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One downside to this would be that if you play with 6 characters and find a Skeleton Horde, you wouldn't get to skip summoning one if you hadn't found any via exploration yet.
Same for similar cards in the future.

True, it's not going to happen very often, but it can happen.

I'd like to see some sort of story fluff included for each scenario for those of us who don't play the RPG.
Nothing major, just a couple of paragraphs of basic storyline so I know who Jubrayl Vhiski is or why some event is happening.

Would probably have to all go into the main rulebook since there isn't really room in the adventure packs, but might be kind of hard to not read ahead and see what's going on.
Could also just release a short .PDF (or have a page on the site) the day it's scheduled for retail.

Also, this wouldn't have to wait until the third adventure.

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vagabondriot wrote:
I think a new base is necessary with each AP; the base cards provide a more thematic base of play. As for the money; you aren't required to buy every AP. If you can't afford it, don't buy it. Each AP will come to $180, assuming 1 base set at $60, a character add on at $20, and 5 additional adventures at $20 each. So that's $360 a year. If they didn't sell a base set, we'd be seeing 6 adventures at $120, or $240/year. So that's $60 extra per AP. I can swing an extra $120/year, even as a poor graduate student. If money is tight, be wise in your purchases. Maybe have a friend buy one AP and you buy the other. More cost for more material is no reason to complain; we as a community have largely been asking for more, and Paizo is giving us what we asked for.

I rather liked the slower pace of every other month.

Guess I'll have to skip at least half of the new sets, getting every second or third set since I'd like to buy other games too, not just blow my yearly games budget on only Pathfinder.

I would definitely be up for some advanced paths though and I wouldn't even mind if they were a monthly release.

I dunno, I just kind of feel like it's now just turned into a big cash grab; "Holy *, this thing really took off, let's start churning out 2-3 sets per year and roll in the bucks".
I'd imagine this wasn't a real conversation, just not really making me feel hyped like while I've been waiting for my set to arrive (just a couple days now).

I've read the rules and most of the FAQ (no point reading the AP3 notes when I don't have the base set), along with the forums at BGG so I generally know how the game plays.
I also try not to spoil the surprise too much by reading all the cards beforehand or watching in depth videos, so I am somewhat limited in my knowledge too.

I knew that you had to be able to play cards like weapons for combat bonus dice, I guess for some reason I kept reading that last sentence as "add a trait to the check" rather than "add that trait to the check".
Subtle but substantial difference.

Vic Wertz wrote:
You could choose to interpret sentences like "add 1d6 with the Poison trait to your combat check" as either adding [1d6 with the Poison trait] or adding [1d6] with [the Poison trait] to the check... but it doesn't actually matter. The immunity rules say that you can't play cards with the specified trait on a check; since Toxic Cloud has the Poison trait, you can't play it on a monster that's immune to Poison. And even if it *didn't* have the trait, the immunity rules *also* say that you can't use powers that would add that trait to the check, so you *still* couldn't use it.

Okay so maybe I'm stupid, but if you can't use it if they're immune (yeah, makes sense), and you can't use it because you can't add a trait to a check, then when can you use it?

And actually, when can you ever use anything? Every card has traits but since you can't add a trait to a check, then how is it possible to use these cards?
Scorching Ray adds fire trait, but you can't use it since it adds a trait (fire).

What am I missing here?
(I don't have the game yet, arrival next week I hope)

These should be very handy for when I get my copy soon.
The only thing that seems to be missing would be the recommended starter deck for each character. Ya know, since the rulebook has a couple of errors there.

I would say highlight/bold/italics/underline the cards (with a number for dupes)but since there are already letters and or numbers for the set a card came from it'd probably be least confusing to have the deck explicitly listed somewhere; probably between the card list and backstory, or in the "notes" section would keep the sheets cleanest and closest to the current layout.

I dunno, maybe you all thought of it and dismissed it since it's only needed once per adventure path, and only if you actually want to start with the suggested deck, but I think it'd just be really useful.