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Full Name

Watson Dalimar Butheby


NG Male Gnome Cloistered Cleric of Jaidi 1


| HP 18/18 | AC 14; w/shield 15 | Fort +5T; Ref +4T; Will +9E | Perception: +7T; Low-light Vision | Focus Points: 1/1 | Hero Points: 1/3 |





Special Abilities

(Eternally level 1)


Neutral Good






Common, Gnomish, Sylvan



Strength 8
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 18
Charisma 16

About Watson Dalimar Butheby

"Pathfinder Society leadership, they say I've got this...whatchamacall it...synesthesia? No, that ain't it...amnesia! That's the one. That's why I keep goin' on all these adventures over an' over again with you young whippersnappers...they think if I keep doin' this, some day it'll click and I can move on!"

Watson Dalimar Butheby
Male Gnome Cleric (Cloistered) of Jaidi
NG Small Fey-Child Gnome (gnome, humanoid)

Senses Perception +7 (Wis +4 + Prof T3); Low-light vision

AC 17 (Dex +1 + Prof T3 + Armor 3)
HP 14
Fort +3(T), Ref +4(T), Will +9(E)

+2 Staff 1d4-1 B (Two-Hand d8)
+4 Sickle 1d4-1 S (Agile, finesse, trip)
+4 Fist 1d4-1 B (Agile, finesse, nonlethal, unarmed)

+6 Produce Flame 1d4+3 F 30 ft (Crit: Double damage & 1d4 Persistent F)
+6 Ray of Frost 1d4+3 C 120 ft (Crit: Double damage & -10 ft speed penalty for 1 round)

Divine Spell DC 17
+7 Divine Spell attack roll
Innate Primal Spell DC 16
+6 Innate Primal Spell attack roll

Str 08, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 16
Speed 25 ft.

Ancestry Feats & Abilities Fey-Touched Gnome, Razzle Dazzle
General Feats N/A
Skill Feats Forager
Class Features & Abilities Deity, Divine Spellcasting, Divine Font (Healing), Doctrine (Cloistered)
Class Feats Domain Initiate (Sun)

Skills Diplomacy +6(T), Medicine +7(T), Nature +7(T), Religion +7(T), Survival +7(T)
Lore Pathfinder Society Lore +3(T), Herbalism Lore +3(T)
Languages Common, Gnomish, Sylvan

Bulk (2/4/9)
Held/Worn Items Staff, Explorer's Clothing, Healer's Tools, Wooden Religious Symbol, Material Component Pouch, Holly & Mistletoe, Wayfinder (I)
Readied Items Sickle, Brass Ear
Stowed Items Adventurer's Pack, Holly & Mistletoe, Religious Text

Special Abilities

Edicts: Encourage hard work that benefits all, ensure the health of crops and vegetation
Anathema: Destroy healthy crops, waste food, refuse to help others in your community

Focus Spells (1/1)
Dazzling Flash

Healing Font (4/4)
Heal (1d8 / 1d8+8)

Cantrips Prepared (5/Day)
1x Daze
1x Stabilize
1x Shield
1x Guidance
1x Forbidding Ward

1st Level Spells Prepared (2/Day)
0x Ray of Enfeeblement
0x Temporary Tool
0x Command
0x Breadcrumbs
1x Magic Weapon
0x Create Water
1x Heal

Organized Play Notes:
Faction: Verdant Wheel
Level: 1
XP: 5
Reputation: All 5 (0), VW 5 (0)
School: Spells
- Default Item: Scroll of Heal (1st)

Promotional: Campaign Service Award (+1 Hero Point, can give 1 HP reroll to another player during the adventure)
GM Glyphs: 3

0 - Character Creation
1 - #3-Intro-1 (Play)
2 - Bounty 17 (Play)

All information updated as of 25 Feb 2022