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Full Name

Zilchus Inebrian Lyghtlode

About Zilchus Lyghtlode

Random Gear:

Diamond Dust (2,000gp). Added 9/21/2018.

A blue, probably not poisonous, potion of CLW, handcrafted by Florence in her first attempt and totally not dangerous at all.

What you see:

Zilchus wears his muscle well, a clear result of his long hours in the sun. His lacquered 4 plated armor hangs well over his broad shoulders, a matching heavy shield on his arm (when on patrol or duty) or on over his shoulder (when not). He carries himself not necessarily with confidence, but with purpose. He looks like he knows what he's doing and going...if that's true is of no matter. He seems to be in his mid-20s, his age difficult to pinpoint.

His weapons are rarely far from him; a falchion, a morningstar, and sturdy dagger. All have seen some usage, but none are quality weapons. It's clear that he prefers to get in close to his opponents rather than attacking from afar.

Standing a good 6'+ tall with brown hair and eyes, Zilchus can have a imposing presence, but mostly just doesn't. You wouldn't ignore him, but he doesn't stand out. His tanned and sun-worn face is (mostly) clean shaven and does take some care to keep himself clean...but that's mostly when he's in the city and among people. When traveling, he does not worry too much how is odors might affect others.