories of Pools of Radiance way back in the late 80s.) Sigil and the Planescape setting I know primarily through the game Planescape: Torment, though I'd say it's the more exciting of the two given the potential for so many things, many outside of the stereotypes that Faerun tends to adhere to, to happen.

On the whole, I'm a veteran gamer with some experience at PbP. I'm all for making sure everyone's enjoying their time at the table and happy to explore characters that don't fit the typical mold. I'm not vital for a group's success or fun, but I should contribute to both.

So I'm submitting a fighter here that I was working on last night, but hadn't gotten around to posting about. I feel kind of bad that I'm doing it after another fighter has been proposed, but I think that Kromdor could easily fill different party roles than another fighter might (he's an orc going for intimidation, dirty tricks and tripping, so control and debuffs as much as damage.

Also, if you do end up going with the feat tax system that makes life easier for Kromdor. They give him more options earlier in his career (especially in terms of maneuvers,) but shouldn't come close to making him overpowered compared to either non-melee or other melee characters.

Let me know if there's anything you'd like to know beyond what I've got here, and have fun at your game!

Hmm, so it would be possible to go through six levels in a class, and then start working through six levels in another class (at the higher cost) just upgrading whatever would have been upgraded for the gestalt at the time?

Also, would unlimited flight from an aerokineticist at level 6 be too much for a game like this. I know that often GMs perfer things like unlimted flight not show up that early, so it's possible you're looking to avoid it altogether for this one.

I've been wanting to build a gestalt Monk/Kineticist and this might be a chance to build up to it.

I've been putting some work into a Gnome Bard (Archaeologist) as a skill/trap build with ranged combat option. She should be able to do some buffing and healing as well.

wealth: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 6) = 16 So 160 gp to start. I might be able to afford that composite shortbow after all.

I'll see if I can't get things finished up in the next day or two.

Rolling Dice!:

6d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 6, 4, 1, 4) = 21 => 15
5d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 6, 1, 4) = 23 => 18
5d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 4, 1, 6) = 20 => 16
7d6 ⇒ (3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 2, 6) = 23 => 15
5d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 5, 4, 4) = 18 => 13
6d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 3, 3, 2, 5) = 17 => 11

So 18, 16, 15, 15, 13, 11. I'll think what might be fun to do with that.

I was definitely considering a hobgoblin arcanist, but martials are just so much easier to build for them. Right now I'm looking at Brawler which I think has more flavor viability than Monk does. An Irda would be cool to have with the party, though if we end up with no minotaurs for a neutral/evil squad that might make me sad.

So would monk be a reasonable choice on Krynn? I can't think of any in the lore. It's not as far out as Kineticist, but I could easily see a no there.

Also, what are your thoughts on feat taxes? Background skills?

That's fine. It's why I asked. I'll figure out what else to do in the next bit, but some sort of hobgoblin coming up soon!

4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 2, 1) = 11 => 1d6 ⇒ 4 =>12
4d6 ⇒ (5, 2, 6, 5) = 18 => 16
4d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 1, 6) = 14 => 2d6 ⇒ (3, 2) = 5 => 15
4d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 2, 6) = 14 => 12
4d6 ⇒ (4, 5, 5, 5) = 19 => 15
4d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 2, 4) = 14 => 12

So 12, 16, 15, 12, 15, 12

Keep the stats in order or rearrange to taste? Actually, that's almost how I'd put them for a Kineticist anyhow if I can play one. I'd probably just swap DEX and CON, and then the stat increase at level 4 probably makes it irrelevant as the lower of the two would get that boost.

So a hobgoblin should be fair game then I assume. Would Kineticist be allowed as a class or would that be too far out there for Krynn? And if Kineticist is OK, would permanent flight at level 7 be too much? I certainly don't have to have it there for a kineticist build, but I could if it would be allowed.

It sounds like there's interest (you can count me as part of that.) Did you have any other details in mind? Which continent, character creation rules, starting level (if we're going to try to stop Raistlin I could see that not being level 1,) that sort of thing? Minotaurs were my first thoughts as well (good old Kaz,) but there are plenty of characters that could be fun roll up here.

I'm good to go anytime. I've been reading some Spheres of Might/Spheres of Power and it's tempting to do all sorts of new things, but I was happy with the Destined Attendant before, so I'll stick with her now.

Right, that's why it's worth asking! I'm not particularly interested in building a blaster just now so I'll let someone else fill the spot. Best of luck finding just the right character and everyone have fun with the campaign!

OK, so I've been thinking about this and I also have a couple questions.

Are you looking for an arcane buffer, debuffer, blaster, diviner, anything else in particular, or you just want that arcane casting covered (so definitely detect magic and some ability to identify and the like?)

I'm thinking of putting together a witch because I've not played one and they look fun. Looking at action economy, how would you rule movement works for a carpet of flying once activated? It's controlled by spoken directions, but I don't know if that would count as a free action or something else (I'd like to keep my move action free for cackle.)

Lovecraft was definitely all about learning just enough to realize how terrible doomed the protagonist in particular, and mankind in general, really was. It might not make for a typical CoC scenario, but if that's the way we end up (by design or due to how play goes,) I'll chalk it up to theme and be fine as long as we had fun getting there.

My quarter just started today, so I've been spending a bit more time preparing classes and less time getting the backstory typed up, but I think I can get it done by tomorrow at the latest.

For the skill that was over 75, that was Language English (my native language) which Dholeshouse had set to EDU (80) by default. I'm happy to bring that back to 75, and it shouldn't effect any of the other scores as I hadn't put any points in it.

Yeah, Radiation Immunity would probably cover that, but Sublime is a really nice fit for a charisma ability based character. Looks fun!

I don't know if you have a template in mind, but there's some chance you could get Poison Immunity through that if you wanted to have the Epic option open for something else. I'm not positive that there's one out there, but there are a lot of crazy templates.

EDIT: For example, Mutant Creature Might give you what you want with it's immunity to radiation perhaps? I haven't looked closely enough into the Elicitor or Atomic adept to know if that's what the poison immunity was for.

Those get populated by the characters/players that post in the gameplay thread automatically. Unless they need adjusting (and I wouldn't know how to do that, never having owned a thread,) it'll take care of itself when we start playing.

The good news is that we can put the characters right in the profiles (you can see all the stats for Stevie if you click on his name or avatar.) It'll take a bit of work player side to create, but it's not too bad. I usually type things up in an editor offline and then copy and paste them in.

I'm ready for a luck roll for Gene Hansen (Eugene Dan Hansen to his not so friends.) The Dholeshouse character generator already had him fail his one Education Improvement Check and I'm fine with that.

So I can build the Fighter/Inquisitor Gestalt I've been wanting to, have the feat tax rules in place and get extra feats? And then I can run him as a Minotaur? That's fabulous. I'll get to work!

Just checking in to say I'm still in and am watching through the Overview videos. They're very well done. I'm still up for the character that I outlined if it fits with what everyone else wants to do, but I'm also still flexible. I'll have a more detailed character written up in a bit. What were you thinking for character creation guidelines? Point buy or roll or something else?

Whether it was the intended answer or not, I assumed that all progression was included both for the ability added and the one removed. It was a bit less clear when I added an ability from a lower level, so I went with a non-progressive one there just to not have to worry about it.

Actually, you just posted my summary for me mostly.

Full BAB, nice damage with reach in melee but weaker ranged. Compliment of druid spellcasting and some psionics. Flying (I think with templates we'll have a decent shot at an all flying team.)

I've explored previous editions of the system before (though it's been a while,) and don't recall finding it too daunting. I'd probably also be up to picking up Pulp Cthulhu if there were another couple people interested in playing.

I didn't have any particular character in mind, but what about a Mathematics Graduate Student (maybe second year, just settling on a field, say Game Theory, following on John von Neumann's recent work, and starting to prepare for qualifying exams.) They would have made connections in town with other students and faculty as well as some from outside the University (depending on the area the game takes place in this could be through any sort of hobby/sport/local pub/something else.) Let's say they have an Aunt in town (or the next town down depending on whether it's a big city or a smaller college town,) who is widowed and works as a as a filing clerk in the police department (in a smaller town she probably is their entire filing department.) She doesn't see as many people as she used to since her husband died as he was the social one, so we try to have dinner every week or two.

That should work for about any setting, would be a character who should be able to work with others somewhat well, could probably contribute in some situations, but would be overwhelmed in others, and should have plenty of hooks to pick from to get involved in whatever goes down.

It's also all just off the top of my head, so if the GM (either you or someone else who wants to step up and offer,) would prefer something in another direction that's fine with me too!

I'll take a look at the character creation tool for now and see if it gives me any fun ideas.

I have interest in the system as a player. I do have the 7E Investigator Handbook and Keeper Rulebook, though have not read through either at this point. I'd prefer the 1920s - 1930s but would play anywhere as long as the supernatural is there to drive me insane (or just kill me,) in the most unexpected ways possible.

Sounds like you've got Kensai doing what you want then. Nice! And Rage would be a nice addition (among plenty of other Paladin or Barbarian class features.) Looking forward to seeing what you put together!

@Slyness, that looks like a fun build! I do wonder if using an archetyped class as a chassis meets the intention though. I'd think that adding the scaled fist on as an archetype would count as one of the three (using both it and the unchained monk features where there was overlap.) You do also get to replace class features you don't want at one per level with anything from another class with the same stats. I used that to pick up some slayer sneak attack at level three on the Destined Attendant (I something else I wanted at level 1, so I didn't go with rogue there.) If there are individual abilities you want to pick up you might be able to slide them in with that (especially if you get them on an archetype as well as the main class.)

Oh, and as an addendum, I think that crossblooded sorcerer is such a good pick for a charisma build. I almost can't see not taking it with the flexibility it has to add whatever makes sense for what else you're doing. Kensai on the other hand doesn't look like it would give spellstrike or spell combat; you'd still get magus spells and an arcana pool you could use for maximizing weapon damage and enhancing the weapon as they show up, but I don't see the other two abilities mentioned in the archetype so it wouldn't give access to them. It could still help your build and flavor, but it might not do what you're intending.

Just with sheer options I do think that the Chassis +3 is more powerful (or at least has the option to be depending on build) at the level than a gestalt. The level 6 gestalt would have the advantage of powers being one higher in most cases (Mystic Theurge would get around that a bit for some builds, but mostly prestige classes aren't nearly the upgrade that other options would be,) and there are interesting things that come online at 6th level for enough classes to make it an interesting choice. I like the decision between the two.

As long as it's a small enough group playing (and it looks like it will be,) I'm probably fine with just about any mechanism for the archetype and prestige class selection. I'm fine with stats for some and thematic ties for others; as long as the character gels in a way that makes sense it's all good with me. I doubt you're going to get absurdly more powerful by varying what system is used, and the freedom to explore character concepts is the focus here as I see it anyhow.

As for the starting setting, I have no strong preference. Whichever spot seems like you'll be able to tell a better story for is fine with me! Given that we're waking up with no immediate connections I'm of the opinion that this could take place anywhere.

I've been using the rules as set in the document except for skills (where I've been using standard skill ranks + Psionic Skills + Background Skills,) and with the assumptions I've made for how stats break down. There are a few things that aren't clear to me (does Mage Armor count towards defense and DR or just DR? Enchantment bonuses to armor do, but the underlying armor doesn't but I'm not sure in that case,) but I figured we'd work out the mechanics for those bits later.

I'm going to go do some work on the document now with the attributes and modify the skills section. Sebecloki is a better one to answer whether we're finalized beyond that.

Let's see how things shake out with those interested. What do we still need to settle for rules at this point? Can I help with anything? This week and next are surprisingly good for me to do work on this sort of thing compared to my normal schedule.

I wonder if there's a physical stat that would count as the base for the chassis that you could use instead. Sounds like the nocturnal predator and shadow boxer might both be dex? If so would an int/dex chassis do the job for you? I went with wis/dex to justify the Destined Attendant, and I'm certainly going int/dex when throwing together The Duelist (The Augmented With No Name?, The Wandering Engine? I haven't found the title yet.)

I don't know the Spheres system well enough to know whether that makes sense for what you're doing, but I think there's flexibility built in there.

@Keante, that looks like a build that you could do all sorts of things with. I'll be interested to see how it ends up as well!

I am tempted to put together a Investigator/Inspired Blade/Soul Forger/Weapon Master now just to see what it would look like with all the parts. I think it could get to some respectable rapier/spell damage even before the crits start.

@Sebecloki, If I did put together that build, would you object to using one of the feats each even class level as a bonus fighter feat (to be able to use Advanced Weapon Training Feat as intended for the Weapon Master?)

@Keante, I was thinking about your build some and looking about. I wonder if you've considered adding the Soul Forger Magus archetype. That would give you some of the basic interesting bits of the magus class to add to the rapier. I've also been trying to think of a way to get Weapon Master Fighter archetype to work for you, but it seems like you'd need to add fighter bonus feats as a level 2 ability replacing something to make that worthwhile. If you did, you could add the Advanced Weapon Training every even level starting at 4th to make what you do with the rapier even more flexible. I'm just not sure if that's worth skipping other archetypes for.

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Right, here's some work on my best guesses for the sub-abilities and what they will affect. I looked at the reference document to make educated guesses where I could, but some things (like Charisma for Use Magic Device, which I don't really think should be charisma based to begin with,) I'm just taking wild guesses. The bonus abilities per day based on stat I used the passives for, partially because they tend to be less used and partially because it made sense for Stamina in particular, but perhaps they should be active or a mix. I'm happy to have any changes made, but I figured I could just in and start some of the work. If there are other bonuses and penalties that should be added in then do add them!

Ability Sub-score modifiers:

Acrobatics (Balance)
Appraise (Reason)
Autohypnosis (Willpower)
Bluff (Appearance)
Climb (Stamina)
Craft (Reason)
Diplomacy (Leadership)
Disable Device (Aim)
Disguise (Appearance)
Escape Artist (Aim)
Fly (Balance)
Handle Animal (Leadership)
Heal (Intuition)
Intimidate (Appearance)
Knowledge: All (Knowledge)
Linguistics (Knowledge)
Perception (Intuition)
Perform (Appearance)
Profession (Intuition)
Ride (Balance)
Sense Motive (Intuition)
Sleight of Hand (Aim)
Spellcraft (Reason)
Stealth (Balance)
Survival (Intuition)
Swim (Stamina)
Use Magic Device (Leadership)

Other uses
Muscle (A): Bonus to hit Melee, Bonus to Damage
Stamina (P): Abilities per day
Aim (A): Bonus to hit Ranged/Finesse, Bonus to Damage Finesse
Balance (P): Bonus to AC, REF saves, initiative, Abilities per day
Health (A): Fort saves
Fitness (P): Wounds (adjust wounds up or down by twice the change in bonus, threshold is still half that), Abilities per day
Reason (A): Bonus Spells, Spell DC, Psionic PP
Knowledge (P): Bonus Skills, Abilities per day
Intuition (A): Bonus Spells, Monk Defensive Bonus, Spell DC, Psionic PP
Willpower (P): WIL saves, Abilities per day
Leadership (A): Bonus Spells, Spell DC, Psionic PP
Appearance (P): Abilities per day

I would be fine collecting equipment from the get-go as long as anyone making a character who depends on it would have somewhat easy access (I'd be fine with nothing, but I wouldn't assume that of others.) With the way equpiment (cyphers and what not,) work in the 9th world that might be ideal anyhow as you'd be giving us crazy equipment options (at least description-wise if not mechanic-wise.) Would that limit the One Unique thing to a non-item, or would the item be an exception or even something that would be acquired earlyish in the adventure?

Skills sounds great, but that answer opens up the possibility of the psionic classes and archetypes from dreamscarred press. They would fit well in Numenara, are they fair game? I could see replacing Unsworn Shaman with something like Martial Kineticist if that were an option.

How many players would you need to want to run this? I don't have any sway here so I'm not likely to recruit unfortunately, but are we looking at needing at least 4 or did you have some other target number in mind?

So many questions for such a cool idea.

So I opened it up and poked around and I'm not seeing anything that would obviously let me do that. Other than point you towards a wiki there's not a lot I can help with there unfortunately.

Between the two I would take skill groups over consolidated skills if given the chance (background included or not,) but I'd prefer skills as normal even more; it nets me less skills overall, but gives much more flexibility for the sorts of skills that I pick up.

Knowledge skills are going to be crazy to work with in Numenara so many things compared to normal (or perhaps nearly nothing, depending on how it's played) would be an aberration, for example. Left to my own devices, I'd probably say that going with anything close is fine most of the time and not sweat it too much. The knowledge skills are less an issue for me at this point, but I can see how you'd be leery of them in the setting in particular.

I'll play with whatever system you come up with, but I like putting a point or two here and there rather than selecting whole groups.

I'm also fine with waking up and figuring things out where we are rather than trying to come up with backstories involving places that I'm likely unfamiliar with.

I actually like the split for the stats if my guesses for the use are correct. If you want you can just leave them like they normally are; there's no penalty for leaving a 16 dexterity as +3 to everything. If you want your character to have a good sense of balance and dodge (what might be agility in other systems) you can up that at the cost of being less good with throwing things or precision. For intelligence, do you want to know a lot or figure things out well; they're both in the statistic, but they're doing different things which reason vs. knowledge captures. If it feels not worth muddling with there's no cost, but the ability to further customize fits in with the theme of everything else we're doing.

The skill groups on the other hand feel like the opposite. Where almost everything else is expanding options that one is collapsing them. At this point, playing around with the build I'd rather use the base skill system for that extra customization that I feel like I'm lacking as I'm getting to that part of my character planning.

So for the active/passive split on abilities how do they mechanically interact? Here's what I'd imagine

Active: Attack rolls, damage, skill tests

Passive: Defense, wounds, saving throws, encumberance, skill ranks (or the simplified version anyhow?)

I guess I'd expect Spell and other DCs to be active and spells per day/abilities per day type things to be passive, but that's not as strong.

I'm sure there are other common uses of ability scores I'm not taking into account.

Also, on an unrelated note, should I be giving 2 feats for the prestige level during character creation? I assume so, but thought I'd confirm.

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