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Is it an Ogre-kin?

Under estimate a Kobold at your own peril. Remember that when you see a kobold on his own turf, there are at least 5 others you don't see. And if he is alone, it's because he's got PC levels and can potentially rip you to pieces.

I played in an all Kobold Shackled City Campaign. That was one of the greatest games we've ever had.

PS: Gnomes are blights on all of creation!

So apparently Firefly is returning to cable:

http://www.cnn.com/2011/SHOWBIZ/TV/02/18/firefly.returns.ew/index.html?hpt= Sbin

I think an appropriate place for a level 20 adventure would be a at The Last Wall. The AP could be built around the premise of a long and constant siege of demonic hordes. The adventurers could start out with sniffing out infiltrators and possibly collaborators. Meanwhile in the background Iomadaes followers try to stave off one of the most coordinated attacks on The Last Wall since its foundation. The mood changes as the defenders of the fortress start losing ground, supplies run short, reinforcements dwindle. The PCs can start participating in city defenses as they become higher level. Eventually though there is a climactic battle where the defenses are breached and your level 12+ adventurers by that point must step in to become champions themselves, beat back the enemy. At level 15+ they must push the fight away from the city while it recovers from the last fight. Near level 20 another surge of the enemy pushes the fight back to the city and you have your final battle at the city gates.

That would be awesome. :3

I have to figure out how to set the mood for this AP.

Fear begins with the mood at the gaming table. :D

I got it from looking at minis that would fit with my idea of an Eidolon for my summoner that I plan on playing through Legacy of Fire.

Goblin Summoner with a Eidolon named Rippy, going to start out with a Termagaunt (Warhammer 40k Tyranid basic Trooper) Bipedal form with teeth and claws. lol

Then later upgrading him to a large version using a Warrior miniature. (Same source)

Then when/if possible changing him to Huge size and using a Carnifex miniature (Same Source)

Here is a good one for characters with familiars/animal companions/eidolons.

"[Insert PC companion here] break their limbs, rend their bodies. Leave none whole!"

During the Shackled City Campaign the group I play with used the theme of Evil Necromancers.

It was an interesting campaign, probably the most interesting I've played with. There was no in-fighting as many people would suspect. We had incredible team work, and our goal was a common one. We didn't terrorize the city, we helped and many did not know or maybe didn't want to know how we saved them.

We maintained a "Heroes of Cauldron" appearance when in public. In private we handled the enemies the campaign put forth with cold and brutal violence. Our reason for doing this was that we felt the villains in the main plot line of the campaign were infringing on our territory. Cauldron was ours, and woe be to anyone who thought otherwise.

We had:

Cleric of Weejas
Dread Necromancer
Warlock with some Necromancy powers
Wizard Necromancy Specialty
Dwarf Fighter (We used him as a proof against Golems)

All of us took the feat Tomb Tainted Soul, so we all healed off of Negative Energy. Fun times. :D

Well not quite exactly a diagram but enjoy this picture from a while back:


I never understood the whole getting up in arms about 4E or PFRPG. They are like two ladies, 4E with a pair of Cs, and PFRPG with a pair of Bs. Both look and feel a bit different, but they are both fun to play with.

Not sure if it was mentioned but Now and Then, Here and there is also a good series to watch. It's a very deep and brutal look at war through a young persons eyes.

I'd recommend When They Cry, both seasons for a strange mind twisting and sometimes violent adventure.

Hobbun wrote:

Yes, I like these sheets as well. I have gotten used to having my character sheet where it is attached than having to flip through several sheets. I like how WoTC has done that with their sheets.

Like you said, you can use the 3.5 D&D sheets, but there are enough changes in PF where it is kind of a pain and it would be nice to have official sheets.

Hopefully Paizo will release something similar!

Yeah, that's the part I like the most. Not needing to sift through different sheets. It's all one connected piece. :)

I also like the paper, as it's thicker. I think it's cardstock? but not sure.

A few years ago I purchased a WOTC Folder with Character Sheets for all of the PHB Classes and some extras in it. And recently after dieing twice in The Second Darkness. I found myself running out of these awesome character sheets.

This got me to looking for other high quality character sheets. I could easily print my own, but when I do that it's usually with xerox copy grade paper or card stock and its always in black and white.

I really liked the way those character sheets were put together. My vision of a good HQ character sheet would be:

A folder type Character Sheet made from Cardstock or something else that is durable:
Cover: Graphic Art of a Class with label. (Example: Seoni on the Cover, titled Sorceror at the bottom)
Inside Cover: Character Stats and Skills
Second Page: Character Feats, Traits, companion/familiar section
Back Cover: Spell List, Misc Character info

You could maybe package them together. Different art of the same class on each cover. One as the Iconic, and 3 other depictions of the same Class. I always certainly like having spares of character sheets for my inevitable deaths or multiple games.

Would anyone else be interested in this sort of product?

I liked the 81 Clash of the Titans.

But I went into the remake with an open mind. I ended up loving it, I'll buy it when it comes out on Blu Ray.

It had plenty of good moments, and I think it carved out its own charm.

Freehold DM wrote:
If you're going the movie route, it's a LOT easier. May I suggest Freak Legion: Guide to the Fomori(if the coterie is a bunch of combat monsters) and/or Subsidiaries: A Guide To Pentex(for more disturbing social encounters) as well as Ghouls: Fatal Addiction(revenants only) for some of the "Monsters" that live there?

Excellent! Thanks for the advise!

The Malkavians are more combat oriented then the other two. The others have more mental/social keyed characters. So thank you for giving me a variety of sources to plug into. :D

Freehold DM wrote:
Which version of Silent Hill are you going with- the games or the movies? I think there's too much of a difference between the two to do both. I would say check out the Silent Hill wiki, and at least watch a few minutes of each game(even the unpopular ones) on Youtube. You're also going to have to come up with a mechanic for the "Other World" that is a part of every Silent Hill- if it's a large coteirie of vampires, are they ALL going to go into the "Other World" at once or one at a time?

No it's a small group of 4, and yes they will be going to the other world together at the same time. Although I may split up the group, and have them go in pairs. This would let me have the Malkavians put into a group by themselves and have a really really bad day. lol

The group is 2 Malkavians, 1 Tremere, 1 Toreador

I will lean more on the movie for inspiration, because of the mood. Especially since it was the reason why I went and played the actual games.

So I'm running a Vampire the Masquerade game (oWoD) and I'm wanting to run a scenario involving my group of players making a visit to Silent Hill which is a horror setting for some video games and a movie of the same name.

Basically some Sabbat vampires that stole a magical/viral weapon that a Mage was creating. The PCs are trying to track it down and secure it. The Sabbat of course choose this abandoned city to hide out in. The PCs of course will have no idea WHAT city they are in until its too late.

I'm wondering though, how do you spook Vampires? lol In general I know I can channel some old fashioned creepiness factor using some inspiration from the film for some shock factors.

But any additional advise or ideas would be great!

Pett's Mullet wrote:
Huzzah! The unwashed masses will worship Lord Pett now that all this dastardly Loguery has been exposed!


I agree with Halforc, an assassin guild that is good at their jobs should either have a unassuming name or be very noticable. In the case of the Red Mantis they are so infamous at their job that they mgiht as well have a noticable name. But I tend to like more subtle ones.

But either way, here is are some names of both unassuming and noticable names:

The Brotherhood - Might dress as monks or cleric type robes and refer to eachother as brother or sister in public to make non-members think they are a part of some religion. They could be a tight knit group formed from within the local thieves guild. A guild within a guild so to speak of people who have proven they are trust worthy and capable of killing.

Night Lords
The Silent Ones
Stalking Tigers
Order of the Hidden Blade

I would buy (Using someone elses money) a Runelord symbol of Greed in a heartbeat.

Or a Sihedron medalion for that matter.

Spell Compendium Book: With compiled spells from APs and Modules, as well as new spells.

Magic Item Compendium: Items from APs and Modules, as well as new items.

Psionics Book

Far Eastern style book: Samurai, Ninjas etc.

An Adventure Path designed around Survival Horror (Zombie Apolocalypse).

I actually don't think the Tarasque should be killable persay.

It can be driven off or it's hunger satiated. But killable, I'm not so sure. If it WAS killed somehow. I think it'd be best that the Tarasque retuns in X number of years.

The Tarasque should be like Godzilla, a force of nature and magic gone horribly wrong that is unrivaled. You can stop it for a time, but eventually it will return.

A better question is, is there going to be an Adventure Path that focuses on creatures or people that conspire with beings from the "Far Realms" (Dark Tapestry)? We've seen them appear from time to time in APs so far. But it would be super awesome to have a full AP that focused entirely on that.

Crystal Frasier wrote:
Zohar wrote:
Wait a second, Goblins don't write. Everyone knows if you write the words get stolen from your brain and you can't get them back.


Now you know my shameful, shameful past. I've been expelled by my noble tribe and forced to dwell among the smelly, ugly, primitive humans... who are also smelly, ugly, and primitive. My natural gift to write without losing the words in my head has made me an exile.

Did I mention the humans are ugly, and smelly, and primitive? Because they totally are!

Well then, that's okay then. :) Just don't start dual wielding scimitars and acquire a panther animal companion.

Either way, awesome blog, and a good illustration. :)

Wait a second, Goblins don't write. Everyone knows if you write the words get stolen from your brain and you can't get them back.

I hear Mona can fire laser beams from his cyclopean eye. Thus Mona will be the victor!

Besides, everyone knows Vikings are superior. They raped, pillaged, and burned!

What are Packers going to do? Put stuff in a box for me?

I voted for the Pactmaster, but I would prefer that they both win!

Wallscrolls or Posters of different artwork used in the Adventure Paths and Modules. Most of the artwork is just so gorgeous to not have them hanging up on a wall.

Thanks Set, that will go extremely well with the Libris Mortis stuff in the next session.

The group is currently rummaging through an Umbrella Research Facility. The building is in ruins and parts of it are on fire, a large hole in the wall of the building provides access. They went in and started snooping around finding out that a sample of the T-Virus is in the lowest section of the facility. (Unknown to them the whole and destruction of the facility was caused by the now escaped Tyrant) The building still has some power, so they were able to access the computer and get a small glimpse as to what Umbrella was working on. They will need to get access cards from two rooms on lower floors.

I think what I will do with the first floor they have to go to will give them some time to tinker with the computer, then a little while later give them some Listen checks. The elevator will ding but not open. (Caused by a Licker tripping the signal for the arrival of the elevator, which is stuck on the bottom floor.) They can open it and get a tongue lashing, or not and the Licker will ambush them when they come up. Moments later however a swarm of zombies will be coming up from the lower levels. (Which is what the listen check will actually be for, hearing the zombies climing hte fire exit stairwell.)

The lower levels will house the different adjusted zombies that Umbrella was doing testing on. They will get some notes on the Tyrant but not any real crunchy data on it. I have a CIA agent(PC1) thats going to be trying to steal research notes and remove any information of the governments involvement. I also have a double agent, an Umbrella agent posing as an FBI agent (PC2) who is trying to frame the government with evidence suggesting the government strongarmed umbrella into developing and weaponizing the virus. PC3 and 4 are just regular folks, so Im not sure how they will react to these events. They are the ones currently holding the Harddrive that has the evidence so far.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. :3

The stage of his bite wound will be this:

Part1: Nasty Bite, bleeds more then it should. Make a point to the others that the surrounding tissue looks a bit odd.

Part2: Develops a mild fever. (By now he's bandaged up the wound, hopefully) Make a point to the others that he doesn't seem to be feeling well and his movements have slowed (from the Dex dmg of the Filth Fever)

Part3: Fever lessens. Point out that the bandages must be changed. When they are point out the sickly muckus surrounding the wound. (This would be just normal for recently bandaged wounds, just described in a bad light) I have to make sure the others see this.

Part4: He starts to feel better, with his newly wrapped bandages. Before too long though he feels a searing pain in his arm.

As for him I think he'll be a bit more reckless judging from how he has reacted in the past to his characters when he feels he gets bored of them. He'll probably assume hes infected and put himself in more danger to get the character killed so he can move on to a new character. I think it'll be amusing that if he does get himself killed he'll have done so with only Filth Fever and not Zombification. If he manages to stay alive, he'll just turn into one.

The advice to put bogus info in my notebook is priceless. I will have to try that to see if he tries it again.

Hehe, Yeah I think I will make him and the other players think hes got it.

I think I'll drop some subtle hints to the others that the wound he receives looks to be particularly nasty bite. Or that some of the injured skin has taken on a dark hue. And let him know that he feels a bit light headed/feverish.

See if the players over-react. lol I'll treat it as Filth Fever for the time being. He might even take himself out or become more reckless thinking that he already contracted the virus.

lol :3 So many things to do with him. He will rue the day he looked at my notebook.

So we had out first game on Saturday. It went very well. They escaped the Mall that they started in, made it to a gunstore and looted it for some small arms and ammo. They are currently rummaging through Umbrellas Research Facility.

One of them has been bitten, and is unaware of his status. He missed the DC by 1. I rolled discretely to see how long before he turns. However a little while later while I got up to get a drink I think I spied him looking at the notebook I wrote my note about how many hours hes got left before he turns. I only wrote "Hours 1" He has 4 hours before he turns. So I dont know what he knows. I'm thinking I'm going to make him THINK hes infected, but not actually be. Just to mess with his head and the other players. Since he looked when he should know better.

What do you guys think?
Mess with his head? Or turn him into a zombie.

This is my group of oddball series. Some are ones that I thought only I liked. >_> But maybe some folks here like them too.

Invasion America (Animated series)
Gargoyles (Animated series)
Batman the Animated series (The original one on WB)
Key West
Nowhere man
Ned and Stacy

Goblin Witchlord wrote:

I also like the fast, intelligent (but maniacal and crazy) skeletons and zombies from "Army of Darkness" and "Return of the Living Dead".

"Send... more... paramedics..."!

Also, the animated deer trophies and stuffed animals in "Evil Dead" and "RotLD" were great. They could be interesting encounters, if not necessarily frightening combatants.

There are some good monsters in "Brain Dead", too, especially the slithering puddle of undead intestines.

Yeah I plan on having some 'smart' zombies that will use small arms and simple tactics like flanking or not falling for some obvious traps that the players may put up or chase them into dead ends.

Goblin Witchlord wrote:

Ghouls are a lot closer to film zombies than creatures equipped with the zombie template. I think Malhavoc Press put out a PDF of a ghoul template a while back, that had some ghoul fever rules.

Be wary of low-level monsters with the equivalent of a death attack: zombie-itis should be removable with a remove disease or remove curse. I've thought that the best way to handle it is if the zombies have a normal slam attack, and a bite attack that they can only use with a grapple check. That's a lot easier to handle for a low-level party than a simple bite attack, and more cinematic: there are lots of scenes in "Dawn of the Dead" of people wrestling with zombies, trying not to get bit.

Yeah I will have them do a grapple check first before they can bite. They will ocassionally jump out of no where and initiate this sometimes. Got to get in a good scare. The DC will be moderately difficult to avoid being infected. But not impossible, but there will be no known cure that the players are aware of. I want to stick to the no cure for zombie infection.

Goblin Witchlord wrote:

Survival horror should be difficult at low-level, since parties can go through their resources so quickly, but fireballs make zombie swarms too easy. It may be better to plan out a couple of cinematic encounters and chase scenes (rescuing the chapel, barricading the stairs, escaping through the roof) rather than having the party slog through a bunch of combat encounters out in the open where they'll get cut down one by one.

Some time ago, I spent some time wathing "Night of the Living Dead" and "Shaun of the Dead" to map the layout of the old farmhouse and the Winchester onto a 5-foot scale. I'll have to convert that to digital sometime.

Yeah they will be level 5 when this starts and I am using NPC classes instead of the normal pc classes to begin with to represent them being everyday folks in an extraordinary situation.

I do have some stuff but not all.

Working on vehicles right now D:

First up is the Helicopter, then I got to work on the SWAT APC that the cops are hiding and planning to use for their escape (Just in case the Players find it and try to steal it) Then random car/truck/van. Also will need specs for National Guard Humvees.

I have:

Small Arms:
Semi Auto Pistols (Standard 9mms)
Burst Pistols (Custom 9mms)
Single Pistols (Magnums, .50 cals, Revovlers)
Semi-Auto Shotguns
Double Barrelled Shotguns
Hunting Rifle (Sniper Rifle)
Sub-Machine Gun
M4A1 Assault Rifle

Heavy Weapons:
Flame Thrower
Grenade Launcher (Explosive/Incendiary Rounds)
Rocket Launcher

I also have some Armor/Equipment/Tools:
Leather Vest Light Armor
Tactical Vest Light Armor
Kevlar Armor and Helmet Medium Armor
Hazardous Material Suit Medium Armor
Riot Gear: Shield/Helmet/Body Armor Heavy Armor

Messenger Bag
Tool Belt
Utility Belt
Gas Mask
Nightvision Goggles

Flash Light
Nylon Rope
First Aid Kit
Adrenaline (gives a good amount of Temp Hitpoints that last short time)
Pain Killers (Gives small amount of Temp Hitpoints for a few hours)
Fire Axe
Portable Fire Extinguisher
Propane Tank
Sleeping Bag
First Aid Spray (Heals as Cure critical)
Green Herbs (Cure Moderate)
Red Herbs (Changes Green to Cure Critical)
Blue Herbs (Cures Lesser Restoration/Anti poison)

Thank you everyone for all of your suggestions. :)

I really like the Jeepers Creepers, but the Huge Crow stays. It's a special encounter in case the players attempt to flee in a News Helicopter thats been abandoned at a helipad on News Building. It will be priceless to see them fight through a horde of zombies that have taken up residence there and take off, thinking their home free. Then CRAW! CRAW! A Huge Crow shreiks at them as it attempts to assert its aerial superiority and wings them. It'll be amazing.

However I think I will use the Jeepers Creepers flying zombies, incase they attempt to stick to rooftops too often. lol I also like the Hard to Kill mechanic. I think I will use that ocassionally. It will keep them on their toes.

As for the mood of the city this is what I have worked out so far.

The City has suffered a devastating biological disaster, intially there were scattered reports of murders throughout the city, then it quickly escalated to mass murders. The police were unable to respond to such a widespread disaster and the national guard were quickly called in. Soon the reports stated that the dead were walking and were hungry for live flesh! At this point the National Guard had initiated a citywide evacuation. However the amassing of people to be evacuated proved too delicious a target for the increasing zombie swarm. They swarmed the long evacuation lines and it quickly became impossible to identify zombies from the living in all of the madness that insued. The national guard barricaded one bridge after eliminating ALL possible threats on the bridge and destroyed the other bridges out of the city. The cities exits were all blocked off and heavily guarded to keep the infected in, and 6 days later planes flew above the city dropped leaflets detailing the plans to any living civilians left in the city. In 28 days the National Guard will stage a second evactuation, hoping that the zombies will starve themselves to death. Supplies of food and water will be periodically dropped into the guarantine zone to give any survivors a fighting chance. An extraction point is mapped out on the leaflets, and on the 28th day an alarm will be sounded when the evacuation will begin. After the operation is concluded bombing will begin if the infected still pose a large threat.

The city itself is a warzone bodies litter the ground. The streets run red from the massacre of thousands. Stores, cars and buildings are in shambles from looters, and the desperate trying to survive. With no power and no water the city itself is stagnant and near death, some buildings are still running but are on backup generators. Their are other survivors but not all are helpful. Street gangs protecting their turf patrol their neighborhoods attempting to fightback. Small militia lead by a deranged old man is intent on defending their city have stayed and roam the city killing anything and everything that isn't one of them. Some police have held their ground in the City police department and are holding their ground and trying their best to help any survivors.

I have many of the different locations of the city mapped out and lots of detail at each to set the mood. (Using a map of Raccoon City as the city itself)

Smilodan, That's gross! I like it! :D I think they will go well in the Hospital Area. :3

And thanks for the link LMP I will look into it. I didn't think to look through the Paizo store for past adventures. Thanks!

I do, haha, I forgot about those guys. :D Thanks for the reminder.

I'm using the Resident Evil D20 rules that Zeta Kai posted in Giant in the Playground forums. They were extremely helpful in setting up a small zombie apocalypse adventure for my players.

However My players as well as I are all Zombie film/game buffs. I know they will not meta-game as they are mostly all mature players and will do their roleplaying well. They've seen it all however, and that brings me to what I would like some help with.

I know scaring them will be difficult, but I want to focus on surprising them.

This is what I have so far:

Common Types:
Slow Zombies (Night of the living Dead, RE1/2/3)
Fast Zombies (28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead, RE4)
Smart Zombies (RE4can use doors,ladders,simple weapons)
Dog Zombies (RE series)
Crow Zombies (Re series)

Uncommon Types:
Lickers (Wall climbing, tongue lashing RE1-5)
Hunters (Leaping, Clawing RE1-2-3)
Tank (Tough and Strong, Left 4 Dead)
Boomer (Attracts other zombies with its vomit, Left 4 Dead)

Tyrant (RE series)
Giant Crow Zombie (Huge Sized crow) Made this one for an aerial battle

What I would like are some suggestions on other types of zombies that others may have. Don't need to stat them up, but you can if you feel so inclined. They are in an urban environment but there is a zoo, so other types of animal zombies are welcome.

I'm working on a shambling corpse gatherer that spews out the foul digested remains of victims and other dead zombies that it has fed on. Unlike the boomer this will not attract other zombies, it will just sicken/nauseate the players and deal a little bit of acid damage.


The Spitter, is a humanoid zombie that appears to have an elongated jawline that seems rubbery and disjointed and has a large pulsating pear shaped sack growing out of its back. The sack pulsates as it digests the remains of its victims or fallen zombies it has fed on. The Spitter emits a nauseating aroma of decaying flesh and bodifly fluids. When provoked the Spitter will unleash it's stored fluids in an explosive strem of acidic bile to stun new victims, after it has subdued them it will eat them and whatever it expelled.

Many thanks for any assistance provided. :)

Wow, Now everytime I think of O-Chul it will be to the Shaft theme going on. Because he's that much a Bad Mutha-.

You know what I would like to see Paizo make?

A Zombie Apocalypse Module, or adventure path. Age of Worms was sort of, but it was more Undead and less survival horror.

Right now I am creating one from the Resident Evil D20 that Zeta Kai is developing on GitP. But one set in golarion would be pretty cool too.

Just imagining a city-state decimated by some vile plague after investigating a Runelord of Gluttony monument a bit too close for their own good. A group of adventurers stuck in the middle of it and trying desperately to escape, or survive and stop the spread of this terrible disease.

I would like to see an adventure path or a set of modules set in a mega-dungeon setting. A full throtle dungeon delve from level 1 to 15.

You know what I didn't like?


The fact that NONE of the autobots were in any serious danger. The only one that did die was only a momentary death. At least in the first movie Jazz got killed. There were like what 15+ different Decepticons and all of them got their asses BEAT.

See when I think of a devil infested government. I tend to think of an episode of the X-Files and also Hot Fuzz.

I forget the name of the particular Episode but it was in Season 1 I believe. The towns school was lead by devil worshipers, but ont he outside it looked perfectly fine. Students were well taken care of and looked after. They participated in some rituals but their memories were supressed so that they wouldnt remember anything that they found disturbing. It wasn't until the evil spirit became upset about not getting its occasional sacrifice that things began to go awry. Even then only the main worshippers suffered.

From Hot Fuzz, it reminds me of the prestine village of sanford. Lovely and peaceful, but rotten to its very core. They projected a vision of perfection, by any means necessary. They watched their residents and any that did not fit that perfect image, were delt with quietly or met with an unfortunate accident.

Erik Mona wrote:
Zuxius wrote:
So, aaah, it must be rock and roll eh?

Absolutely not.

Just no lame fantasy movie soundtrack crap.

Well how about a song from a videogame soundtrack?

I won't be able to attend so I can't participate but this is absolutely my most favorite kick ass song ever created (So far). Give it a try. :D Let me know what you think.

Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQsWpcwvmI0

Of all the people who saw the movie, how many of you laughed when the red shirt (Red Suit) died?

I watched it last night and they did a marvelous job I think. There were many changes, but none of them irked me. I think they did very well. Personally Spock made this movie. Kirk did a very good job filling some big shoes himself. The rest of the crew did excellently. I really liked all of them. You can tell they worked very hard and loved what they were doing, it really shows.

16. Always save a bullet for yourself. Don't become one of them!

Yeah I watched it as well and was not impressed.

They really did not need the constant reminder every few minutes.

Less life style issues more MADNESS.

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