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Inspiration ★ ki 5/5 ★ Fury ★


martial artist ★ hp 38/38 AC 16 ★ ★ Stlth, Decep, Perc, Acro, alchemy ★

About Zdravko

LN Female Goblin Monk (Way of the Shadow)

hp: 38
ac: 16
pp: 21 (darkvision)
ki: 5
spd: 40

Common, Goblin, Draconic, Undercommon

Observant (read lips, +5 passive perc/inv)

class: str, dex, Acro, Stealth, alchemists
bground(Faction Agent): Perc, Dec

Fury of the Small (+5), Nimble Escape (Disen/Hide), Deflect Missiles (1d10+8), Slow Fall (-25), Stunning Strike (DC 14 Con)

Shadow Arts:
(at will) minor illusion
(2 ki) darkness, darkvision, pass without trace, silence

spear, 10 darts, burglar's pack, alchemist's tools, grappling hook
bground(Faction Agent): emblem of your faction, a copy of a seminal faction text, a set of common clothes, and a pouch containing 15 gp

Magic Items:
Wristlet of Crystal Drops, Root of the Fallen, Immovable Rod

Just another wierd looking goblin stepping out of the dark hall, her little spear sporting a red feather and looks like it may have been useful during the Stone Age. You can't quite tell if she has a mohawk or if some chemical accident has made it to where the hair cant grow on one side of her face. A bandolier holding small cylindrical vials of nearly every color runs down her shoulder. She doesn't seem so crazed she would attack instantly...perhaps instead she serves as messenger for a greater being.

Zdravko's instincts have been beaten into shape through years of abuse called 'tutelage' by her goblinoid masters. She does not hesitate to answer questions, but it comes not from her heart. Rather, a canned response selected from a library of memorized phrases passed down through the texts of the khesh'dar monastic tradition. She has been trained to notice things others might miss, but it does not come natural to her.

Zdravko helped to secure the infant intelligence networks during the time the Heirs of Dhakaani were just emerging (2-3 decades ago)
As a reward, she was gifted the tactics of the ancient tunnel runners, the khesh'dar shadow arts.
One practical fruit of the networks was the discovery of remaining corruption in the Eldeen Reaches...which bardic tradition places at ground zero of the Daelkyr Invasion.