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Full Name





Solarian 4










None (Dreamer)


Absolom station


Common, Orc



Strength 16
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 11
Charisma 16

About Zaasu’rim

Zaasu'rim had a typical life for a half-orc. At least, for a half-orc that grew up on Apostate. As a child he was forced into a mercenary training program, where he was taught to be cruel and ruthless to his enemies. To wield deadly melee weapons to strike down the foes of his masters, and to wear the heaviest of armors. As soon as he was considered fully grown, he was given a set of armor, a sword, and was sold off to the highest bidder. And so it went for many years. Merciless and brutal killing perpetrated in the name of his merciless and brutal drow overlords.

However, it was not always to be. After yearsof ruthless mercenary work, Zaasu'rim was hired by one crazed drow on a mission that would change his life forever. The drow had heard that she could possibly absorb, or even develop, psychic powers from the Dreamers of Liavara. Desiring such power for herself, the mystic hired some half-orcs from the Zaasu'rim's company (including Zaasu'rim himself) as cannon fodder, and set off for Liavara to steal as much psychic energy as she could.

Stopping by on Black Siren under the guise as a Drow overseer, then proceeding to Roselight, the Drow launched an all-out attack on the Dreamer Lodge. As Zaasu'rim and his comrades rushed to attack, they were felled one after the other by the surprising resistance offered by the dreamers. One Deream Prophet in particular seemed to use his magic to rend Zaasu'rim's mind asunder, and he fell unconscious.

While unconscious, Zaasu'rim had a vision of the dreamers in their true glory. Whether it was the dream prophet's magic, a delusion, or truly a vision sent to him by the dreamers themselves even Zaasu'rim does not know. What he does know was that what he saw, heard, and felt while under was something truly indescribably beautiful, and the only epiphany Zaasu'rim had ever experienced to date.

Luckily these Dream Prophets were not ones to hold a grudge. They found Zaasu'rim alive, and looked after him while he slept. And when he did awake, he found himself a changed man. He begged forgiveness for attacking, and pleaded for the Dream Prophets to take him in and help him experience that wonderful sensation again. While initially reticent to allow the half-orc attacker into their ranks, Zaasu'rim eventually won them over. He stayed in Roeselight for many years, studying with the dream prophets, particularly a Kasathan Solarian who had joined the ranks named Daralsul. However, after many years, he found that he could stay in Roselight no longer. He felt that he needed to find other rivers of magic and mysticism throughout the pact worlds, and possibly even beyond. So he has joined the Starfinders in an attempt to see more worlds and experience more rivers in the dream that is magic.

Dream Prophet Solarian 4 (weapon Solarian)
Init+1 Senses Darkvision 60, Perception +0
KAC 21, EAC19
Stamina 36, Health 34
Resolve 5
Fort+5 Ref+2 (+3 if graviton attuned) Will+4
Speed 40 (35 in armor)
Melee Photon Weapon +7 (1d6+7+1e) (1d6+8+1e if photon aligned) Critical: Staggered, Stun quality
Ranged Starknife +7 (1d4+7) (1d4+8 if photon aligned)
Space[b]5 ft.,[b]Reach5 ft.
Supernatural Abilities
Special Attacks
Spell-Like Abilities
Class Abilities
Gravaton: Black Hole (DC 15) Gravity Boost
Photon: Supernova (DC15), Stellar Rush,

Base Atk+4
Feats: Heavy armor proficiency, Toughness
Skills: Mysticism +8, Diplomacy +10, Acrobatics+6, Athletics+7, Culture +7, Profession (Shifu/Teacher): +7/+11
LanguagesCommon, Orc, Drow, Brethadian, Kasatha, Castrovellian, Akitonian
Gear of note Ability score upgrade (Crystal) Chr +2, Starknife with called infusion, Lashunta Ringwear II, Least Tauon Crystal (Staggered critical, +1 electricity damage, stun quality,) with Glamored Infusion (looks like an Aeon Stone), Rations(1 wk), Industrial backpack, Personal Comm, Trapsmith's Toolkit, Hygine Kit, Professional Kit (teacher/sifu), Minimal Speed Suspension.