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The New BBEG


I needed a 'Mysterious Stranger' figure for my new Big Bad Evil Guy and this fits to a T what I was looking for!

Really nice detail on the figure and no assembly, which gave it the 5th star! This would be a great figure for anyone needing a rogue or assasin figure for a PC or NPC. My PCs love the mask he wears as now they are looking for a match to those 'haunting eyes' that they've seen behind the mask in every Inn they visit!

Love this guy...


I got this for my new campaign for the Sorcerer / Rogue player. Great detail on this figure!

The only complaint is the forward leg is a seperate piece and it is a bit tricky to get it glued with stubby little sausages I call fingers 8D

Still, I'd recommend this figure to anyone wanting a caster or rogue player or DM!