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With the pittance I get on a monthly basis, I will be able to make to SC.

I don't care if my mom approves or not. I just got to get my plane tickets reserved. I'll have the money for that in February.

To start off I am 23 and currently overwieght. I am working on the weight. I need to shed about 8-10 inches in the midsection to make body comp. I am looking to go in about a year after this academic year.
I would also point out I have an asscoiates degress and am now classifies a Junior at the 4yr university that I will be attending this fall. Also I want to make officer.
Does anybody know about programs out there to help someone like me. Also for those of you that are in, retired, or previoiusly in the armed forces could you please weigh in some pros and cons in your opinions of course from your branch. I am currently looking to AF or Navy. But all viewpoints will be accepted.

I am looking for anybody that games in the centeral part of Iowa, well let me rephrase that anyone within 1 hour driving distance from Newton, so Ames and Urbandale/clive/johnston area are the extremes since I drive to those areas reqularly. Looking for DnD 3.x willing to try AD&D 2ed and pathfinder. Also willing to try others I just don't have the rulebooks for them. Just so hard to find people in the area.

Sorry, I didn't make this clear. I looking for either a PbP to learn and for lack of finding a group nearby. And/or I am looking for a group within 30 miles of Newton, IA to play face to face.