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All I have ever known is the ice, the snow, and the relentless hunger of the Undead.

Born to the village of Windigo Sanctuary, Yulai was never destined for greatness. She was the daughter of a shapechanger, and a priest of Iomedae, neither were overly welcome in this place: the shapechanger for her ease of trickery, and the priest of Iomedae who could do almost nothing to stop the never ending onslaught against Windigo Sanctuary. A ball of white fur, and stark blue eyes, the villagers were mistrustful of the kitsune at first as well. While Yulai could assume the form of a human girl, she preferred her natural form as the fur helped to keep the wind off just a bit more.

This body was not built for the sword and shield, traditional equipment of Iomedae I've been told. The village is full of devotees of Old Deadeye - they taught me how to wield a bow.

Yulai was interested in a young age in the teachings of Iomedae, the stories of valor and heroism helped to pass the cold dark nights. She tried her skill with the longsword, but grew saddened when she found herself not strong enough to wield it properly. Noting her lithe frame and agility, the local priest of Erastil instead taught her in the way of the bow. Yulai mastered the bow seemingly overnight. Some whispered that it was Iomedae's will and blessing, as everytime Yulai picked up the bow, the wind around her seemed to die down enough to steady her shot. The priest of Erastil gifted her the finest bow he had ever made.

Sometimes, the attacks would last days at a time. The cold didn't bother them, how could we defend against the elements at the same time? Losing feeling in your limbs, fingers too cold to string another arrow, the ice collecting on your lashes as you watch your loved ones being struck down...

Yulai had lost her parents over a decade ago in one of the prolonged attacks sent by Argosal. Since then, her heart had grown as cold as the pass. She struggled with her faith, as she was then the sole worshipper of Iomedae in the Sanctuary. But this helped to make her strong, in body and mind. Thought she knew compassion, she held little mercy for anybody who would bring ill fortunes to the people she had known all her life.

There was something.. different about her. I could tell. But, the rumours couldn't have been true. Did she do it? Does she deserve this punishment?

A girl had recently come to the Sanctuary, with all sorts of tall tales. But the way that she told stories was so reminiscent of Yulai's mother, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it, not at first. Then rumours started to fly about the evil deeds this girl had done, this shapechanger. But, she was the same as Yulai. Yulai didn't know what to believe, and went to go speak to the girl when she was strung up in the town square.

Then, the most frightening sound I had ever heard pierced through the afternoon air. The attacks always came at night - what was happening? I could hear in the distance... Wings, flapping. My ears twitched in the wind, trying to find out what direction it came from. Then, I heard the villagers screaming, saw them pointing. And then I saw it for myself... A dragon, bone as white as snow - the ravener. I stood there paralyzed with fear, unable to draw my bow. It flew closer and closer, the air somehow getting colder. The world seemed to stop for just a moment as it inhaled, and then..