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Good day.
So we currently are in this intrigue/espionage setting and I'm trying to put together some features for my Makeshift Scrapper Rogue specialized in disguise with the Quick Disguise (Ex) Rogue Talent for infiltration and intelligence gathering.
To the point: is there any way to deal nonlethal damage instead of lethal damage with some specific or not so specific category of improvised weapons as if using a Sap? I'm trying to knock unconscious innocent people like servants and the sort without killing them and taking their clothing to disguise myself. Is there any rule to support this idea?

Maybe it's obvious or I did miss it somewhere, but I must ask: do the same strength mechanics apply in the case of a two handed finesse weapon (x1.5 dex bonus to dmg) and in an off hand attack (x0.5 dex bonus to dmg)?.