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Will Cooper


Auckland, New Zealand

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I'm a 34 year old guy who was born in England and now lives and works on the other side of the world, in Auckland New Zealand. I have a beautiful wife and two awesomely naughty cats and life is good.

I've been roleplaying for over two decades - I think we tried everything that we could afford rulebooks for -- 2E D&D, Traveller, TMNT, Warhammer RPG, MERP, GURPS and more. I grew up reading a healthy diet of Tolkien, le Guin, and Asimov from my parent's stash. Thanks guys!

In 2012 I made it into the final 16 of RPG Superstar, with my wondrous item - ghostvision gloves, my organization - Stormsworn Company and my CR7 Golarion monster - Sidhe Lord. RPG Superstar was great fun and provided lots of inspiration, and I'm actively finding ways to keep writing.

Since RPG Superstar I have written for: