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I'd start with the Reputation/Fame mechanics from the leadership feat and the Ultimate Campaign book. A couple options of how to go from there:
New traits and feat trees to let players choose to focus on social progression
Secondary progression option (like Mythic power progression)
Fame/PP style point/reward system for social progression (some existing PP/fame awards would fit into this idea already)

If you're up for trying to develop this idea, let me know. I'd be up for helping/brainstorming if needed.

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Jeff Merola wrote:
XainMexi wrote:
Paz wrote:
Just make sure it's not a pig... or a dog.
Actually... The reason for the question is the goal to get a pig as a follower... XD
That's a reference to a rather famous board argument, about whether a cavalier could reflavor their dog mount as a pig.

It started with me just wanting the flavor of having a named pig as a vanity follower. It's so enticing, I'm just hoping to get a confirmation on if appropriately trainable animals can be vanity followers, or if I have to train a pig to do the same thing. Training a pig would result in a shift from the 1/day limit on most vanity followers to 1/round plus an extra bite attack.

There's also a small hope to kick off more discussions about vanity clarification, since the forums are scarce on the subject

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Paz wrote:
Just make sure it's not a pig... or a dog.

Actually... The reason for the question is the goal to get a pig as a follower... XD

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If an animal can learn a skill that replicates the benefit/role described by the vanity, (especially, if the [PFS] PC has the Handle Animal skill) can you choose to gain an Animal when purchasing the follower vanity?

Since the other option is to buy a combat trained animal, teach them the trick, and use the animal to attack and/or the benefit each round, instead of the usual "Once per session" rule for vanities, I would think it would be significantly less OP to allow Animals as vanity followers when an appropriate trait/skill/trick is possible.

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First off, I love the backstory!

Malwing wrote:
pipedreamsam wrote:
Make a new character, hand your old sheet to the DM and become a villain?
FYI, I do have a Bard rolled up in case of emergency. But the current character is a fighter that's perfectly capable of one-shotting 3/4 of the party.

Before I got to this post, my thought was "Why not turn the priestess into your next PC?" You and the DM could discuss your assassin running off to figure out what's going on in his head, and the PCs could decide to take in the priestess as a "We'll protect you"/"connection to the assassin".

Either way, the "I need to clear my head! I'm out" choice would allow you (and the DM) to work out how the assassin interacts with the fey plotlines in Kingmaker (no spoilers... But it would be enough to keep a freelance assassin occupied) while the PCs handle all the campaign plotlines. That would also allow for some interaction during key events.

Just my 2 cents

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
I think dice superstitions, especially the not touching someone's dice one, are ridiculous. My group shares dice the way some folks share colds.

Dice Orgies! Dice orgies EVERYWHERE!!!

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I'll throw in another topic. The post seems to suggest the current Faction Journal Cards might be considered for the current season 7 and were just released early. Is this true? Or are season 7 FJCs inbound?

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Matthew Downie wrote:
Durinor wrote:
Whale_Cancer wrote:
The Elusive Trout wrote:
I hate it when the player next to me hasn't bathed properly and will say so to his or her face.
You are a true hero of our hobby (no sarcasm intended).
In the real world this is called being rude.
Rudeness is about how you say it. Letting someone know their flies are undone isn't rude. Pointing and laughing is.

One of the best ways to describe the difference between Diplomacy and Intimidate!

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Well, I missed the 2 day window to decide on whether to convert my lvl 3 Summoner (now lvl 4) and have played him twice since April 29th, so I'll look over the new Summoner and decide if I want to create an Unchained Summoner to play both in tandem to test out the differences. Makes me want to make sure to push any new PC to lvl 2 ASAP from now on ;)

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I hear one of the Reign of Winter books has some details about Milani. I'll have to find some time to dig into it to see what I can find.

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VLTRokktor wrote:
I will have to work them a little to make them double sided and perhaps half size

I thought about that a little too late (Already printed the card on one side of the paper for both PCs) If I had been thinking ahead, I would have printed it on both sides of the paper, but upside down on side 2, so the boons on one side were opposite the description on the other side. That way I could cut it in half and have 2 half page cards.

Since I already have 2 full page journal cards, and only 3 PCs that have a shot at earning Season 6 JC progress, I'll just print next seasons on the back of this season's card. That way, I have both seasons on one sheet of paper (which fits better in my folders with the full page character sheets)

I also know you can mess with "pages printed per page" settings in the print menu to shrink them down a bit as well.

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Shådid Evånjölyn wrote:

Today's my birthday and now that Animal Archives lists a bunch of possible equipment slots for companions, I'm curious as to what to get my companion. What body types and which slots exist for the four companions (three plants and a fungus) that the Treesinger can take:

(1) Carnivorous Flower
(2) Creeping Vine
(3) Puffball
(4) Sapling Treant

I would guess the creeping vine is treated like a snake, but what body type is a fungus? (I imagine a Puffball wearing a hat better than it wears a belt. :) )

Michael, or someone of high up-ness, Can we get an official stance on the 4 Treesinger ACs? There are two threads that point to the treant being treated like a humanoid, but neither are confirmed by a titled PFSer, and nothing is confirmed for the other 3 Treesinger ACs

IMO, I would think the vine lands close to serpentine, but vines don't have eyes, so the eye slot gets iffy, and, if the treant is a humanoid, I would think the Carn Flower would be, too. The Puffball.... One of the threads points to the epicness of a puffball wearing a hat...?

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There are two threads that appear to almost answer the question, but neither have a definitive/official answer

Discussion about Treesinger ACs: Shådid Evånjölyn asks a question (the same question they asked in this thread which was apparently ignored) and gets atleast a short answer from DarkKnight27

DarkKnight27 said wrote:
I would think that #1-3 don't have any item slots. The Treant is a little trickier. It's more or less a tree with arms. I unless there's a "Plant Archive" put out at some point I'd say that it's a GM call that will vary from table to table.

But, IMO, this isn't right, because the vine and flower have what I would see as obvious slots (petals/flowers = arm/leg slots, neck and head exist, for starters)

Then there's this discussion about treants that gets an unofficial agreement that Treants should be considered humanoid in shape, but they don't mention the other three.

I'm really hoping for an official statement, but I can't find it yet

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Definitely something I want to dig into (unless you have already done it in the last 9 months)
But I'm just finishing up my work week, so I'm brain-fried.... So, it will be bouncing around my post-apoc mind until I have enough mental resources to churn some real ideas

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I completely agree with ElterAgo. It shows a major difference between a custom homebrew campaign and doing a "random" scenario every week or two. In a custom homebrew campaign, the DM builds encounters based on the PCs ability and backstory. PFS scenarios without any forethough end up random to the point of basic level grinding.

I don't know why Boon reviewing is horrible and unspeakable in PFS. There is SO MUCH min-max munching with PCs already. I've seen level 1-3 PCs who have items, abilities, and/or class features from a dozen or more books. In my opinion, allowing DMs and PCs to make educated decisions about what scenario to play seems like a great way to improve player and DM enjoyment and investment.

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Kyrie Ebonblade wrote:
Aside from the ones in a few of the Adventure Paths (he likes playing and prefers to avoid buying modules of anykind)

I know the thread is HEAVY about the definition of "follower of a deity" and what that allows a PC to access (I almost think it would be a good idea to split up the thread), but I wanted to point out one catch in the initial post.

One of the first PFS rule you come across is that you have to own it to use it. I know there are DMs that are lenient on this, if I was DMing a PC that was complaining about options as a Summoner, and they have stated they don't want to be bothered with buying books/material, I would tell him: "That should be easy. Review the material you do own. If you find any details about additional summons list, we can verify if it's PFS-legal" and that would be it.

Maybe that's just me. I would be concerned about them taking a summoner with an increased summons list to an official and/or different event/location and a DM or another player asked for verification.

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The other option involves if the DM curtain is in effect. If they don't know how many hp the monster has left, you can simply take the damage from the attack off the tally and act as if nothing was wrong. The monster gets their full potential, and the combat/player experience isn't disrupted by the retconning.

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I'm definitely thinking they've decided/realized the goal of a mid-season 6 implementation of Faction Journal Cards wasn't a properly reachable goal (I'm all for doing it right the first time! I can wait for the good stuff with no complaints for missing out on bottom shelf filler)
That being said, I'm even more hecka-hungry for Paizocon! I'll be watching and hoping for updates on the Journal Cards then.
Keep up the good work!

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If you're still in Greeley, CO, and need a DM, let me know. I'm new to the area, but I've DMed since High School, and have a lot of experience with D&D from 2nd ed to 3.5, and Pathfinder. I don't have a group, but if I fit in well enough, I'll be okay with taking some DM time for you to play a character.

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I think you are asking for the player/additional resources pages. One of the links in the PFS pages for additional resources is broken, but a search on Paizo found it.
The two possible pages you're looking for are:
Player Resources *Which has a number of links, including the link for Additional Resources below
Additional Resources *There is a link to download the Additional Resources in PDF format

I think Starglim may be referring to the Pathfinder Society Field Guide

Hope this helps.