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Ysoki can store up to 1 cubic foot of items weighing up to 1 bulk in total in their cheek pouches.
So I would say 10 grenades since its up to. With no physical size mentioned for the cubic foot side, I would go with the 1 bulk.
I can see the call for 19 grenades with the item bulk bit
Every 10 items that have light bulk count as 1 bulk, and fractions don’t count—so 10 items with light bulk have a total of 1 bulk, and 19 such items also have a total of 1 bulk. Items that have negligible bulk count toward your bulk limit only if the GM determines that you are carrying an unreasonable number of them.
So would be a GM call. What I am curious though, if you fit a multi pack of grenades of various types, how does the Ysoki know the difference? Do Frag grenades taste different to Dye grenades?

I think it might be considered a small disadvantage, more targets for an AoE but I was thinking more on Travel.
During the chase rules, its an abstract area so it's fine there. There are abilities which allow Characters to share a space with someone else, my Halfling Mechanic does it.
Don't think it would break the game much unless the PCs are built to abuse it... though not sure exactly how and to be honest since it would be a house rule, GM call, it can be changed

Yeah but a 3ft halfling takes up a 5 ft square, so does the 7ft Vesk then you have your 15 ft tall lanky Sarcecians who take a 10ft square
A car isn't 10 ft across, yet it fits 3 medium sized creatures in the back with a bit of a squeeze

I would personally say 2 rather then 4. When it comes to sizes, it tends to double the numbers, so 2 small count as a medium, 1 large is 2 medium.
Looked at a couple spells where the size of the creature matters, like Teleport. Nul Space chamber does the same math for small to medium

I would lean towards per day. Usually when I see the 'rounds/minutes per level, though not consecutive style' of writing, they tend to be a per day abilities.

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Also a touch confused on this.
You are a group of 5, 3 of which are 'forever DMs'... Like Leon said, what's wrong with the other two?
If you are a group of 5 who actually know each other, how do 3 people be the DM?

The Attitude sorta sucks. Loreguard was very helpful I find (As a 'Forever DM' myself) and your attitude of 'We will never DM again' is going to be your problem. What is so wrong with DMing?

You could each take a turn doing one of the Skitter modules and get your 5 comfortable with the system and maybe give one of the other two a chance after that with one of the others Loreguard mentioned.

If you are asking about Wheel Scythes then it tells you there, the vehicle type doesn't change it.

For the purpose of calculating the weapon’s attack, damage, and saving throw modifiers, use the operator’s Strength bonus or +3, whichever is higher.

If you mean the basic 'Collision' attack, then The Artificer is right, there is no strength modifier added to it.

Computer: A mech houses a personal comm unit and a tier 1
computer that primarily coordinates the mech’s movements and
systems. The computer’s tier increases by 1 at mech tier 4 and
every 4 tiers thereafter. The superior computer upgrade (page
108) can enhance the computer’s performance.

Page 96, bottom right corner

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All of the hasted creature’s modes of movement (including base, burrow, climb, fly, and swim speeds) increase by 30 feet, to a maximum of twice the target’s normal speed using that form of movement.

So in heavy it would only be 10ft. Not sure of the exact reaction with Power armour but I would lean towards the limited 5ft

We talking for a specific build/class restrictions or is anything game?

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Pretty sure you can't directly target the pilots since there is no line of effect

B. You spend your standard action so the beastie can get a Standard action

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I think I have the opposite issue. As a GM I think of some uses for remote hack and my groups Mechanic just doesn't think to use it.

Isn't the smallest Mech Huge?

I think it is likely a typo. Just missed adding Strength. Since the Greater would deal more damage on average, I really do think its just a mistake. Have added my flag to the FAQ though

Don't know how Foundry works but would setting it as a small arms mess up the Specialisation damage?

Well both the Efreeti and Salamanders wear armour, so environmental protection?

Just to point out, if your using a Nanocyte to conjure a pistol, as its your character focus, wouldn't you just take Split Manifestation Knack?

When using your gear array to form an operative weapon or small arm, you can manifest a second copy of that weapon. This counts as only one array for determining the number of arrays you have active.

Page 14 for anyone who wants to read it in the book

Fair enough, was remembering the modifier wrong. I think it was Far shot I was getting the set to, rather then reduce.

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If it helps, my main focus was on flight but I am happy to receive every clarification. For example, if what I know is wrong, another method of moving I hadn't thought about/listed

First Question. Yes and no. Doesn't help. Some abilities allow you to spend a surge during other peoples turns, some need you to spend the surge as part of the action. Gaining the concealment needs the surge spent when its created, so no spending for it later without reforming the cloud. where as Defensive Dispersal is part of a reaction when taking damage, so can be done during an enemies turn.

Second Question. I think (My opinion) its the minimum for the weapon alone, like the example. a 6d8 is 6 damage. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will clarify this one.

Last Question. From how people speak about it, the lack of a duration, I would treat it like the Cloud arrays Concealment, while that Array is active, you can spend the surge to gain the attack while the sheath remains active.

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Pretty much what Beithauptclan said. Doesn't matter how many weapons you have, your human with a single pistol gets the same number of attacks as a Kasatha with 4 pistols or a Skittermander with 6.
Soldiers can gain a 3rd attack at later levels, with a -6. Solarians can gain a 3rd attack at -6, if you are using melee attacks, they do gain an ability to change the penalty to -3 (For 2) and -5 (For 3). An Operative can make up to 4 attacks at a -4.
The only mistake is how you state how Multi weapon fighting works. It doesn't reduce the penalty by 1, it sets the penalty to -3. So a Solarian with 2 knives with the operative trait doesn't get to make his attacks at -2, since both his Flashing strike and the Multi weapon set the penalty to -3, rather then reduce the penalty.

As Leon mentioned, the frames clearly state a Minimum and a Maximum crew. So a Destroyer needs a minimum of 6 crew and can have a maximum of 20.

On page 293 it states the rules fairly clearly
In a base frame stat block, these entries note the minimum and maximum number of characters who can take actions on that vessel during starship combat. Larger starships use teams that report to a higher officer who performs an assigned role in starship combat (see Large and Small Crews on page 316 for more about large crews). A starship without its minimum crew can’t be operated.

Difference is Lasers state they don't work on invisible enemies in the book where as Sonic/Cryo and all the others don't state any weakness to being used in a vacuum.Lasers do have some other benefits to balance it a bit

"Dr." Cupi wrote:
So, do lasers affect invisible targets?

CRB page 184 under the Laser weapon section

Invisible creatures don’t take damage from lasers, as the beams pass through them harmlessly.

So no, laser weapons don't hit invisible targets

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As a move action, you can direct your nanites to adopt an array. You can have only one array active at a time. Alternatively, you can use a nanite surge (above) to form or switch arrays as a swift action.

Well your either forming an array or switching it. Each would be a new version. If I had my laser rifle out and attached a scope to it, if I switch to my Plasma rifle, the scope isn't still attached. Despite it still being the the gear array, its a new form.

I would say the same with the sheath. In the sheath section, it doesn't mention the ability to move about the bonuses (I would be more interested in it then) so if you want to then you need to switch the array, which would be replacing it with a new version of it.

bonus to checks with two of the following skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Sleight of Hand, or Stealth, selected when you form this array.

Since the bonus is chosen when you form the array, if you want to change them then you need to start a new array.

Really should have specified that that, I am looking for in space

From what I can tell, outside of magical/supernatural means of travel there are a limit amount of ways to travel.
You have the ability to 'climb' if there is enough hand holds with a DC 20 Athletics, you can also do so if you have a climb speed.
If you have a flight which provides its own thrust and doesn't require an atmosphere you can fly...
So what counts for that fly ability?
Wings (Unless specifically stated) and turbofans are mentioned require an atmosphere so they don't work. Jump jets do work... What about other armour upgrade or power armours with a fly speed? They don't specify how they truly work and are rather vague.
CRB page 402 for the Zero G rules

My reading on the Duster (Number 4 in Xenocrats comment) I could carry 2 items of bulk 1 (Think the negligible ones would still be available), 1 item at bulk 2 (See previous) , or 1 bulk 1 item, up to 4 light bulk and 4 negligible items, for a total of 9 items. Your capped at 4 light bulk items and 4 Neg items so you don't fill it with your 29 med kits, or huge amounts of neg items.

Doesn't state in the upgrade that it does. Doesn't look like its a Spell like ability, just an ability, like flipping a switch to get the armour to do an effect

A Profession skill should not overlap with existing skills. For example, if you want to play a scientist, you should put ranks into Life Science or Physical Science rather than create a Profession (scientist) skill.

I think Surgeon would overlap with Medicine Skill so I don't think it would be a suitable profession. Assuming your GM is fine with it and its not replacing Medicine, I would say Int

Made a vehicle in my game and ran it like Xenocrat said, just tally up the mod total then apply it to the base.

Do all spells need line of effect? Could you cast Smog bank through a glass window for example?

Yeah I did find that weird. Attempted to read it, wondering how it would relate to Starfinder and lost interest

Trial and Error as Karrg basically said. The problem with CR is it doesn't fully take into account the creatures abilitiy vs PCs. The Squox for example is a skill monkey style, so in combat they don't survive. A spellcaster based one might hurt in the first activation, it surviving more then 1 round after it is very unlikely.
One of the things a GM I played with did was up the numbers by 50%. We had 6 characters (This was Pathfinder) and the adventure path was based on 3-4 players. He just added 50% to the beasties there. Made some interesting encounters and was fun

I would say A, the ability only mentions Ammo being added to the weapon but as a player I would prefer E

There is a feat which gives minor spells for each of the spellcaster classes, as in can cast a couple Mystic/Techno?witchwarper spells

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... You don't have 7 d12?
Though I will admit I don't have a dice bag, its actually a chest

I am wondering if it was actually a creature or a fluff piece.

I think its, The Theme stat is what gives you an odd number. An odd stat gives next to no tangible benefit since if a stat is below 17 it can jump by 2 at level 5. A 16 or a 17 will both give a 18.
Other then for overburdened and hoping for an odd amount of Stat damage, the odd numbered stat gives very little benefit

Don't know if this helps but I think in an old Pathfinder campaign there is a dragon who has prepared for the PC encounter. They have cast one of the resistance spells on themselves to reduce their elemental resistance, reducing the damage before their weakness kicks in. However that could also easily have just been my DM making it more challenging

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I think for the race idea it would depend if you want the entire path focused on the race itself or as mentioned multiple races. I think doing more then 2 maybe 3 would wear thin in a lot of peoples eyes but the PCs might start as additional workers for one of the teams, doing some security. Maybe some engineering work to ensure the racer is up to scratch and detect sabotage. Working out who did said work and eventually for maybe the last half of the races, the race teams driver is unavailable (Quit, bribed, threatened, dead) you can have one of the PCs take over.
Bonus stuff could include learning the other teams plans/tactics, promoting your own team

You have any starting point ideas Sergaivid? Where your looking to start them off, or rough style of game?

Racial issues, they were former swarm and people could still be uncomfortable about it? As Kishmo has mentioned, there are alternate stats for them if you have a REALLY friendly bug

I think I personally prefer a EAC weapon on a non combat class (Not full BAB) as that 1-2 difference helps, I do prefer the idea of Slug throwers (Or arrows) for a large Gun user (Except my Mechanic, she likes Plasma, its Vesk). Nice to know the rough numbers generated here.

If it was like the Mystic connection where they got spells, then yeah summon would work with this Anchor.
The difference is a Chronomancer who can generate precognition abilities to a Precognitionist(Can't think of the actual word) with a possible Chrono element.
One its tied into the core of the class, the other is a partial bonus for one specific.

Multi weapon fighting as mentioned by others. I don't know of any feat (Available for a Nanocyte) which gave unarmed the operative trait. I forgot about Solarians having more then 2 attacks. I know others have mentioned ways to make it an Operative weapon, my post was from my knowledge which is obviously not All encompassing

I am aware the level generally isn't the exact CR however when adding a class graft they start at CR 1 for level 1 character stuff and I don't remember (not saying it doesn't) seeing a CR 1 humanoid enemy with something other then level 1 gear. I could be wrong but for a rough base line I thought it was acceptable

It has a casting time of 1 min. It allows for a rapid read for basic information of a specific bit, like an email. Since you require permission it doesn't bypass a security wall. No roll needed.

So I don't think its meant to replace hacking in any sense. A simple password or firewall causes the spell to fail. I think its mostly for info gathering, cutting down the time to find and read said information.

Not really a spell I would consider using myself but if time is a factor then that 1 minute to both locate and read a specific file might be useful.

Well, since they permanently become said item, that is a bit of a kicker.

Lets see peoples views. Here's my rough thoughts on it

1) None? Think like a Mechanics Drone, they don't have a battery limit. Think of it like a permanent summon monster, you don't use batteries to summon a robot.
2) None given since its a 'monster' but magic? Since its a CR 1 Robot at level 6+ encounters, I am doubting its 17 HP are going to last long enough for it to not be trashed.
3) As a strict thought, No. As a flexible GM, sure.
4) Around 500 at most? It is a CR 1 creature, so probably not high level. Since a rough look at level 1 gear is around 1 to 200 and the pistol is 250.

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