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Hello everyone !

In the game I'm currently playing, we're only two players, and to make up for this small number we're both planning (with gm approval) to take the leadership feat to get a cohort each.

I'm an elf, battlefield control wizard, focused on conjuration, and the other player is a half-elf str-based melee striker inquisitor, mostly following the suggestions from this guide : https://docs.google.com/document/d/19N7y6cKFLAr2KMMiKc8A1XG6R4iOmwaNFS7iAs1 7zyU/edit?hl=en_US

There are two things to consider though : the other player wants his cohort to be either elf or half-elf, and while we were thinking of paladin earlier, it wouldn't really fit.

In terms of complexity, I don't mind having a cohort a bit more complex to build and to play, but the other player, being less experienced than I, would prefer a more straightforward class.

So, what would you suggest for us ?

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Hello everyone !
I'm looking for a stuff for my elven ranger, lvl 5, with the following stats :
Str 16, dex 21, con 14, int 17, wis 14, cha 12. I know, the stats are quite overpowered because we have a quite overpowered way to get them. And they're not very optimized.
I also have a horse as my animal companion, who is lvl 5 too because I took the boon companion feat. Other than that, I'm a pretty classic archer ranger, inspired by Lasthots and Treantmonk guide.
I have 10,500 gp, all paizo books allowed, and I will have to check with my gm item by item for 3rd party but if it's not too exotic it shouldn't be a problem.

Thank you !