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Mr. Payton Smith
I want my money back from buying the Pathfinder Second edition Core rule book.
I'm disappointed of the way that you do not take your loyal supporters love for gaming seriously.
Why did you not just start a season 11 PF2E scenario and run from there. But all you did was take all the PF1E scenario's and changed the game mechanics over to second edition. And what's so funny about it is that your not even putting these REHASHED scenarios out fast enough, and you have had a year at least to do this.
Paizo Should have in my opinion just create a revision in digital contents. To help the DM's and Officers convert the Game mechanics over in PF1E scenarios.
I want to call it PLAGIARISM, yet I can not, due to you Owning your own work.
Paizo YOU have taken the excitement out of playing the game. In PF1E the Players where on the edge of there seats with their characters. wondering what was coming through the door to attack them. Or what puzzles and clues that they had to solve in order to save the day.
NOW it's like "Yeah I remember this scenario this type of creature is behind this door." or " yeah the murderer is the town guard captain." (THEY DO NOT EVEN LOOK FOR THE CLUES ANYMORE.)

I hope that you do not do the same thing with Starfinder, Because that is the only game that has not been corrupted yet. From changing it's game mechanics. YET