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Fantastic new rules!


The PDF unlocked for me when my subscription order finalized, and I spent the weekend reading it cover to cover. Other than the obvious "It's Pathfinder with aliens and spaceships!" there are a few small changes in the rules which I really like, and would likely back-port into Pathfinder as house rules for my ongoing games.

- No more dump stats: A more simplified Point buy is the norm for character generation, and the scores for normally-created characters will not be below 8 (unless very specific circumstances). You can voluntarily lower a score for roleplaying reasons, but you do not get to reallocate the points!
- Ability score increases are now slightly further apart, but more meaningful in terms of shaping a character.
- Crits are automatic if you would hit with the natural 20 roll

I really look forward to playing a game this coming weekend in preparation for Organised Play being released at GenCon, and will update this review with further comments at that time.

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Great game tool


I have used these in a couple of game sessions now, and I think they're absolutely wonderful. I can't imagine going without them now.

The only complaint I have is that they are very flimsy. They bend extremely easily, and have had more than a few scuff badly when getting caught in sleeves. However, I am planning to buy a couple more sets, and recommend them to all of my players!