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One of my players and I ran a 4 encounter playtest of a level 7 human hunter last night.

The Hunter was a Human built with the popular 20 pt buy sunk into a high strength, dexterity and a moderate wisdom. This hunter had no stats below a 10 and was equipped with standard WBL for his level. His most relevant pieces of gear were a +1 Composite (+4) Flaming Longbow, a +2 Chain Shirt and a Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2. The animal companion was the popular large cat equipped with +1 Studded Leather Barding. The hunters relevant feats were deadly aim, point blank shot, coordinated strike, distracting charge, improved initiative, weapon focus (Longbow) and rapid shot. The cats relevant feats were power attack, improved natural armor and armor proficiency (Lt) and multiattack. Working together as a team without any spells or class abilities to buff him the Hunter could attain a +16 attack total on the opening round. Pretty impressive for a 3/4 BAB class with only a +5 BAB at this level.

The encounters were run as stand alone encounters with the Hunter & Cat allowed to completely heal and recover between each encounter because all the encounters were conducted solo.

The first encounter was in wooded terrain versus a CR 7 Hill Giant. The hill giant was handily defeated in only three rounds with the expenditure of only a single cure moderate wounds spell. Twice during this encounter the hunter was forced to attack at a penalty due to his companion giving the giant cover.

The second encounter occurred in a campsite when the hunter and cat were surprise attacked by a CR 7 invisible stalker. The stalker was defeated in four rounds after the surprise round and only a single casting of Barkskin was expended by the hunter. The Animal Focus- Aspect of the Wolf proved quite useful in this encounter by providing the cat with the scent ability.

The third encounter occurred in a tomb when the hunter freed a CR 8 morgh from its burial chamber. The morgh was defeated in in just three rounds. The cat was paralyzed in round two. The Animal Focus-Aspect of the Bull was quite useful in this encounter enabling the cat to successfully grapple the Morgh with a grab attempt that would have missed otherwise.

The fourth encounter was another campsite encounter with a CR 9 young blue dragon. The dragon swooped into the campsite, used its dazzling display feat to debuff the pair and promptly got grappled by the cat. Once again the Animal Focus-Aspect of the bull being the difference between failure and success of the grapple as well as three more attacks during this battle. The hunter was once again forced to heal his cat with a cure moderate wounds spell mid-battle, but the dragon was handily defeated in only three rounds. Other than the cure spell the only resources expended during the battle was when the hunter cast barkskin on the cat during the opening round.

Over the course of the playtest the hunter took exactly zero points of damage and, when attacking averaged 16 points of damage per attack. The Cat averaged 28 points of damage per round (my player was not rolling that well). The cats damage output on a good round (when it landed all three attacks) was usually about 40 points.

Greetings Paizoans,

I just read an article on Cracked.com which indicated that only .002% of people who look at a Forum/Chatroom/Message Board on the Internet ever actually post anything there. At all. This included repeat traffic and readers who peruse webpages of interest to them on a regular basis.

I, myself, lurked these message boards for more than a year before ever making a single post so this is not too surprising to me, although I find the actual percentage to be remarkably low. Remarkable enough, in fact, to want to bring these numbers to this forums attention.

Now, while I would imagine (or hope, at least), that this percentage might be higher among the population of this forum, I cannot imagine it would be more than a factor of ten times higher at absolute most, IMHO.(Although, I should note that I truly, truly wish to learn for a fact that the percentage is much, much higher!)

Given all this, I have a few questions.

1) Given that we almost certainly represent such a small cross-section of the player population of the Pathfinder game, why should the staff/developers concern themselves with anything that we say? Seriously, these numbers would indicate that we represent only the absolute most vocal cross-section of their player base. Personally, I think they might be better served by gathering feedback through mass e-mails. The same article indicated that more than ten times the number of people were likely to respond if prompted via private message or e-mail.

2)What, precisely, do these numbers say about us all? Are we simply the most vocal of the typical gaming-oriented forums archetypical populace of Canny DM's, Proud Players, Masterful Min/Maxers, Gifted Role-Players, and Tiresome Trolls? Are we an accurate cross-section of Paizo's player-base? Are we simply the most confident in our skills? Or just the loudest people at the "gaming table"?

-Weslocke of Phazdaliom-