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I organize 4 stores(two of which run two to three tables a week or more) in Colorado Springs with two store coordinators to help with mustering at the stores and gathering the data to be reported. I agree with Doug that the issue is mostly with the players and GM's. Some of the time the GM is not using a PFS log sheet and sometimes they forget to write down which game they are even running. I find myself putting together a puzzle some of the time.

I spent about 3 hours reporting games the other night and spending that much time is not unusual. That does not include the time it takes to coordinate which games I am going to run and organizing the events themselves and then posting the schedule on google docs for my VC and store coordinators and then sending out calls for GM's and players.

IF there was an easier way to get players to log onto the Paizo site and set up their PFS accounts it would be awesome. Players do not realize how much it slows us to have to post in all of their name and faction information manually every time.

In addition to that, because our community is growing so fast, it is not abnormal to get a sheet to report and find e-mail addresses instead of PFS numbers. I then have to assign them a number and e-mail them the PFS number and confirmation code. I think the last time I did reporting I had to send seven such e-mails. This does not include the new players that got their own numbers.

Boy I wish all new players did that. It is not that hard to get a number on the Paizo site.

I am merely stating part of what I do as a VL and store coordinator. This is in no way a complaint as I love the game, and I will gladly spend this time to make sure our local pathfinder community can continue to function and have fun.

As Doug said earier, many players and GM's show up to the game week in and week out, but they do not realize what is happening behind the scenes and how little oversights can make for hours of work for someone on the other end.

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I had an excellent time at PaizoCon this year. Thanks to all of the Paizo staff for putting together a tremendous convention.

I also have to say a big thanks to Kyle for giving me one of the most memorable 4th of July celebrations in recent memory. The fireworks display and the ice sculptor of the Goblin were fabulous.

I took advantage of every moment it seemed to play games and run games leaving very little time for sleep, but it was well worth it.

Having never been at a PaizoCon before I can only compare my experience to my local convention experience. Many things are very similar like the lack of sleep and the issue with easy access food, but there are a few things that were less convenient and some things that I will be bringing home to our local convention since I liked the ideas.

I want to preface the following by saying that I really appreciate the awesome swag that Paizo gave it's GM's, I was very want to thank Mike Brock and everyone else at Paizo for the tremendous gifts you gave us GM's. My following complaint is more of a logistical issue that I saw as I am sure that Paizo does not intend to gouge their 4 and 5 slot volunteers by charging them for a full badge when in many cases they only had time to play in one game which at most was worth $10.

Initially, I had a gripe about not being able to pre-register for a single game slot that I had open as a volunteer. I thought the $50 up-front [redacted] I still think that is lame and and I hope that not too many GM's actually did that since I found the problem to really be mute when it came time to muster on Saturday morning with my friends. I was able to be seated with no problems. No I decided NOT to pay the extra $50.

As a solution to this problem, I think that when Mike Brock assigns GM's to the scenarios they will run, it is possible to give the GM's first choice at a game for their open slot or to pre-pay a reasonable price (i.e. $5-$8 per open game slot they are going to play in rather then run) for a game slot up front so they can participate in the lottery and such. I think this would give GM's especially those running the HQ or running 5 slots an extra little thank you for making the convention run. Where would you be without volunteers?

For registration, I thought it was WAY better than my home convention, which would not be hard to do, but it was really fast as I over slept on Friday morning and never thought I would get to my game on time as a GM. I was through the line in about 5 minutes, IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! Thanks Paizo staff for your efforts there.

With that said, would there be a way for GM's to get their badges and shirts before the convention actually starts(i.e. hand them out at the meet and greet or something)? We sign up to run the games WAY in advance so it would be one less thing a GM has to think about at 7 in the morning on the day of the convention. I am sure if you took a raise of hands, ALL of your GM's would agree with me on this. We have enough to think about on the morning of the convention.

As far as the hotel went, I really liked the facilities and the staff went above and beyond which I have grown to expect from Mariott. The food and the rooms were much better than the hotel we are currently using for our convention, BUT THE PRICE of the food was out of this world. I found myself trying not to eat since I really did not want to eat greasy 7-11 junk or walk to Denny's which had lame service and food. Since I was running 5 games this was most likely not the smartest thing to do.

As a solution, it would be cool if Paizo could contact some of the local places that offer delivery(and hopefully a selection other than just pizza) and get them to offer a special "PaizoCon" deal to deliver to the hotel since you have so many willing participants staying in the hotel and a great opportunity for the places to make a killing while having some very happy gamers. After the list is together put it in the swag bag with all the other goodies, the players will thank you.

The next issue was the with the room block, please get a bigger one next year. The hotel forced me to make two reservations at two different room rates and then proceeded to put $1000 hostage hold on my credit card which I am still waiting to be released(I paid cash for the room on both reservations).

I had two reservations because I had to reserve my room a couple of months before I could finalize my flight plan and sometimes it is cheaper to fly out on Monday morning than to fly out on Sunday night. I would love to be able to change my reservations at the hotel without having to be penalized and pay $200 a night or more for a room.

I hope I don't sound like a complainer as that is NOT my intention, I really enjoyed myself and even though I am tired right now typing this, it was a great experience and I hope I can do it again next year.

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I am looking for a room to crash in just on Sunday night as I have a flight leaving on Monday morning. Please contact me off thread if this is a possibility.

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What race is your Paladin? I am assuming he is human but let me know. My thought is of a 17th level Drow Priestess with a contingent of Drider assassins. You could also go with a super monk assassin that fights in anti-magic with flurry of maneuvers. He could have your paladin pinned in one round and pummel him to death. I don't know if that will leave everyone with the heroic exit you are looking for though because he will look pretty pathetic. I will come up with both if you want and send you the stat blocks. Send me a private message.

Scarab Sages 5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Colorado—Colorado Springs aka Xanice Arcanegrin

Wow!!! Weird to see my name mentioned in a post like this.

I want to make sure that I clarify that we are not having a major GM problem in Colorado Springs and Enchanted Grounds is not stealing players from Colorado Springs on a regular basis to go up to Denver to play.

With that said, we are growing at a huge rate at several of our locations. I had one week I had to turn away 4 players(they did not sign up in advance)that wanted to play because I did not have a GM to run an extra table. By the next week, I had a volunteer for every week until the end of the month to fix that issue. It seems that I am having one or two new GM's a month who are stepping up to run games either because they see that we need the help or they want to attend our special GM Only night we have once a month.

I have an awesome core of GM's and they are always there for me every month to help out. Sometimes I am telling them not to sign up to GM yet for certain games so that others have a chance to volunteer, which I find amusing.

Although, I do have GM's that travel to Denver to volunteer to GM, they also volunteer at our games here in Colorado Springs on a regular basis. I have also had GM's from Denver come down to help me in a pinch when I needed them recently...Thanks Martin and Ryan who recently helped out.

I also want to say that I have had several players from Denver coming down to Colorado Springs to play at our tables.

This is possible because, I try to make sure I am not over lapping with game days in Denver so that our players have the maximum opportunities to play where they want.

Jeff and I work together to coordinate for special events and we have a good working relationship. I respect Jeff's thoughts and his ideas and he has earned that respect due to his continued success that he has coordinating games at his store. I would be crazy not to seek him out for counsel on things pertaining to coordinating games.

I have to say, I have great store owners here in Colorado Springs who want to see PFS grow at their stores and they are stepping up to GM in some cases and they are inviting new players from other events they are having at their stores. I have not attended a game lately that did not have a new player that attended and has shown interest in continued involvement in our community.

With the recent developments in 4E, we have a rich opportunity to grow the attendance at our events and I am looking forward to the future for PFS. The scenarios are better than ever and our players have more options to play then they ever have. All I see is enthusiasm when I go to game days, there is no need for negativity.

Scarab Sages 5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Colorado—Colorado Springs aka Xanice Arcanegrin

With that in mind, is there a way to add the box to check on the session sheet? I am not present at every game and I don't always know how well the group did.

Scarab Sages 5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Colorado—Colorado Springs aka Xanice Arcanegrin

Congratulations JP! This is much deserved. Thank you for all of your efforts and I look forward to playing at your tables in the future!