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Full Name



Elf (Aasimar) Oracle of the Cosmos 3 | HP 27/30 | AC 18 | Fort +5 / Ref +7 / Will +7 | Class DC 18 | Perception +5 | Low-Light Vision / Darkvision


| Hero Points 3 | Spells 1L 3/3 2L 2/2 | Focus Points 2/2 | Spell Attack +7 / Spell DC 17 | | DR 3 v Bludgeoning, Piercing, Slashing | Exploration Mode: Search (repair or treat wounds as needed)


Map NG Female




26 (lifespan: 600)


Neutral Good




Common, Elven, Celestial, Draconic

Strength 12
Dexterity 14
Constitution 10
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Zaranna

Oracle of the Cosmos 3 | HP 30/30 | AC 18 | Fort +5 / Ref +7 / Will +7 | Class DC 18 | Perception +5 | Low-Light Vision / Darkvision
| Hero Points 3 | Spells 1L 3/3 2L 2/2 | Focus Points 2/2 | Spell Attack +8 / Spell DC 18 | DR 3 v Bludgeoning, Piercing, Slashing | Exploration Mode: Search (repair or treat wounds as needed)

Ancestry: Elf (6 HP) (Level zero adds con mod)
Versatile Heritage: Aasimar (grants darkvision if you already have low-light vision)
Background: Raised by Belief
Class: Oracle (8 HP, skills 3 + int mod)

Str 12 +1 [Boost: Background (Zarana)]
Dex 14 +2 [Boosts: Ancestry, Final (step 6)]
Con 10 +0 [Flaw: Ancestry, Boost: Final (step 6)]
Int 14 +2 [Boost: Ancestry, Final (step 6)]
Wis 10 +0
Cha 18 +4 [Boosts: Ancestry (free), Background (free), Final (step 6), Class (Oracle)]

Speed 30 feet
Physical Characteristics: "eyes glow with starry light" from Cosmos mystery, and "clear skin and regular, almost perfect features" from Aasimar. She is in "good shape and resemble[s] [a] near perfect" elf. Her hair is white-blonde with perhaps a hint of a halo, but it's hard to tell if she is angelic or just THAT good looking. :)

=== Resistances ===
Resistance equal to 2 + half your level against all physical damage. (Mystery Benefit (Cosmos)


=== Weapons ===
Trained in all simple weapons and one martial weapon (from the Apprentice option), all bows (from the Archer archetype), and unarmed attacks.
(-5 for a second attack, -10 for a third)

1d20+Str mod+proficiency (level +2 trained, +4 expert or whatever)

Attack: 1d20+7 (+2 Dex +3 level +2 Trained)
Damage: 1d4+1 B (+1 Str)

Weapon traits:
Agile (only -4 if second attack in one round, -8 if third)
Finesse (can use dex instead of strength for attack roll)
nonlethal (or -2 circumstance penalty)

Maul (Zarana's favored weapon)
Attack: 1d20+6 (+1 Str +3 level +2 Trained)
Damage: 1d12+1 B (+1 Str)

Weapon traits:
--Shove [You can use this weapon to Shove with the Athletics skill even if you don’t have a free hand. This uses the weapon’s reach (if different from your own) and adds the weapon’s item bonus to attack rolls as an item bonus to the Athletics check.]

1d20+Dex mod+proficiency (level +2 trained, +4 expert, etc.)

Shadow Smith Relic (Composite Longbow)
Attack: 1d20+7 (+2 Dex +3 level +2 Trained)
Damage: 1d8+1 P

Range 100 feet, reload 0

Weapon traits:
--This relic pulls at nearby shadows, twisting them into the shape of a simple weapon or a simple tool or item [Or 4 consumables/arrows], such as a rope or crowbar. It lasts until it is used for a single activity, until you use shadow smith again, or for 1 minute, whichever comes first, after which it dissipates.
Deadly d10 (on a crit double damage plus a d10)
Propulsive (add 1/2 strength mod to damage)
Volley 30 ft. (-2 on attacks within this range)


=== Armor ===
Trained in light armor and unarmored defense.
AC (10 +1 Armor +2 Dex Mod +3 level +2 Trained) = 18

Padded Armor (+1, light, Dex Cap +3)


Marked Soul [manifests as a tattoo-like mark on the hand, but the meaning or detail about how it affects the person are unclear.]


=== General Feats ===
3rd level and every 4 levels thereafter (3rd,7th/11th/15th/19th).

Magical Crafting [You can Craft magic items, though some have other requirements, as listed in Chapter 11. When you select this feat, you gain formulas for four common magic items of 2nd level or lower.]

=== Ancestry Feats ===
1 at first level, then another every 4 levels (5th/9th/13th/17th).

Wildborn Magic [You have learned to access the old magic of wild places. Choose one cantrip from the primal spell list. You can cast this cantrip as an innate primal spell at will. A cantrip is heightened to a spell level equal to half your level rounded up.]

=== Class Feats ===
1 at 2nd level and every 2 levels after (even levels).

Archer Dedication (Archetype--Bonus from DM) [You become trained in all simple and martial weapons in the bow weapon group. Whenever you gain a class feature that grants you expert or greater proficiency in certain weapons, you also gain that proficiency rank in all simple and martial weapons in the bow weapon group. If you are at least an expert in the bow you are using, you gain access to the critical specialization effect with that bow.

(Can’t select another dedication feat until you have gained two other feats from the archer archetype.)

Cantrip Expansion [A greater understanding of your magic broadens your range of simple spells. Add two additional cantrips from your spell list to your repertoire.]

=== Skill Feats ===
1 at 2nd level and every 2 levels after (even levels). (Plus bonus)

Assurance (Crafting, from Raised by Belief) [Even in the worst circumstances, you can perform basic tasks. Choose a skill you’re trained in. You can forgo rolling a skill check for that skill to instead receive a result of 10 + your proficiency bonus (do not apply any other bonuses, penalties, or modifiers).]
Battle Medicine [You can patch up yourself or an adjacent ally, even in combat. Attempt a Medicine check with the same DC as for Treat Wounds and provide the corresponding amount of Healing. As with Treat Wounds, you can attempt checks against higher DCs if you have the minimum proficiency rank. The target is then temporarily immune to your Battle Medicine for 1 day.]

Proficiencies / Skills / Saves:

=== Proficiencies ===
Proficiency = Level + (Untrained +0 / Trained +2 / Expert +4 / Master +6 / Legendary +8)

Perception +5 (0 Wis +3 level +2 trained)
Fortitude +5 (0 Con +3 level +2 trained)
Reflex +7 (+2 Dex +3 level +2 trained)
Will +7 (0 Wis +3 level +4 expert)

=== Skills ===
Trained Skills: 8 (plus bonus skills)
2 +1 (int) = 3 (initial, 0-level)
3 +1 (int) = 4 (initial class skills for oracle)
Then, 2nd level and every 2 levels after, gain one.

Acrobatics +7 |+2 Dex +3 level +2 Trained
Arcana +7 |+2 Int +3 level +2 Trained
Athletics +6 |+1 Str +3 level +2 Trained
Crafting +9 |+2 Int +3 level +4 Expert (Raised by Belief, 3rd Level skill increase) [Assurance: can take 10 +proficiency]
Deception +9 |+4 Cha +3 level +2 Trained
Diplomacy +9 |+4 Cha +3 level +2 Trained
Intimidation[/b] +4 |+4 Cha
Lore +1 |+1 Int
--Zarana Lore +7 |+2 Int +3 level +2 Trained (bonus from Raised by Belief)
Medicine +5 |+0 Wis +3 level +2 Trained
Nature +5 |+0 Wis +3 level +2 Trained (bonus from Cosmos mystery)
Occultism +2 |+2 Int
Performance +4 |+4 Cha
Religion +5 |+0 Wis +3 level +2 Trained (bonus from Oracle)
Society +7 |+2 Int +3 level +2 Trained
Stealth +7 |+2 Dex +3 level +2 Trained
Survival +0 |+0 Wis
Thievery +2 |+2 Dex

Oracle Mystery / Curse:


Celestial bodies great and small exert influence on you, giving you sublime cosmic power. Perhaps you see the glittering stars as a divine blessing, or perhaps you feel drawn to the infinitely dark spaces between.

Mystery Benefit Your body is as much an astronomical one as it is physical. You gain resistance equal to 2 + half your level against all physical damage.

Trained Skill: Nature
Granted Cantrip: dancing lights
Revelation Spells initial: spray of stars; advanced: interstellar void; greater: moonlight bridge

Related Domains darkness, moon

Curse of the Sky's Call

You have your head in the clouds—and not just figuratively. Your body is drawn toward the heavens, making you lighter and less substantial than you should be. Your eyes glow with starry light, and your hair and clothing float and drift around you.

Minor Curse: Your unnatural lightness makes it hard to keep your footing and interact with other physical objects. You are enfeebled 1 and take a –2 penalty to saves and DCs against Grapple, Shove, and other forms of forced movement.

Moderate Curse: Your body is drawn further skyward. You are enfeebled 2, and the penalty from your minor curse increases to –3. You are treated as one size smaller for wind effects. You gain a +2 status bonus against Trip attempts, you only take half as much damage from falls, and you gain the effects of the Powerful Leap and Quick Jump skill feats. You weigh only half as much, and your Bulk, should someone need to carry you, is also half as much.

Major Curse: As your body rises, you float just above the ground beneath you. You become enfeebled 4, and the penalty from your minor curse increases to –4. You can walk on liquids as if they were solid; you gain the effects of the Cloud Jump skill feat; and you don't leave tracks, trigger weight-sensitive pressure plates, or otherwise connect with the ground below you.


Spell attack roll +8 (+3 spellcasting modifier +3 level +2 trained)
Spell DC 18 (+3 spellcasting modifier +3 level +2 trained)

=== Cantrips === (Heightened to Level 2)
5 base +4 bonus

Dancing Lights (bonus from Cosmos mystery)
Detect Magic
Disrupt Undead (bonus from Cantrip Expansion feat)
Divine Lance (bonus from Cantrip Expansion feat)
Read Aura
Stabilize (bonus from Wildborn Magic Ancestry Feat)

=== Level 1 Spells ===
3 base

Mending (Signature)
Thoughtful Gift

=== Level 1 Spells ===
2 base

Dispel Magic
See Invisibility (Signature)

=== Revelation Spells ===

Moonbeam (cursebound)
Spray of Stars (cursebound)

--Advanced: Interstellar Void
--Greater: Moonlight Bridge
(Related Domains: Darkness, Moon)


Adventurer's Pack [.7 gold]
Bandolier (2) [.2 gold]
Chain Shirt [from piper prequel]
Compass [1 gold]
Composite Longbow [originally 20 gold, but now Relic level 1 (Shadow Smith gift)]
Explorer's Outfit [.1 gold]
Healer's Tools [from piper prequel]
Key necklace [from piper prequel]
Light Mace [from piper prequel]
Manacles (9) [from piper prequel]
Maul (favored weapon of Zarana) [3 gold, bulk 2]
Morningstar [from piper prequel]
Padded Armor [from piper prequel]
Quiver of Arrows (60) [.6 gold]
Rations (1 week) [.4 gold]
Religious Symbol (Zarana, wooden) [.1 gold]
Religious Text (2) [2 gold]
Repair Kit [2 gold, bulk 1]
Rope [.5 gold]
Thieves' Tools [.3 gold]
Vials (6) [.3 gold]
Waterskin (2) [.1 gold]
Writing Set [1 gold]


--1 gold to Elyana's fund to pay for room and board for the gnome we embarrassed
--2 silvers for a morning meal at the Pick and Pillow


Cash on hand = 1.9 gold
Starting Equipment = 29.9 gold
Beginning cash = 35 gold (zero and level 2 starts combined)

Loot List:

(removed anything people already took)

Leather-bound Club (with non-lethal trait)
Eleven odd looking quartz crystals
2 Minor Elixirs of Life
6 throwing knives w/harness
Papers with some sort of scribbling on them (formula of Sleep Vials)
Chain Shirt x3
Light Mace x3
Healers Kit x4


Zaranna's father, an accomplished weaponsmith, was hoping for a son that he could teach the trade, but when she was born female, and an Aasimar, he decided it was a sign from the goddess Zarana, and named her accordingly.

She's been raised in a rather lonely way, with her own parents both in awe of her and expecting perhaps too much from her as a representative of the divine. Her dad's very overprotective nature added to the fact that she looks unlike other elves (her ears are pointed, but shorter, her eyes glow in the dark, she doesn't sweat, etc.) combine to make her feel quite isolated. Thus, her Neutral Good alignment is one of the biggest rebellions that she could manage. She respects her ancestry, her parents, and her heritage, but she throws in a little bit of chaos just to balance out her life a little bit. She finds it easy to lie to others, because they expect her to be perfect, and so don't catch on. She hasn't done anything too bad with that, but does sneak away at the market, or out of the house sometimes while her parents are asleep, which gives her a sense of freedom, and then pretends afterward (if she is caught) that she was just distracted or wanted to pray, or whatever she thinks they will believe.

She knows a lot of people who come to do business with her father, but her only real friend is Zakary, one of her father's apprentices, who talks to her and willingly shows her some of the things that he learns, so with that and her father's instruction she has become pretty confident around the forge. She and Zakary also sometimes go into the woods together to practice archery and talk, but always with one of her father's guards around. She doesn't have her own bow yet, so they trade off, with her bringing the arrows as her part of the arrangement, and she watches and sketches while he is shooting.

Zaranna doesn't know what she is going to do when she grows up, but although she likes the forge, she wants to be able to go out more and meet people and feel more free to explore and find things out for herself.


A level 0 character is trained in Perception, all saving throws, unarmed attacks, unarmored defense, and one simple weapon of their choice. Additionally, they are trained in a number of skills equal to 2 + their Intelligence modifier. The proficiency bonus for a level 0 character works the same way as normal, but since the level is 0, the total proficiency bonus for being trained is +2.

Apprentice option: An apprentice of another martial class (barbarian, champion, fighter, ranger, or rogue) is trained in light armor, all simple weapons, and one martial weapon listed in the class’s initial proficiencies. If a martial class not listed here lacks light armor or martial weapon training (as the monk does), give it a different ability as well.

Answers to Questions:

What have you been doing for the past eight years?

Eight years later, Zaranna is 26. She no longer has nightmares about being kidnapped and thrown into a position of responsibility because she was the oldest. She doesn't wake up shaken from the images of skulls that she personally cracked, or the awful feeling of guilt at wondering if she could somehow have saved Shadei.

She does remember though, every day when she puts on her key necklace, and every day when she sees the mark on her hand, or the line of quartz crystals she keeps on the shelf in her room. The experience has changed her from what she was into what she is now becoming... but all things are controlled by the Gods, who surely had a hand in their escape, and Zaranna is glad to be led by then, because without that she would again be that weak young woman, unable to save a child in her charge. Unable to face true evil. With the Gods she can be strong, and with their help, she will prevail.

Did you leave Swampwood?

Yes, Zaranna went off to college to study. She began studying, not sure what she wanted to do with her life, but she started out studying to be a Cleric of Zarana.

However, even though she still greatly reveres Zarana who she was named after, she found that studying only a singular God seemed like it wasn't enough... it didn't give a clear picture of the heavens as she was drawn to know by her nature as an Aasimar, and those subjects both just led to more and more questions as her mind kept reaching out into the blackness, and fire, of the Cosmos. As she studied all of that, she eventually felt called and chosen as an Oracle.

She returned to see her family after college, and has stayed since then, feeling that the Gods want her to be here for a reason.

Metagame question: Would you like to use the Critical Hit Deck only for Nat 20s for you the PCs or on any Critical Hit?

I prefer only for PCs.

Dream 1:

You don’t know if there is something wrong with the metal or your furnace, but the piece you are working on just will not heat up correctly. Sure it glows like it is supposed to, but when you hit it with your hammer it doesn’t feel like it is softened at all.

Zaranna assumes that piece of metal is flawed, or mixed with some other metal so that it has a different softening temperature. She quenches that one, setting it aside and selecting another piece instead. She heats it up and attempts to hammer this one into shape.

As you begin hammering on the new piece a customer approaches your shop. An older elven woman with raven black hair streaked with grey, "Excuse me, dearie, might I purchase some nails from you?"

Zaranna finishes the shape, getting the piece ready for the next stage, and lays it carefully down on the grill over the fire to cool slowly. Then she turns.

“Hi Ma'am, what kind of nails do you need? Are you making some furniture, or building a house, or do you just need a nail to hang your coat or a picture on?”

The elven woman’s demeanor changed as an unnaturally wide smile crossed her face, showing intensely sharp teeth. “Your coffin,” She replied in an ominous voice.
Wings of pure shadow sprouted from behind the woman’s back and talons extended from her fingers as she lunged at you.

Zaranna reacts by holding out her hand and speaking a word of power, the divine light of the moon shooting out to burn through the dark thing before her.

The shadowy thing disintegrated into nothingness with a horrific scream. All went dark almost immediately, you weren’t even standing on solid ground, just floating in the inky blackness of nothing. Cold and utterly alone.

Then off in the distance, a glimmering point of light.

Zaranna moves towards the light.

Floating towards the light you notice that it seems to get colder and colder, to the point that frost begins to buildup on your plate armor. Wait, when did you put on armor?

Wishing for the heat of the forge, Zaranna stops (Was I floating?) and casts a light spell so she can look at herself. Is this me? she thinks. She takes off an arm plate to check to see if it is her own hand and arm, also noticing the type of metal she is wearing. What kind of metal is this made out of, and why am I wearing it?

She wonders if she is wearing it to add weight to her body so she doesn't float away.

Still, in the void everything is cold, and the only external light might also lead to warmth, so she continues in the direction of the light, praying for guidance as she goes.

The arm and hand are indeed yours.

You begin to accelerate towards the light, gaining speed you never thought possible. The light grows brighter as you approach.

You hear the sound long before the light comes into view to confirm what your ears already made you suspect. It’s a forge, and standing at the anvil hammering away was a woman with her back to you. As you near her, she is finishing the most finely crafted blade you had ever seen. She turns and you gasp in shock as you see that this woman……….is you. Much older than you are now and far taller, like the height of a giant.

Looking you up and down, she crosses her arms and gives you a glare. “You must finish that armor before she is born”

Everything goes dark again and you open your eyes to see Alric waking you up for your watch.

Dream 2:

You were back in Swampwood and it was just another day at your father’s forge. He was working on another sword for the guard. His gaze kept turning back to you, or more specifically your growing belly. The child was due in the next couple of months, yet here you were just hammering away at this set of armor.

“Larissa, please sit down,” Your father calls to you.

It’s at this point that your father’s face changes to that of another man you had never seen before.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

“I have to finish this armor, father,” Zaranna says, not sure why she is in a different body, but that was the way of dreams sometimes. “This might sound strange to you, but I feel that the gods are calling me to finish it before the baby is born. Please don’t stop me. It’s important. I know it.”


The man shakes his head before responding, “You’ve been working on that your entire pregnancy. It’s almost finished, you can take a break.”

It was then that a man came to the shop, carrying a basket of fresh apples. To your surprise, it’s Kristoff, the father of your child.

Your ‘Father’ turned to Kristoff and very angrily, “You! Get your worthless ass out of here!”

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Zaranna, still inhabiting Larissa’s body, or maybe actually being Larissa in some way, for a time in this dream, flashes a warning look to Larissa’s/her father.

Turning to Kristoff without putting down her tools, she says kindly

Thank you for the apples, Kristoff. Best clear out though. I’m busy, and you know I need to work. We can talk later.

She continues to work on the armor diligently.


Your father shakes his head and starts hammering the piece he is working on with more intensity. “I don’t know what you see in that layabout. His work in the mines, rumor has it, is sub-par at best. If it wasn’t for you interposing, I’d have caved his skull in for forcing himself on you.”

How many times do you have to tell him it wasn’t like that?

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Father, for the last time, Kristoff didn’t rape me. I made some poor choices, but if you are going to insist on seeing this child as a bad thing, then lay the blame on me just as much as on Kristoff. I made the choice just as much as he did. Do you honestly think, as YOUR daughter that I would let anyone force me, or lie about it if he had? If someone had raped me and I couldn’t kill him, I would have gladly allowed you to do so. It wasn’t rape, no matter how much you wish I was some angelic daughter who would never do such a thing of her own choice. I did anyway. If you lay a hand on Kristoff, then you’ll be in the wrong. It’s me you’re angry with.

Realizing that the metal had started cooling, she quickly moved the armor plate back over the fire, shaping it expertly with her hammer.

I’m not what you want me to be, I know that, but stop imagining that you can change what IS, and let’s all focus on making it better, okay?

She continues to work on the armor, determined to finish it, although since she was Zaranna, not Larissa, she still wasn’t exactly sure why.


After hammering furiously for several minutes, your father finally cooled the metal, set it aside, and removed his gloves. “At the very least he should marry you proper.”

He moved to the apples, “Best get these in the house. I’ll get dinner started. Make sure to lock up.”

Giving you a kiss on the forehead he left out the back towards the house.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Zaranna kept working on the armor, but without the distraction of Larissa’s life getting in the way, she took the time to try to sense internally some idea of what the armor was for or why it was so important. Did Larissa know, and could Zaranna sense Larissa’s thoughts or knowledge as she had some other things from Larissa, such as the fact that she had not been raped, how soon the baby was due, or being able to recognize who Kristoff was when he walked in with the apples…?

As she worked on the armor she asked herself some questions to see if she could get information about “herself” that way. What sex is the baby? What is Kristoff’s last name, and does he even want to marry me? Who is this armor for and why did I start making it? How close am I to finishing it, and do I need the help of someone else to finish it up?

She quizzed herself about her mother, her friends, and how good “Larissa” was at armorsmithing. Anything that would help her understand what she was supposed to do might help…


You first see your mother being taken in the last drake attack that happened in Ruby Hollow some years prior. Flashing forward to earlier this year to that night in The Miner’s Respite when you first met Kristoff Ludwig, something about him just drew you to him. A couple of months later is when you decided to give yourself to Kristoff and shortly after that you discovered you were pregnant. When you told Kristoff he immediately proposed marriage, but you turned him down as your relationship was too new and you honestly hardly knew each other.

Then came the dream about needing to make armor. You had never made armor before but you had made other things that involved bending and shaping metal. Something in that dream had told you that you needed to finish it before your daughter was born. After some messy screw-ups, you finally made the first piece and you were close to finishing, but you were on the hardest part and were unsure if you could pull it off. You prayed that a miracle will arrive soon as you couldn’t work on this armor in another couple of weeks.

You then awaken from your slumber for your turn on watch.

Dream 3:

The moment arrived, Larissa was giving birth to her daughter. You as the midwife were assisting her with all of your ability. Kristoff was there being the supportive husband that he always was. Larissa’s father was there as well. The young woman looked tired, she’d been pushing for hours and only just now the baby’s head was crowning.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Zaranna is momentarily confused at being in this most unusual situation, but somehow the dream made it seem like she belonged, or at least the body she was in belonged, so she tried to relax rather than panic…

She wondered if the armor had been completed in time, but this didn’t seem like the time to bring it up… although, was this real, or just a dream? Maybe she could just ask.

Did you finish the armor, Larissa?

She personally knew nothing about how to help bring a baby into the world, but tried to say something comforting to the woman that she loved because she had BEEN her at some point.

You’re doing a good job, just a tiny bit more. You can do it.

What was this dream about? Certainly she wasn’t here to actually learn how to deliver a baby? What were the gods trying to tell her? Was this the past, the future, or pure fiction? What did armor have to do with this child, and why had she told herself to finish armor before the child is born… and if she was Larissa why was she now the midwife?

She took a breath, trying to calm all of the thoughts streaming through her brain, and decided that all she could do was focus on the moment. She looked around for water and a cloth, trying to help by wiping the blood and fluids off of both mom and baby as the birth happened, trying to help both of them to feel cleaner and more comfortable. That was a small enough goal that she could get her head around.


Larissa simply nodded in acknowledgement of the question about the armor. Then came the final push as the baby girl of her and Kristoff was brought screaming into the world. The new mother collapsed from exhaustion and you gave the father a pair of shears to cut the cord. Swaddling the newborn, you handed her to Larissa and both she and Kristoff shed tears of joy.

It was here that the dream…..(or vision?) turned. Everything but you and the child seemed to freeze. The newborn turned her head towards you, an off putting sight due to the fact that one eye appeared to be pure light and the other pure dark. A birthmark appeared on the child’s forehead, the holy symbol of Zarana, but it was also merged with the symbol that the Piper had marked on you so many years ago.
This child you surmise is caught between two paths of fate. The question is which one will win out?

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Frozen in time with a child’s fate in the balance, but with no way to affect the outcome other than with words, Zaranna says

Light and dark are bound up in you, child, perhaps more light and more dark than in most of us, but it is still in balance, as it must be. This balance allows you to choose for yourself. Hold to the light. Do not give in to the darkness, for it is untrustworthy, and there is no future there. The light is the path to hope and goodness, and though there will be temptations and trials, as there must be so that we can learn, if you dedicate yourself to the light, then all will be right in the end.

Hear me, child, and remember my words, for your soul understands me even if your new body does not yet. Hold to the light. Hold to the light.

Zaranna reaches to her neck for her key necklace and realizes that she isn’t in her own body, but she takes whatever is there, or a coin from her pocket, and casts light on it, and then teleports it into the baby’s hands [via the Thoughtful GIft spell], trying to emphasize her words with her actions.

When the child is holding the necklace or coin with the Light spell cast on it, she repeats again,

Hold to the light, child, hold to the light.


As you hand the lighted object to the child, she reaches out and grasps it with her tiny little hand. Both eyes become pure light and you suddenly feel a sudden rush as you are pulled forth through a blur of images.

You come to a stop to see a young woman in shining armor, the holy symbol of Zarana about her neck, leading an army against what looks like a horde of demons on the Jeweled Plains.

She turns to her soldiers and gives a rallying speech. They all cheered as they rushed to meet the horde head-on.

Just when they are about to clash, you are then whisked away back to the forge from your first dream. There before you stood the goddess Zarana, “Well done.”

You then awaken for your watch.