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I'm interested in modeling a character after Tempi from the Kvothe series. Any suggestions (other than straight monk)?

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Hi, I'm going to be running Rise of the Runelords for the next few years, and won't really have a need for any pawns for a while. Please cancel my pawns subscription.


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I recently ordered a Bestiary Box as a part of my Pawns subscription. Showed up the other day, just got around to opening it.

First point - they are awesome and everything I wanted from pawns, so thank you for making them.

Second point - it looks like I got an incorrect page of pawns. I have doubles of the sheet that starts with "Aasimar Cleric" and ends with "Angel, Planetar." I am also missing the sheet that goes from "Dryad" to "Ankheg."

I'm not sure what to do about it!

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I received this order in the mail today (Player Character Folio), and it seems my friendly local postal worker decided to fold and wrap it up before putting it in the mail box.

I tried to file a report with Canada Post, but apparently I cannot do so because it's not a domestic package. I've been informed that I would have to get the sender to file a report with USPS to get the ball rolling... so... I was wondering if maybe you could file a report with USPS (who then would presumably file a report with CP, etc.)?

Realistically, I'm not expecting much to happen from this, but figure it won't hurt to file a complaint. I apologize for dragging Paizo into this, but apparently it's how the mail system works!

Thanks a bunch!

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I know it is way early to be talking about soundtrack stuff... but if you're shopping for composers, please keep Michael Hoenig in mind. What he did with Baldur's Gate was freaking awesome, and I bet he would make Pathfinder Online even more awesome.

Or pick someone else, I guess.

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I was wondering about something this morning, and I couldn't figure out a concrete answer. So, time for some popular opinion.

We all know that CMB actions are attack rolls, with the default being BAB+Str+Whatever.

Weapon Finesse lets you use Dexterity instead of Strength for weapon attack rolls with your light weapon.

If I have Weapon Finesse, and make a CMB action with my light weapon (say, disarming someone with my rapier), am I allowed to use my Dex modifier instead of Str? Or do I need to have Agile Maneuvers? I obviously could not use my Dex modifier for non-weapon-related CMB rolls like grapple, but what about weapon-based ones?

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My FLGS has an offer I can't pass up, plus it's better to support the local guy anyway. Please cancel my Pathfinder Battles subscription.


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So, last night my group took out Dyr'ryd and shut down the Tree of Shackled Souls using the collar that they got from Moltenwing. It was a pretty fun encounter; they had previously gotten Grehlia to help them and show them where the tree was, and basically raced straight there. Shutting down the tree alerted the remaining baddies (Fish & Ardeth, plus Ti'irok and his many flamewarder minions), who all rushed in a few minutes later. It was an epic encounter, and somehow they all made it out alive (barely).

Anyway. They made some knowledge (engineering) checks about the tree, and realized that it's made out of adamantine with a mithral core. They then realized that these are very precious and expensive metals. See where this is going?

Has anyone else had this issue? Anyone know how much the tree might weigh, or how much of these metals might be in that beast? I don't think I have a problem with the party being particularly wealthy; they are 16th level PCs after all. Then again, I don't want them to end up with billions of gold.

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My players are currently partway through Chapter 10 of SCAP, and I'm reading ahead to Chapters 11 and 12, and thinking... they don't seem very fun. Ch. 10 seems like the big climax, and the last two just seem sort of tacked on.

I thought about just ending the campaign after Chapter 10, but then I thought about rewriting the last two modules into something more interesting. I just have a few thoughts so far:

SCAP new finale:

- I think I'll still open with the reborn Vhalantru attacking the party. He'll also taunt them about how they haven't won, and Adimarchus still lives, etc.
- I will probably merge Shatterhorn and Skullrot into a larger complex on Carceri that will house Adimarchus, as well as the remaining Cagewrights.
- I think I'll keep the exploration portion of Chapter 12 (searching for Skullrot) in.

Any thoughts, comments, or anything interesting you SCAP GMs can think of that could make this more fun/memorable?

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I want to run a Halloween-themed one-shot adventure for my players this year, but I want to do something a little different than a "spooky adventure." I'm thinking of having the players play as zombies or other monsters, but I'm not sure what the adventure would entail.

I'm also thinking of adding in some out-of-game fun as well. I have some gummi brains that I was thinking the players could earn as they kill people, and could eat to regain health.

I'm stuck as to what to actually *do* with the group though, and am looking for help with ideas. Maybe they were raised by a necromancer to wreak havoc in town and have to fight a good-aligned cleric? Maybe they have to escape from a mad scientist's laboratory? Maybe they are free-willed monsters who are fighting against their evil master?

Has anyone else run anything like this, or have any experience with evil monster parties?