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About William Lawsrick

Race Human
Gender Male
Age 29
Class Order of the flame / samurai 7
Init +1; Senses Perception +1, Survival + 11
AC +28, touch +13, flat-footed +23
(+11 Armor, +1 Dex, shield +3, +1 Deflection, +1 Natural)
Hp 91 (All FCB here)
Fort +8, Ref +4, Will +4
Speed 20ft in armor
Melee +11/+6 Bastard swords 1d8+12/1d10+16 if two handed
Ranged +8/+3 Longbow 1d8+3
Special Attacks Challenge 3/day: Adds Samarai level to Dmg and allowed for glorious challenges to be declared when the target dies.
Str 16, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 16
Base Atk +7; CMB +10
CMD 21

Wily Warrior[free]
Step up[1st]
Weapon focus heavy blades[3rd]
Barroom brawler[5th]
Disruptive[6th bonus]
Weapon specialization heavy blades[7th]

Traits Tight bonds, Tough minded

Skills: 42 points:

7 ranks: Ride +11
7 ranks: Intimidate +13 (+16 at full health)
7 ranks: Diplomacy +13
7 ranks: Sense motive +11
7 ranks: Survival +11
5 ranks: Profession General +9
2 ranks: Bluff +10

Background Skills:

7 ranks: Profession Carpenter +13
7 ranks: Handle animal +13
7 ranks: Knowledge Engineering +8

Languages Common, Hallit
Foolhardy rush: If I roll an 11 or higher on initiative I can move up to my speed before combat begins. On my next move subtract the distance moved from my move speed.

Glorious challenge: When I kill the target of my challenge I may immediately declare another challenge against a foe. I gain an additional +2 DMG and -2 AC for every glorious challenge I declare. Glorious challenges do not count against my daily limit of challenges.

Resolve/3fall: Allowes for the rerolling of saves and grants the ability to stay standing when others would fall.

Banner: +2 on saves vs fear and +1 to hit on attacks made as part of a charge to everyone within 30ft of my mount.

Gear on person:

+1 bastard sword (2335gp)
+1 heavy wooden shield (1307gp)
Masterwork saddle (220gp)
+2 full plate (5800gp)
+1 Ring of protection (2000gp)
+1 Amulet of Nat. Armor (2000gp)
+1 Cloak of resistance (1000gp)
Masterwork short sword (310gp)
Masterwork dagger (302gp)
Sleeves of many garments (200gp)
+1 Chain shirt barding (400gp)
Comp. (+3) longbow (400gp)

Community Supplies:

4 light horses (300gp)
7 Cattle: 1 male 6 female (350gp)
2 ponies (60gp)
2 months of animal feed (720gp)
MW Carpenter tools (310gp)
1 months worth of rations (720gp)
3 Cooking kits (9gp)
4 heavy wagons (400gp)
1 Large tents (30gp)
2 Pavilion tents (200gp)
2 Hand axe (12gp)
16 pairs of Cold weather cloths (128gp)
150lbs salted & dried meat (320gp)
16 Snow shoes(80gp)
16 fur blankets (192gp)
Wand of cure light wounds (750gp)
150lbs dried fruits and veggies (50gp)
Blank journal (10gp)
5 ink vials (40gp)
5 quills (1gp)
16 canteens (1sp 6cp)
500gp worth of trade goods

Gold 244gp

Followers 2 Expert Woodcutters, 1 Commoner Nurse maid, 4 Expert Farmers, 1 Adept Healer, 2 Warrior Archers, 1 Ranger Trapper, 1 Cleric Iommade, 1 rogue Generalist





Will:3 (+4 vs charm)

Bite +8 1d8+15
Trip +10

Feats: Run, Toughness, Endurance

Weight 180
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black


Back story:
William was born to a  well respected albeit small clan of warriors. He grew learning how to wield a blade, and the responsibility that came with such a skill was not ill held. William would follow his father, uncle and grandfathers teachings to the letter his days consisting of morning training, play, and evening training.

Morning to hone the body and teach readiness. Play to teach that battle is a means to an end. Then finally evening to hone the mind to make it sharp as his blade. It was these teachings that would craft the champion of his house from a mere warriors son, into a stalwart defender of those endeared to him.

Alas, the young warrior lusted for a higher place in the minds of people. In a bought of narcissism he set off, away from his familial land of Irrisen into the former of the whispered one.

Ustalav was a very odd place, William had visited towns with his father before sometimes for a month or two at a time but this was different. There was a dreary oppressive feeling, almost like fear gripped at every heart at all times. The country having sucked some of the life sucked out of him decided to look for a way out.

Meeting Winnie drove the embers in his heart back up to a raging inferno. He had decided to head to Brevory, with a trading caravan on their way back home. They where (of course) beset by bandits! Hefting his blade he fought with only it and his Piece mail armor. The bandits, being smarter than most of their ilk, quickly focused the woefully unprepared William.

Standing over three dead bodies, with 4 more bandits in front of him he charged. At this moment all the gods must have taken pity, as a bottle flew past his head his vision became a blur and in an instant. The explosion was more than enough to give the advantage back to William and the caravan.

The woman who saved him is now the light of his life. Not simply due to the life debt he surely owes her, but because he found upon arriving in Brevory... he was a father... of Two to be exact.

Six and a half year later and William has an itch for adventure. One that he must now scratch responsibly. Learning to be more reserved in his hunt for glory, or perhaps giving it up all together, will be a tough hill to climb.

And so we find ourselves at the beginning of a (hopefully) responsible outing.