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More Hellknights than you can shake an Earthbreaker at!


All seven Orders with 2 Orders per page (except one). And six minis per order!

Each Order is distinct and each one is Hellknight. What more can you ask for?


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A great set of NPCs!


However, Tutso is missing and he is a key henchman.

The remaining NPCs are well done, except for Malfesnekor. While he is the correct size and I like his body, legs and paws just fine, his head looks like Donkey sans the long ears. I know my players and I can already hear the Shrek quotes the moment I set him on the battle mat!

I think the set would have been better served to have left Malfesnekor out and included Tutso and maybe Ameiko instead.

However, I have a large metal winterwolf mini that can sub for Malfesnekor and metal minis for Tusto and Ameiko. And the rest of these paper NPCs will get their day on the battle mat!

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While my laser printer does not print color, The cardstock grayscale images came out perfect. Adding a few color washes of thinned acrylic paints added the colors without covering the printed details.

A thinned silver wash added a metallic gleam to the weapons, while a thinned bronze wash added light-catching sparks to the torch flames.

The gamers at my table had no problems playing with a mix of metal and paper minis!

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Great Package!


These four NPCs are easily adaptable to most any campaign. If you characters aren't high enough levels to afford hirelings yet, each one comes with several other suggested NPC roles as well!