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Good luck all

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I've add my Performance Combat modifier now.

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I was thinking Zasskin would have been given a helmet shaped like a Medusea to hide her beauty under a horrific visages.

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He's Zasskin I went for Ranger(Sword-Devil) in the end here's her background

Zasskin ka-shar was Born a slave after her elven mother was found wondering the darklands driven crazy when she stumbled upon a crack in reality where the Maelstrom puored out transforming her unborn child. Zasskins master was a drow named Valas Tanor'Thal a cruel man who found the child Zasskin's appearance an amusing novelty and use her to serve food and entertain his guests with juggling and acrobatics as Zasskin got older and more beautiful he got her to dance. Zasskin was always escaping but never getting to far and no matter how many times she was whipped she would always just smile and laugh at Valas which angered him very much but she was a eunique jewel that made his house and his parties the talk of all noble house's. But at one such party Zasskin was dancing for the gusts when and drow nobleman grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him he then grabs her other arm but before he could anything else Zasskin takes a bite of the man's nose Tearing it from his face spitting it out on to the floor laughing. The nobleman damned Zasskin's head but not wanting to kill his favorite jewel Valas compromised that Zasskin will be sent to the pit to fight blindfolded.

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I won't be able to do Discord If that's what you decide.

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Here's my 20 Questions answers

20 Questions:
1.What emotion best describes your character?  Vengeful

2.What emotion does your character evoke in others?  Inspiring to her friends for her no quit attitude. Scary to her enemies for the same reason.

3.What does your character need most? A sense of family

4.What is your character’s goal in life? To free her brother and tribe from the clutches of an ancient lich king.

5.How does your character believe this goal can be accomplished? Gathering knowledge in sorcery and strength in new fighting techniques.

6.Where did your character come from? Zasskin was raised in a small tribe of nomads in the deserts of Thuvia trading there skills for good and food.

7.when did you grow up? When she watched her brother Rassmos turned undead by an evil lich

8.What values does your character hold? She believes in loyalty sacrifice and liberty. She despises slavery cruelty to the innocent and cowardice.

9.How does your character dress? Zasskin ka-shar stands at 5ft11 and 130 lbs with well defined muscular body in which she is proud to show off through her sheer loose clothing of blue and gold. she has a few scars on pale orange looking sink from the many fights she would never back down from as she is far to stubborn for her own good. But she usually has a wicked sense of humour with a grin to match she has golden eyes that sparkle like candles. On top of head she has two crimson horns poking out of her long charcoal colored hair which she keeps lose and flowing like smoke in the wind. She has a big fear of enclosed spaces and to being locked up.

10.What are your character’s means?  She sell her skill as a warrior for food and goods but she has been know to steal when time's are hard.

11.What are your character’s personal tastes? She the feeling of warm sand between her toes and the sound of a large fire crackling and the taste of open air. She hates confined spaces and large crowds

12.What are your character’s opinions? Zasskin doesn't understand other people's obedience to the gods she feels it's best to do it yourself than to ask for help from someone in the heavens.

13.What is your character’s comfort zone? she feels most relaxed in Large open spaces.

14. Who has had the biggest impact on your character’s life? Her twin brother thay did everything together.

15.What are some of your character’s unexpected quirks? She likes to draw henna designs on her body and She suffers from claustrophobia.

16.What kind of story does your character belong in? Any

17.What role does your character fill? Zasskin is mostly malee With a little healing and a lot of fire magic.

18.What should the other players know about your character? she has a dark sene of humour

19.What is your play style? I'm still newish so not sure.

20.How do you want your character to die? In a blaze of glory.

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I've added Zasskin's last Memory

The last thing she remembers is laying down on the sand looking up at the clear night sky. When a giant scorpion came out from under the sand be for she had a chance to react the scorpions stinger was heading straight towards her and that when she blacked out.

And she keeps getting fashes of being trapped in a small dark hole.

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Zasskin is mostly malee With a little healing and a lot of fire magic.

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Finished if you need me to add anything just let me know.

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Here's my submission just need to finish the equipment and and the backstory.