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i wanna play a game with these to see how it works

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Hawkmoon269 wrote:

There is no hard and fast list, but these are the typical combinations:

Everyone has the following on their card:

The following are typical combinations:
Acrobatics: Dexterity
Arcane: Charisma (For Bards and Sorcerers)
Arcane: Intelligence (For Wizards and Witches)
Craft: Intelligence
Diplomacy: Charisma
Disable: Dexterity
Divine: Wisdom (For Druids, Paladins, and Warpriests)
Divine: Charisma (For Bards and Oracles)
Fortitude: Constitution
Knowledge: Intelligence
Melee: Strength
Perception: Wisdom
Survival: Wisdom
Stealth: Dexterity

There are also a few examples of exceptions to those patterns, which make "thematic" sense. Vika, a fighter, is a Blacksmith and so she has Craft: Strength. Alahazra, an oracle, can gain Perception and Survival bases on her Charisma (she uses divine insight). Jirelle, a swashbuckler, can gain Craft based on Charisma (she intimidates her crew into doing it). Seltyiel, a magus, can gain Ranged based on Intelligence. RotR Valoers, a fighter, can gain Ranged based on Strength. CD Seoni can gain Craft based on Charisma. CD Qualzar can gain Stealth based on Charisma.

If you can come up with a thematic connection, then go with it.

Ok thx

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Greyhawke115 wrote:
Firedale2002 wrote:

What about the skill limit guidelines for Characters that was mentioned in another thread?

I believe it was mentioned that characters should have no more than 5 skills and no more than total skill bonuses of +9. Is that still the recommended guideline?

Thanks! Good information at that link as well. It certainly should be included in the upcoming article.

Good ideas so like to see this in action in a game

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Heofthehills wrote:

I love Solstice Scar and am very interested in what will happen when you have all 4 done on the same character. It pushed me to build a character JUST for it.

That being said, I would love to see a similar story in Tien Xia or going through the Elemental Planes (maybe in a few years after we get removed from season 8 a bit more).

Lol same here

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I do beviele there might be a delay