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About Zestel Cozma-Real

For such an unassuming Half-Elf, Zestel has led an interesting life, though He prefers not to discuss it. His parents were both part of a small cult of Lissala in Magnamar. The union between a zelotous human priest and a capricious and rebellious female elven worshipper, Zestel was one of a handful of children born of the cult.

From an early age, it was clear young Zestel had a keen intellect. His father, always seeking to further the power of the cult, pressed young Zestel to study Lissala's 'sacred' sin magic. He beat him when he disobeyed (which was not often), forced into self-fladelation, and instilled upon him the rigorous tenants of Lissala's belief. Zestel, being a young boy, for the most part obeyed his parents and did as he was told; he knew no other way. In time he came to worship Lissala, though he did not know why and was not particularly happy about the situation.

However, over the years, Zestel's mother, Dardlara, became equal parts bored and disillusioned with the cult. She stopped being such a hardline supporter of Lissala, and even started teaching her son about the elven lands and traditions in secret. Zestel' father, when he found out, was furious, and tried to have his wife executed. However, he gravely underestimated his wife and Dardlara managed to escape. It wasn't long before she returned with a contingent of city guards and Runeguards in tow, determined to save her only son.

The forces slaughtered the cult of Lissala and took the children of the cult in, trying to rehabilitate them. Zestel caught the eye of the Runeguard, who told him the origins of sin magic, and how it had started as virtue magic. Eventually, with his mother's blessing, he converted to the worship of Soralyon, and concluded his priliminary magic schooling with the Runeguard.

It took many years for Zestel to cope with the death of his father, to re-acclimamate to society, and to come to grips with the 'evil' magic he now knew. Eventually, after much diliberation with the Runeguard, he decided to try and reclaim the original virtue magic that had been corrupted by the ancient Thassalonians. His new goal in life set, he has joined the pathfinders in order to get a chance to explore the world and find out as much about virtue magic as possible.

Zestel Cozma
Wizard (counterspell subschool, Thassalonian specialist)
Init+2 Senses Low-Light vision, perception +2
AC12 Flat footed 10, Touch, 12 (+2 dex)
HP 16 (2d6+6)
Fort+2, Ref+2 Will+3
Resistances variable
Speed 30
Melee Dagger +1, (1d4)
Ranged Light Crossbow +3(1d8)(19-20)
Space[b]5 ft.,[b]Reach5 ft.
Supernatural Abilities
Special Attacks
Spell-Like Abilities
Class Abilities Variable resist energy 5 (choose when preparing spells), Disruption (3+Int mod times a day, melee touch makes spellcasters make concentration check (15+double spell level) to cast spells. Lasts 1/2 wizard level rounds)
1-Snapdragon Fireworksx2, Heghtened Awareness, Prot Evil x2
0-Detect Magic, Read Magic, Acid Splash, scrivner’s chant
Base Atk+1; CMB +1CMD13
Feats : Spell Focus (abjuration, bonus wizard), Skill Focus (Linguistics, race bonus), Orator
Skills Linguistics+12, Know-Arcana+9, Know-History+9, Know-Local +9 Spellcraft+9, UMD+6
Alternate Racial Traits Arcane Training(Wizard)
LanguagesCommon, Elven, Varisian, Shoanti, Giant, Cyclops, Thassalonian, Azlanti
Traits Clever Wordplay (UMD), Magical Knack (Wizard)
Gear of note Light Crossbow with 40 bolts, Dagger, Pathfinder's kit, Wand of infernal healing (49 charges), Ioun Torch.


0-Cantrips (all except Evocation/Necromancy)
1-Mage Armor, Snowball (Save DC 15), Protection from Evil (save DC 16), Feather fall, Grease, Shield, Comprehend Languages, Enlarge Person, Vanish, Jump, Abundant Ammunition, Expeditious Retreat, Magic Weapon, Gravity Bow, Heightened Awareness, Animate rope, summon monster 1, Mount, True Strike, Liberating Command, Air Bubble.