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I was thinking about the promo card thing too, but I wasn't sure about the costs or gameplay aspects. Misprinted map is classic.

I don't post much, but I do my share of reading here. Please don't take my lack of posting to mean I don't spend much time here.

I realize that the S&S subscription release has not gone as well as anyone would have liked (yes...I saw Vic's post on the printer not shipping to the Seattle warehouse in couple of threads). I am not upset. Things like this happen. However, when something like this happens, a gesture goes a long way to making people happy again.

If the folks at Paizo are open to a suggestion... how about something like a 50% off coupon for a single class deck (with shipping added as normal)? I don't know what that deck cost Paizo so maybe the 50% number is not appropriate, but the intention was to offer subscribers a perk without losing money in the process.