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Going to bring this thread back with an actual story of horror and loss.

Enora had found the villain in the first scenario of Wrath hiding in the manor house. Seelah had closed the armory, so there was nowhere left for her to run. Enroa was well equipped to deal with her, but first she had to defeat her summoned monster which was...a carrion golem. Long story short, a dead Halfling. Seelah went on to lose the scenario based on some bad dice rolls and time running out.

Was not a happy evening, that is for sure.

In the second scenario of Sword of Valor it says that when you defeat the first villain, banish him and summon the second villain to a random location. The scenario is won when you defeat and corner the second villain.

I am wondering if you need to only defeat the first villain to banish him, or if you have to corner him as well. I would think that you need to defeat the villain just like you would any other, cornering him to make sure there is nowhere he can escape to in order to banish him. But the wording regarding the second villain is very specific about the victory - defeat and corner.

I have been playing it that I need to defeat and corner the first villain and not simply defeat him, and I have yet to get past this scenario. Some clarification would be appreciated.

With WotR it means I will have a Runelords game running with 4 characters, a Skull and Shackles game with 5 characters (up to scenario 4 of Adventure Deck 5) and a three character game of Wrath all going at the same time.

PACG overload!

I just received a very important text message from my wife telling me that my copy of Wrath of the Righteous has just arrived.

Think it might be time to let my students out early so I can go home and get started.

This is going to be one heck of a good afternoon and one heck of a great week!

Bring on those demons!!!

Granted this thread idea is stolen from the Adventure Path forums, and if someone has already put this up I will gladly take this down, but I have found that the more I play this game the harder it is for me when a character dies, especially to bad dice rolling.

So lets share some of the sadder moments from the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. This one happened a while ago.

Name: Alahazra
Location: Shark Island
Catalyst: Goblin Keelhauling

I don't really think I need to explain this one in any detail. Those of you who have the card know how brutal it can be!

Why do all of the characters seem like so much fun to play? I have been skimming the character sheets and I just cannot seem to make up my mind. I want to start out with a small group of no more than three (I am running a party of four through Rise of the Runelords again and my group of five is still stuck on Home Sweet Home in Skull and Shackles).

I have never really liked Harsk but I want to give him a try. Crowe just seems awesome. The Inquisitor? I don't know.

I predict many sleepless nights pondering this.

Long Live the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game!

I managed to get a party of four all the way up to the last scenario in ROTR only to wipe on the last boss. So far, I have found that with Skull and Shackles, the dice gods have been against me.

This weekend I decided to start again, taking a party of 5 core characters. My group consists of Alahazra, Jirelle, Lem, Lirianne, and Valeros. I found Island Hopping a breeze, with some lucky card draws, and completed it within 15 turns.

Rum Punch was one of the most epic games I have ever played, with Lem defeating the villain on the very last turn.

Dangerous Waters was attempted three times before I managed to finish it.

I tried Sunken Treasure this afternoon and it came right down to the wire, with two cards left in the final location (one of which was the villain) but my character without a means of exploring again. Alahazra almost died from a horrific Goblin Keelhauling dice roll (every dice came up as 1) but she managed to scrape through and survive.

Absolutely loving this party, and I hope that most of them survive the journey. I will keep you updated.

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After having much trouble with Skull and Shackles, with numerous party wipes and the best group only making it two the second adventure before being massacred, I decided to start again with some characters from the class decks - Wu Shen, the necromancer mage, and the half orc ranger (sorry that I cannot remember their names but I am at work and don't have the cards in front of me).

Island Hopping went well, but I was very apprehensive about Rum Punch as the characters I am playing with are not the most charismatic individuals.

It came time to get my reward for Island Hopping so I shuffled the items deck and drew the first card - a potion of glibness. After much cheering and fist bumping my imaginary friends I drew the next card - another potion of glibness. Dumbfounded, I drew the third item card - and once again, a potion of glibness.

Long story short - Rum Punch was a piece of...well...punch.

Just wanted to share and maybe hear of some funny, or fortunate, card draws you might have had.

I set the starting deck up using the guide in the rulebook, and have not had the chance to pick up a Potion of Glibness yet. Orlock was fortunate enough to get a Potion of Healing, which he gave to his uncharismatic elven friend, but apart from that their decks are not really that amazing.

However, I am absolutely loving playing with both of them, and they have quickly become my favorite characters out of this set and Rise of the Runelords (I never thought anyone would replace Valeros as my favorite character but last night that was proved wrong).

I have one more adventure to take them through before they can meet up with the other group (gunslinger, oracle, and swashbuckler). The magus met an untimely end a few days ago and I figured I would replaced him to make a five character party.

Still my favorite game (even though I failed my Runelords campaign in the last scenario...heartbreaking to say the least).

I recently ran Orloch and Damiel through this scenario and it was difficult and awesome all at the same time. With their low charisma it made taking on the villain so much more difficult.

Luckily on the second attempt Damiel got the sapphire of intelligence and so on the fifth run was able to take down the nasty smuggler.

I am loving the difficulty level of Skull and Shackles. And the new characters are awesome.

Looking forward to the next adventure!

Oh the humanity.

Kyra and Merisiel sit beside the dying embers of their campfire and lament the loss of their second companion. After watching Seoni take a blast of lightning to the face from that damned blue dragon and being forced to bury the charred remains, they now talk in whispers over what happened to Valeros.

Was he drunk? Was he cursed? Were the very gods themselves against him?

Not one single success in any check made exploring the Death Zones. So many 1's and 2's on the die.

And they are suddenly left with a sinking feeling inside. Are they even going to be able to find and defeat the villainous runelord or was everything for naught?

(Even though two of my four characters have died in the last two scenarios this is the most fun I have had playing a game since getting Talisman 2nd edition for my birthday when I was 11.)

Having just received my copy of Spires of Xin-Shalast this morning I decided to jump right in to the first scenario to continue my solo play with Valeros, Seoni, Merisial, and Kyra. While I won't bore you with all of the awesome details, one event sticks out in my mind.

Seoni, still slightly annoyed after losing her charmed red dragon in the exploration of the Runeforge, was hanging around the temple trying to get a few boons. Unfortunately she crosses paths with a cannibal haunt. Deciding that her hand was too good to lose any one card she decides to gamble and banish the top card of her deck. How bad could that be...right?

Bye-bye Wand of Enervation.

So on top of her dragon almost killing everyone during an intense battle with the final villain of Sins of the Saviors, she loses one of the best items the party had.

Needless to say, they did not succeed.

Was still awesome, though.

Thank you kindly.

I would also like to restart my Adventure Path subscription.

Unfortunately I am still unable to confirm my order at the present time.

I am having some trouble restarting my subscription to the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. I have sent an email to customer service but I fully understand the huge number of emails that you receive, so please forgive this forum post.

If possible, could you please restart this subscription. I have moved and so my shipping address has changed (the new one should be on my account information).

Thanking you in advance for your help.

I was playing this scenario last night and came across this little dilemma.

Does the ally from the Charm Person spell count towards allies acquired in the scenario, and therefore can be placed under the scenario card to help with the victory conditions?

I am in two minds about this, as on the one hand it would be awesome if it did, because this scenario has been the bane of my existence all weekend. However, the lack of the word 'acquire' in the spell text would lead me to believe that it does not count.

Just wanted to throw this out there and see what the community thought about it.

Chronicle of the Righteous.

Merry Xmas!!!

Thanks for the advice.

I don't think I am having any real problems with the character - just with the card draws. The beauty of this game is you can get incredibly lucky or incredibly unlucky with the draws.

Either way - this has been my go-to game since its release and I am still having a blast with it. I am an EFL teacher and am considering introducing it to my students to facilitate language learning in the classroom.

I have been playing a couple of solo four character games (Valeros, Merisiel, Seoni and Kyra, and Seelah, Lem, Harsk, and Ezren) and have taken two of the remaining three characters (Lini and Sajan) through Perils of the Lost Coast. However, after talking to a friend who recently purchased the game, I don't think I have given Amiri enough love.

Therefore I decided to get her to the same point Lini and Sajan were at, namely the beginning of Burnt Offerings, in order to turn the duo into a trio. And therein lies the problems.

I had a really tough time getting Amiri through Brigandoom. The Poison Pill, while not easy, coughed up two very nice magic weapons. And then I hit Black Fang. Or more to the point, Black Fang hit me...repeatedly. My dice rolling was appalling (four 1's on four dice), and poor Amiri bit the dust.

So I will start her again from the beginning in hopes of her reaching her druid and monk friends. What I am asking for is any advice the people out there might have for an Amiri solo play, at least of the first three scenarios. I have scoured these forums and Board Game Geek, and have already amassed a wealth of helpful advice, but I am sure there is always someone out there with something to offer.

And as a little end note for anyone who is interested - Valeros and his crew have made it through The Skinsaw Murders, while Seelah and her group are up to the last adventure in Burnt Offerings (however it was dicy there, with Ezren encountering Gogmurt in the Goblin Fortress and rolling a 4 to make him a 16 / 18 combat encounter on the second last turn of the game).

Having just finished the final scenario of the Skinsaw Murders in a four character solo game (using Valeros, Seoni, Merisiel, and Kyra), I wanted to share my thoughts on this amazingly rewarding experience.

To begin with, however, let me offer a huge thank you to the creators of this game, and to everyone on the forums. It is indeed a pleasure to find such an helpful group of players who share a love for the PACG and everything that goes with it.

With that said, I thoroughly enjoyed my playthough of this campaign. The first three acenarios were challenging (I actually ran out of time during Undead Uprising thanks to continually rolling 1's and 2's after fighting the necro) but I seemed to breeze through the last two, thanks in part of Seoni who actually was the one to defeat the final three villains. The new haunt mechanic was great, and I only managed to defeat the Skinsaw Man on the last turn of that game, and only then by the skin of my proverbial teeth.

Strangely enough Seoni encountered Xanesha in the Shadow Clock right after the falling bell barrier, which brought back all kinds of awesome memories.

All in all I found playing a four character game quite challenging, sometimes frustrating, but constantly rewarding, and I am looking forward to the next campaign deck. In the meantime, I think I might run through with the scenarios again, starting from the beginning, with a two character party.

Thanks for reading!

At the end of September I ordered a copy of Elder Sign along with a set of dice for the new Star Wars RPG.

After a really bad day at work I arrived home to discover my order waiting for me.

This post is a shout out to the Paizo customer service team, who went above and beyond getting my order shipped quickly all the way to South Korea.

Thank you for making a dismal day all that brighter. Keep up the awesome work!

In reviewing my subscription page I noticed that the Character Add On pack is included with the Skinsaw Murders Adventure pack. However, when I subscribed, I started with the base set plus character add-on pack.

I was wondering if you could please remove the character add-on pack from the October order and just leave the Skinsaw Murders Adventure Pack.

Thank you.

Although I have been a fan of Paizo for a long time, I decided to bite the bullet and subscribe to the Adventure Card Game, as everything I have read and watched about it has got me really excited to play.

I subscribed about four or five days ago, and my question is, how long before the order will actually ship out? Things might be a little different for me as I live in South Korea, and so International Shipping makes things a little difficult to judge.

My order still says 'pending' on my subscription page.

I hope this post does not come off as me being impatient (although I am itching to play the game). I was just hoping to get a rough idea as to when subscription products ship each month.

Thanking anyone who reads this and responds in advance.

Even though I am residing at the moment in South Korea, I could not wait for this game and just subscribed (literally about half an hour ago). I cannot begin to describe how much I am anticpating this, after watching numerous videos on Youtube and reading through the .pdf of the rulebook.

I do have one question. I ordered the bundle (base set plus character add-on pack) to begin with. However, my subscription page tells me that in October I will be receving the Skinsaw Murders Adventure Deck and another character add-on pack. Is this a mistake? I have emailed customer service to get a response but I was curious as to what the community thought.

Also...this is my first post on these forums although I have been an avid reader, and I have to say this is one of the greatest forum communities I have ever come across.

My hat is off to the Paizo team and everyone else who has come to embrace Pathfinder in all its forms.