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Chell yells after the old man, he cringes. Why throw accusations in public? Ears are everywhere, put Zalen's life in peril with the Ring.

From a distance he responds. "He was there with us, in the heat of battle facing death he fought valiantly until he was pulled beneath the waves just like I was, watch what you say. He's a good man, who managed to dig himself out of the pits of despair unlike others." Foolish...just foolish.

One thing that is clear, there are at least a half dozen people around when the accusation was made.

Torque2 wrote:

Torgue eyes the confrontation between Chell and the wizard. She is right ya know. Found his ring just tossed in the corner, that was all that was left of a person trying. Torgue gets himself of the abandoned clams and pasta. We're trying, even if'n it doesn't match up with what ya belief. Stoppen dragon smoke, getting slaves back to their families and gonna be checking out about more missen peoples soon.

You should introduce him to Sorrin, I bet they would get on fine. He is plannen this whole city improvement thing with new shops and stuff.

He nods towards Torgue.

Chell Silves wrote:

Chell panics as Xander gets up and begins to leave. She looks at Astrianna and Embrianna for help but they are just as stunned too. He makes out the door before whatever grabbed hold of her before did again. She storms after him with righteous fury. "Stop." She says the word with authority and unintentionally adds some magic to it. Command DC 15 for what its worth. Whether he stops or not she catches up and gets right in his face speaking firmly but softly.

"Do you know what I found out last night? Archibald Noeliss, the man who was supposed to be the head of the local chapterhouse, a man who also thought magic should be used to help people, was dissolved. A member of the cult of the Kraken dumped his body in a vat of acid to remove any evidence. And I bet it wasn't just him either. Many other priests have gone missing and I can only assume they met the same fate. Good people, whose only crime in life was caring too much. They healed for free, fed the homeless, tried to make this awful place livable." At this point her eyes begin to water at the how unfair the situation is but she resolutely holds them back. "And now you are going to walk away from that? Moral integrity my ass. You're just a coward. There are still people left trying to go real good here and you are going to leave? Then what purpose did their death serve?" She then steps out of his way and waves him on. "You want to leave? Go. But I believe it was Soloman Trafalgar that said evil wins when good men do nothing."

will save: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (17) + 11 = 28

Chell races up to him issuing her command. At first the man smiles but when the spell is laced in her firm voice, he frowns. "My case in point regarding uncontrolled magic. Trying to use magic to bend the will of a man." He calmly keeps his temper in check as he hears the priestess prattle on about events. "Bravo. You seem a decent person, and you can carry the baton for this pit." When she concludes he continues on apparently unconvinced.

"The former wave riders have their own problems, I thought I clear about that. The key word: former. I hear what you are saying about sorcerers, but I disagree." You realize that this is a extremely important issue with him and he is opinionated almost to an irrational end. "But I'm sorry I have an insurmountable philosophical differences on an issue: How to use magic. Young Astri has made her view known and I would rather pawn my staff and bag, then work with your group." His tone and attitude is defiant. "I believe in law, honor, and goodness. Moral integrity that does not bind itself to garnering power and riches. I've earned enough to book a passage, and I will start afresh elsewhere. Good day." he turns on his heels and walks away.

FYI: Nobody should feel bad or get upset with the turn of events or how an NPC interacts. Each has his/her own personality and quirks. Not everyone will be an ally or foe, some will simply choose not to be involved.

"You actually think someone would tell you the truth, when treasure is involved. And you don't think your a fool?" he dabs his mouth with a napkin. He reaches inside his tattered looking back and pulls out a knotty darkwood quarterstaff from his small bag. "Well old Brim doesn't want to impose on you any more." He stands up from the table with the assistance of the staff. "I wish you well on your endeavors."

His bushy eyebrow raises at Astri, "Your young and rash, a careless spellslinger out for her own good. The sort of person I genuinely detest. Power does not equate to right; might is not right, and only a fool would argue otherwise." he shakes his head in disbelief. "Magic can and should be used for good, otherwise you end up like Sam putting fake charms on silly treasure maps for extra gold pieces." He looks hurt by Astri's revelation.

He glances at Chell, "I'd take that battle any day with a sorcerer. I can change the terrain, the manner, the method, the number of foes, and dimension or plane a battle takes place. Most experienced sorcerers are worthless toads. Try slinging a fireball when your floating under the plane of water."

He chuckles at Torgue's use of magic. "Now that's creative, I like Sam but beware of those maps. If he knew where Garr's Gold was he'd have teleported there and raided it's already. Although that being said, i did here a map was found and LT. Commander Perrin was ordered to hunt it down. Quite a buzz on the docks actually, he had just arrived back escorting that evil slaver Bonegnaw and barely had time to step on dry dock before he was sent out again."

He chuckles, "Now that is excellent use of spell. I should have thought of that before i pawned my spell book to Sam."

"Of course...witches, so that's what you are." the light bulb goes off. "I despise sorcerers, they have greatly decreased the amount of work on a ship, but I have no issue with witches. They have some dozy hexes."

He straightens up a bit, "I may nitpick and ask for free meals, drink, parchment and help. I'm not too proud to ask. It beats stealing. I've sold or pawned nearly everything that I own including: a ring of evasion, wand of lightning bolt, wand of stoneskin, wand of whispering wind, and my crystal ball. Sure, it would have been easier to be lured to the dark arts but I've never taken the easy out. So before you pass judgment on this hobo, ask yourself what route would you've taken." He waves over the the serving wench.

"Can I get an order of fried clams, mussels, and oysters over some noodles, dear. Oh, just put it on her bill." He motions to Chell.

the alcohol getting to him he continues.

"Since the defeat of the Wave Riders five years ago, I've retained my morality and uncompromising virtue. Such dedication to wholesomeness has earned me no favors in a pit like Port Shaw. I never failed to bail out my companions out of danger before, and the citizens of Port Shaw blamed me for the fiasco that dragged them beneath Harthagoa’s tentacles under the sea. People lost all respect for me, and I hear the nasty rumors, calling me “a two-bit charlatan.” He takes another bite of his potato. "I watched my surviving friends fall into petty thievery, lose themselves in the rush of combat, drown themselves in drink, and align themselves with council and dragoons."

"Might be Father Zalen is willing to fight...he's got good bloodlines. You say you're willing to do things in your own ways...what have you done, what's your end goal?" He drinks more of the fire whiskey. His tongue is a bit heavier now. "Beside young Priestess you haven't told me your thoughts on magic use?'

"Hey and why you're at it would you rather have a sorcerer or wizard on deck of ship, in the heat of stormy battle?"

The wizard listens intently frowns a bit, "Archmagibishop was a turd. He prized nothing more than complete power and combination of dualism of power, so he could reign supreme. Powerful magic can corrupt and solidifying so much in one hand leads to ultimate corruption." He sips his fire whiskey. "If you could use magic to gain riches or help a family which would you choose? Each of you can answer."

He enjoys the conversation, his 18 ounze T-bone steak and potatoes. "Never really like vegetables." He comments with mouth semi-full. "Once when I sailed with Capt Razor, we had nothing but corn and leafy sea weed for 5 days straight."

He turns to Bri. The Skull can be a fun time...especially if you have few coins to spend. A buddy of mine fights tonight, Belok, I'm sure he'd like to meet you. I can arrange that, if you'd like."

He drains his cup and exhales. "Course the Kraken's back. He never left but nobody's got solid backbone these days. Besides captains pay tribute and all seem intent on hiring those blasted limited sorcerers which are all the rage these days. Most simply pay homage or descend into the deep."

"Astri my dear can you tell me your philosophy on how to use magic be it arcane or divine?" His bushy eyebrows waggle some.

He chuckles as Astri inspects the scroll he prepared. "I'm sure it'll suffice, I even wrote it in a manner that those less arcanely inclined could decipher." His stomach rumbles loudly. 'Lunch does sound good, Priestess you were buying right?" He pours himself another brandy and tops off Bri's. "I may have seen better day young lady, but I'm pretty sure I still have talent." He leans towards Bri. "If you could spot me say 500 gold and a few trivial supplies for preparing a scroll, I'm sure I can help your splendid adventuring group...how about a lightning bolt scroll? I've found that spell very handy when sailing. That's not that cumbersome to learn, sort of a middling spell to know. " He sips his brandy. Although down on his luck he does come across as bit self important due to his years of experience.