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Okay, so I submitted my entry earlier this afternoon, now I'm wondering if it was the right choice. My wife wanted me to submit a different item. Oh well, its done now! Good luck to all the rest!

The hyena-headed pic was not a mistake, just Demogorgon experimenting with his "Polymorph Specific Body-Part" spell when one of the abyssmal paparazzi snapped a photo and sent it to Paizo.

It's hell being a Demon Prince, everyone wanting a piece of your time or your realm...swarms of quasits just hanging around outside your palace waiting snap those embarassing pics...cut the guy some slack! ;)

hmmmm....cool thread...

I hate the absolute moral compass that is alignment in D&D;

I also hate that I cannot come up with anything to replace it with.

I hate that most people can't think for themselves (see next line).

I hate the sheep that continuously spew their religious/political/fadish garbage like I have any interest in it at all.

I hate that having an original (unpopular) idea is makes me Satan's right-hand man.

I hate living in the bible belt.

I absolutely hate people that cheat playing D&D! I'd like to send them to hell in a flint canoe with a steel paddle on a gasoline river!

Ahhhh...I feel better. ;)

I intend on using this as the springboard into RHoD. The plans will detail increased hobgoblin activity in the area and the PCs (as part of a larger military campaign) will be sent in to investigate since they are the closest agents in the area.

Hiya Griff!

Anyway, I've gotta say that after I started rolling my dice in front of the player's (hit and damage) they started using better tactics, when a couple of them died. They have found out that monsters/villians have Intelligence scores as well, and I'm not afraid of using them!

The only dice I roll behind the screen are random encounters and skill checks for the bad guys or NPCs.

How about (for us previously non-subscribers) the adventures and maps that were left out of the newsstand versions of Dungeon 'round about the early 100's.