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A lot of domain powers seem to be rather unimpressive. When building a cleric it feels like I'm trying to find the least disappointing domain spells, rather than finding the most exciting or fun. The worst I've seen so far though was Waking Nightmare.

It's a single action touch spell, so you must succeed on a touch attack against an enemy to even get it to work after spending your spell points. After that, the target makes a flat check on its next skill check, attack roll, or saving throw within 1 minute. This has the following chances per effect:

5%: -2 to check
45%: -1 to check
45%: +1 to check
5%: +2 to check

So after spending your spell points and succeeding on an attack roll, the target has as equal of a chance to be buffed as debuffed. I can only see this getting use outside of battle on allies attempting skill checks without that bad of a penalty of failure, but even then there are much better spells that aren't such a big gamble.

Is there something about this that makes it useful that I'm missing? It seems to be a high risk low reward power.