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In almost 40 years, twice.

Never as a player though 8(

The First and still ongoing campaign started in 1983 and has been going on as a "Long Distance Relationship" since. We get together about 4 times a year for a long weekend to continue. Currently the group is sitting at 20-23.

The Second was a freaking freight train.... took off running and in 2 years playing 3 times a week reached 19-20 and then Life kicked us all in the nether regions. Jobs, Kids, Women, Boys, yadda yadda yadda... you get the idea.

I play in a group now that the other GM runs APs exclusively and when they end, the campaign ends 8( It's one of the reasons I have a hard time getting attached to the NPCs/Story Lines as they are all on a spiral the to Bin of Games Past. YMMV

More APs that run to 20 Please!

Not sure if this will help you but in my campaigns, See Invisibility-Permanent must be triggered. Is not on continuously, so a PC must declare that they are scanning the area in question. They just can't leave it on full time. Vexes my PCs but they have come used to the restrictions and now use them accordingly.

Also, they have to be in the same place as The Eel when he is doing his sneaking. If they are out and about or not in the kitchens, dining rooms, prep rooms, storage rooms at the same time they can't see him. Seriously, what PCs spend their time in the Mess Decks and scullery when on the ship? The Eel, being a pro, should recognize the 'threats' to his mission and move accordingly.

Hope this helps.

Fortunately for me, the Captain of the PCs and Tsadok have some 'history' through the campaign so he was more than willing to go with the game.

The rest of the crew actually starting running a side bet on The Cap'n to try to make some quick cash if it went well and we had a blast... lots of trash talking and banter going about the room.

The Cap'n won with some lucky card pulls that eventually took 'Toothy' to the end with lots of trash talking. Let's just say, when it comes down to any 'hostile' actions in the future, Tsadok is gunning for the Cap'n!

Pagan priest wrote:

Where possible, miniature scale maps:

Deck plans for starships, everything from the tramp freighters and fast courier ships on up to the naval warships and space stations, and for the local, small stuff like the port tenders, shuttles, customs boats...

Maps: port facilities, bars (both low class dives and high class establishments), office buildings, reactor facilities, chemical processing plants, casinos, and all the other places that make adventuring live interesting.

Planets and star systems. A little bit of information on everything from the primary star out to the farthest planet, with plenty of detail on the main world.

Every world with an ecosystem needs at least a few unique lifeforms.

And what Coridan said.... Lots of em!

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Well, since we're wishing...

Space Hulk Exploration/pacification/cleansing/destruction before it reaches The Inner Worlds and the horrid 'Critters' inside spill out with their heretical evil spawn and destroy the multiverse!!

Heck, I might just run one of these on my own if I have the time, once I learn the system.

Oh and as Ken Marable mentioned... Kingmaker in Spaaaaaaaace!!!!

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ROFL, Captain Fluffybutt! Too.Damn.Funny.

My PCs got into a nasty pier fight with a pack of casters and the Sea Witch in the group got Baleful Poly'd into an armadillo. He also kept his mind intact.

Nothing smells worse than a wet opossum on the half shell!!

They went and begged Tessa if she could help shift him back, which, was perfect to get them back to following spies as payment for the service!

To the OP: I know this is late but I hope your group works out and that your hard work is not ruined. My group is pretty well set for sailing although they have no desire to use Infamy and Disrepute mechanics. I mentioned them several times and they are always a bit confused when the bad guys use them and get small advantages. *shrugs*

I love the ideas here and may have to use some as my PCs are coming up to the Regatta, as soon as they finish stompin the guts out of a bunch of Sahuagin that so richly deserve the beat down. They should do swimmingly as they have upgraded their main ship with all the bells and whistles and with the magic wheel (Jalhazaar's?) they should win going away. I hope so anyway! If not, I am SO using these!

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I've also substituted Minotaurs for Cyclops in my campaign. My S&S is run in Mystara with Thyatians and Alphatians being the antagonists.

Minotaurs harassing Tessa is a great idea as that could lead into a 'Forgotten Kingdom' kind of feel as they beat back the invasion and then pursue to discover where they came from and ensure no more reprisals.

I love the Deep Platinum angle and just so you know /swipe! My group just bumped into the Abo at the Brine Banshee and did real well against it with some good saves on the Domination. It fled to the depths to re-plan it's conquests! Plus, I have an Aquatic Elf PC Daredevil Bard so that will be a nice Liberation of the Relatives angle! And who doesn't love smashing Aboleth face in!!! Creepy buggers!

I don't have any set ideas for you at the moment but I will go peruse my library and if any of it looks interesting, I'll hit you back.

Great nuggets of ideas you have already, hope I can help!

Well, nuts! I was afraid of that....

We had a player that resembles this description.

~ We helped cover him with help during the games.

~ Outside of the games we helped with rules questions and tips.

~ Bought extra books so he could have his own when he needed to look things up.

~ Paid for gas, food and incidentals when we took road trips to game.

~ He never put anything back into the game. He would sleep through the game at times till there was combat and then we'd STILL have to wake him up.

~ After 20 Years, we cut him loose. Cut your losses now, it will save you time, money and sanity. If he can't be bothered to add numbers to a die roll, why should you be bothered to suffer the Fool?

If he's not adding to the game, he detracting from it. In my experience.

Hope things work out for you no matter what route you take.

Good Luck

Is your 'Master Link' still working? I get a blank page when I click on it. I was looking for some artwork for a campaign and loved the saved images you had!

Corrik wrote:

Air Crystals - Air is super important, and these are a cheap and easy way to get it. Standard action to put in your mouth but free action to chew and you choose when you start chewing. My characters pop these when there is even the slightest chance we might encounter a need for air.

Antiplague/toxin/stillgut - +5 alchemical bonus and extra saving roll for an hour. Pop these before each dungeon crawl.

Bottled Sunlight - 400gp and a friend with a readied action and you've ended vampire encounters.

Vomit Capsule - If you can't find something to do with this, you are playing the wrong game.

Water Purification Sponge - Not necessary for everyday life, but you'll be glad your fighter has one stuffed in his bag when you need it.

Bead of Newt Prevention - 1000gp to tell Polymorph where it can stick it? Keep at least 2 on you at all times.

Campfire Bead - This is such a stupidly good and cheap item. Get multiple and you don't even have to worry about the recharge. When one party member gets teleported to the time dilation dungeon 1 minute/month ahead of the rest of the party, this will be one of the items you'll be glad to have.

Saline Purge - 900gp to be cured of any curses or poisons affecting you. Keep a few gallons of this stuff around.

Silence Dust - This is how you stealth mission.

Snapleaf - 750gp for immediate action feather fall and invisibility.

Universal Solvent - Keep multiple bottles on hand for peace of mind.

Ring of Inner Fortitude - Ability damage and drain sucks and are common effects. This ring typically pays for itself in restoration costs alone.

Sleeves of Many Garments - Fun, cheap, and typically without much competition until higher levels.

Traveler's Any-tool - 250gp to carry almost any known tool in your pocket.

^ This.

Not that I condone this, but if he is totally against fixing this situation in an adult matter, make encounters that challenge HIS character to the extent of his capabilities. Yeah, it will be a handful of CR above his level but it will challenge him. Now, I know what yer thinking.... "Won't that kill everyone else?"

Yeppers. Probably him too when his chaff is gone and he is the only target. Might get the point across about The God Child being on par with the Party.

I hope the Adult way works but in my history, those with great power seldom give it up willingly.

Good luck and I'm rooting for you.


Haven't read all these posts but I just want to say...

Just like Alien Vs Predator on Earth... No matter who wins, we lose.

Reality Creep or Corrupt Politician. Both would get even richer and more powerful and care zip, nadda, nunc for the rest of us.

Vote how you want, I'm hunkering down and getting ready for The Storm that is coming.

Odin Help Us All........

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Heck, after reading all the posts, Get Out is the clear choice. I wouldn't even tell them I was leaving just stop showing up. Find a better group and never look back!

In the end, you should be happier and have more fun than always worrying if the asshat rogue is gonna shank you when he feels it will save his hide.

I hope things work out for you which ever route you go.

~ W ~

Grimcleaver wrote:
Theliah Strongarm wrote:

Will there still be "primitive" worlds on which old, forgotten dungeons stand deserted, broken, and in ruins? Will there still be a world that contains sword & sorcery adventures? Or will the environment only contain advanced technological space stations broken in half and stranded because of of some horrible occurrence, such as an asteroid destroying the engine room? How will gravity work? Will it be similar to Golarion, which is in turn similar to Earth's gravitational field? Will Starfinder touch upon finding Earth? How would that prospect affect the characters who found Earth?

The Galaxy is open for imagination, and countless worlds will be waiting for you.

Where will you be?

Dude. Metamorphosis Alpha Pathfinder. That is just awesome.

^^^^^^^^^ THIS

I just went and opened my box of Metamorphosis Alpha!! Soooo, looking forward to this!

In the one S&S I run, the group is great at using both Infamy and Disrepute.

1 ~ I allow them to keep gaining Disrepute at Ports they have maxed out their Infamy. Keeps them coming back to the big ports more where we can interact with NPCs and get more options on gear.

2 ~ I will allow the group to spend Disrepute to alter some Port Encounters and NPC reactions. I mean if you get enough folks spreading the word about you, you should be able to influence things besides just getting perks while at sea.

In the other game, they have never used either mechanic, don't care about them and think that them keeping track of it is a waste of their time. So, I don't use it. I just try to role-play the encounters as best I can to keep the intent of the mechanics while not bothering their immersion.

Have Fun Out There!!

~ W ~

Boaty McBoatface?

"That's stupid and sounds like a name they may find regrettable after the LOLs wear off. If I were running that game, I would have most Free Captains throw a minor amount of shade on them when they found out that name."

Yeah, I'm with Shaun. If they can't take themselves seriously, how are the REAL Pirates supposed to?

My group couldn't think of a name for their ship at first and waited till they had an inspirational moment. They had a rough fight that through bad luck and bad decisions left them the victors of the battle but badly damaged and forced to beach their ship to keep from sinking. During the repairs they had huge murders of crows feasting on the dead they had hauled off the ship to eventually bury...

Raven's Feast was born.

Ships flag is white (yes white) with a blood red crow.

They are at Tidewater at the moment and seriously improved both their tactics, crew and luck!

Fair Seas!

My PCs thought it was going to be a push over...

Unfortunately for them, all their allies were either locked up or so whacked out on Grog that they were virtually no help. Also, they are not the biggest 'people persons' so, they didn't have the whole crew on their side.

Using the rail of the ship and some well placed bull rushes, several of them were out of the fight for many rounds trying to re board the ship. They still took the ship but they lost several PCs to Scourge dumping any unconscious PCs over the side to drown. Yeah, he is/was a nasty bugger!

Paladin of Baha-who has some great ideas also, love the idea of Briny Queen showing up to gnaw on / cast at the PCs during the fight from the water unseen. That would be butt biter for most groups for sure!

Have Fun Out There!!

Too Bad, love the concept and I guess I'll just have to wait like all the rest. Hope you still plan on putting this out!

The biggest Pitfall from my perspective would be: Several of the Groups I GM for would be cross eyed keeping up with 'What Actions Do I Have Now' syndrome.

If your players and you can keep the book keeping aspect of it moving smoothly during the game, I see nothing wrong with it. Kind of a cool idea.

Good luck with it and let us know how it goes.

Have Fun Out There!!

~ W ~

I believe it depends on the Group of PCs. For instance...

I have a group that is well prepared, well versed in their Characters Abilities (Most of them, anyways) and think well on their feet.
~ 12+ is where they start to make GMing a joy for me, grand plans and all that jazz, don't ya know.

I have another group that is way more casual, not versed on all the rules, they really just like the 'feel' of the game.
~ 6 - 8 before they get bogged down in numbers, feats and rules.

I personally enjoy all the levels of play. I currently have a group running in the 19-23 range in a game that has been going on since the early 90s. World Sculpting in progress anyone?

No matter what levels you enjoy....

Have Fun Out There!!

~ W ~

Well, my 2 Coppers on the topic...

As long as they don't 'Salt The Earth' on the first edition rules and support like 4E did, I don't think I'd blink twice at giving it a go. I mean, a simple investment in the first CRB that came out will be a good indicator if it is a needed change for me, you or your groups.

My real motive will be if any of the Three Gaming Groups I run want to use the new stuff. I have usually been the driving force for all the changes to date. My oldest group started in the early 80s with 1st Ed on the grand setting of Mystara and I have dragged them and Mystara through AD&D, 2Ed, 3.0, 3.5 and now to Pathfinder.

If it's seamless to roll into PF2, as a streamlining of shtuff, sure, I don't see a reason to not. If it will take a lot of work to revamp and my players don't want to, it will be a no go.

Change is exciting, usually in a good way. I think it would interesting and entertaining to see what the minds of Paizo would do with a PF2. They haven't disappointed my group or me yet.

Have Fun Out There!!

~ W ~

Tagging to find at home....

Midnight_Angel wrote:
Weslocke wrote:
Never laugh at live dragons.
Actually, laughing at undead dragons is usually not a good idea, either...

Okay, snurted tea all over the keyboard...

Tons of great ideas for you. Now, all you have to do as a GM is get the courage up to enforce one of them and make them have fun with it. As servants, raised by benefactors or as a new party to discover the old party's fate.

No matter how you do it, let us know how it turns out.

Have Fun Out There!!

~ W ~

I used to work at a university that had a Television/Sound Stage.

~ I used to have the gaming tables set up in the middle of the Studio, with several lights shining down on it. If you were sitting at the table, the rest of the room was inky black, very creepy.

~ I played music/sound effects on an old reel to reel tape deck that I had edited music and effects on different tracks so wind/thunder came out of one set of speakers. Music out of 4 other speakers and other creepy stuff out of several other floor monitors to give a different perspective from the ceiling mounted monitors.

~ While I sat at the table, if I needed that 'Booming Dragon' voice, I had a lavalier mic and a small mixing board at the table so I could send it to the Overhead Monitors for the boomers and down on the Floor Monitors for man sized or ground effects.

~ Now, the music and stuff was usually the same, it took a lot of work to edit the soundtracks every week for game night so that was a drag. For the 'Special' night, I put some extra effort into the mix. Examples:

- Seafaring Adventure I had lots of wave crashing effects, storm noises and creaking rigging and sails slapping. Awesome!

- Mass battle, I had lots of horse pounding, general crowd sounds and sound from an SCA War with around 1k nutters whacking each other and yelling. Also, awesome.

- Haunted Mansion...yeah, you can figure that one out.

Lots of work, sometimes not worth it if the game night is a slow mover with lots of RPing and paperwork but all in all, a great time!

Not sure how much money or time you'd have to put into this in your own home. Could be relatively cheap or mind blowingly expensive depending on your tastes!

I wish you the best of luck with what ever you do and please let us know!

Have Fun Out There!!

~ W ~

Nicely done Boys and Girls!!! My gaming groups never had a doubt you would be ruling the roost one day!

Even if the details are not solid fact, it is still good to see and in my mind, fact!

Have Fun Out There!!

~ W ~

Oh heck yeah!

It would be a nice change from the usual!

I have a group that would love this concept, they are melee combat bunnies extraordinaire and love doing detailed fights. They hate it when the mage in the group blows up large groups!

I may have to toy with this concept for them.

I also think that there would need to be some adjustment to healing to keep it an exciting fast paced game. Maybe some herbs, ointments found in nature to help healing. Hmmm, a quandary.

Have Fun Out There!!

~ W ~

Mage Bane ~ Rare plant that a trained alchemist ( NPC Class before the PF Alchemist Core Class) could work into a non lethal poison that temporarily inhibits spell casting. Very illegal in several Wizard heavy kingdoms!

Very expensive and profitable if you wanted to take the risk smuggling it across borders! Made for some great runs when the PC figured out the Caravan they were guarding was packing some of this stuff!

Lots of little things just to add some spice to the game and not really change anything in the mechanics.

Have Fun Out There!!

~ W ~

I had a Player I suspected of doing something like this. He 'found' all the hidden goodies, avoided all the snags and was one step ahead of me the whole time, it seemed.

So, in a crucial part of the Module, I pretended to be hung up on an encounter and asked him a question about it. Now, I hadn't told them the hang up I had and this Player gives me the EXACT frigging strategy from the module.

I give him 'The Look', he gives me 'The Look' and the rest of the Players booted his keester from the game. He himmed and hawed about it, trying to make excuses and finally got up and got gone.

~ You really don't need to do a lot of work to switch things up. Just the names! Make Sauron's name Gandalf, Gollum's name Gimli. Also, you could switch up Magic. Especially magic his character is going to want. Make it something else that would benefit one of the other Players.

You won't need to do the whole AP, just enough to keep him on top of things and always wondering what is going on.

Oh, if he EVER calls you for doing it... D4s to his seat when he goes to the restroom!! Then, boot his cheating sore arse outta the game!!!!

Don't play with jerks.

Have Fun Out There!!

~ W ~

Well, I am the only DM/GM for the three groups I run for.

Old Timers - Game running from the mid 80s. It is a 6+ hour trip for me to get to them and I make it there once a month for a weekend marathon. I have been the only DM for this game from the get go.

Young Guns - Game running from the Early 90s. I met this group at a Con and they adopted me like a pack of lost puppies. Several have tried DM / GM and it never really worked out, so, I'm it.

Kingmakers - Game that started up not too long ago. This group was started by a friend who has somehow (Sneaky little varmit he is) worked himself into all three games! He saw the Kingmaker AP and met some other folks at a FLGS looking for a DM for this AP and well, was kind enough to volunteer me. Great guy, huh? Good thing I like him, eh?

So, I haven't really played in what, close to 2 decades now and really don't think I could anymore. I'm too used to being on 'that' side of the screen.

I should also say, I am blessed with Three Groups of very different players / play styles and all are mature, fun and work well together and keep it as fun for me as it is for them!

Have Fun Out There!!

~ W ~

While I'm sure some folks are gonna miss em, I'm glad they are gone. Personally I thought they were kinda snarky and cheap.

I must say though, my Combat Oriented Group had some amazing fights with them. Avasculate the target, hit it with some maximized Orbs of Inhuman Annihilation and POOF, no more bad guy.

Yes, my players kinda complained when I told them we were dropping the Spell Compendium and just going with Core PF (at the time, no APG) and they pouted till they read the books and found those frigging Pit of DOOM spells. Lol, all new kinds of pain.

Suffocation is also a favorite now.

It's all good, there are spells in any version of any game that if your players are keen on and set themselves up to maximize their effects on your bad guys it's gonna hurt no matter what you do. Your job is to keep challenging them and keeping it fun.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!!

Have Fun Out There!!

~ W ~

Thanks Balodek!! Was hoping you'd get back to us fast. Now I can tell The Missus what I want for the Anniversary Gift!!

Have Fun Out There!!

~ W ~

Tri is right on, as usual.

In one of my groups, they have an Artifact weapon and just learned the joy of AMF and that fighter going OFF on enemy spell chuckers.

I mean, he's a level 19 Fighter trained to cut things DOWN. Once he's on you and you have none of that fancy pantsy magic... yeah, pain. Lots of pain, for one round that is.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Dotting for Ashiel's awesome breakdown.


Simply, YES

I run 3 campaigns. 80s, 90s and a new Kingmaker Group. All groups are different except for one player who has wiggled his way into all three!

They ALL use teamwork. In one fashion or another, either Teamwork Feats, Flanking, Combat Maneuvers and Leadership.

The 80s Group is big into roleplaying and when combat does occur, these guys use everything in the book to bring down critters because their characters would support and aid each other in any way possible. It's just good story.

The 90s Group is big in combat! Anything to give them that 'edge' in the fight! Teamwork Feats are HUGE for this group. They also use Leadership and Combat Maneuvers as often as it is advantageous for them. It's a no brainer for them.

Kingmaker, while these are all new players to PF / D&D, the one experienced player has turned one of the other Melee Types into a pair of Stone Cold Killers. If these two get on your toes, that may be all you have left you can recognize at the end of the fight! I call them 'The Cuisinart' Brothers.

So, yes, if your groups or you want that edge in a fight or situation, Teamwork is the way to get it.

Have Fun Out There!!

~ W ~

Nice, my groups won't like that it's coming out, but hey, I like it!! And you could leave that cover, it's pretty cool!!


Really glad to see all the books for this rolling out in good order!

Now, to just get the cash set aside so I can keep getting them with out angering the Mama-san!!

Have Fun Out There!!

~ W ~

Bambi and Thumper?

I don't think the current system is too harsh. My group likes the little bit of randomness. While we did have a melee type roll low, as did I on his HPs. He took Toughness and bought his character some Con gear and brought him up enough to be viable.

Is it fair to him to have to take a feat and pay for gear? Maybe not but he did have 3 or 4 max HP rolls later on and shot up a ton. He was a most happy HP Sponge after that.

As long as everyone at the table is having fun, it doesn't matter what system you use.. If it works for you, roll with it (No pun intended).

Have Fun out there!!

~ W ~

I just started Kingmaker and I must say as a fellow Grognard, I love the feel.

Group out exploring, starting a fledgling kingdom, fighting the bad guys and some politics are just coming into it.

It's a Sandbox lay out which means the PCs basically set the tone, speed and flavor of the game for alot of it. Lots of stuff to get familiar with as a GM, there are a lot of places and things that the PCs can go and do so I have to keep a good amount of stuff ready. Love it!!

My group is right now doing trade negotiations with some groups in the area and still battling some of the beginning bad guys and looking forward to playing. They love the mix of Roleplaying, Combat and Tradeskilling. So far, all is good.

I recommend you give it a look see and show your players!!

Have Fun out there!!!

~ W ~

TriOmegaZero wrote:

Yes, I have a penalty for bad players.

I don't play with them.

After reading this whole frigging thread.... THIS

Look, if you're not having fun, why in the name of all that is holy are you still doing it???

I am truly lucky that I GM for 3 groups and each is totally different except for one player.

One is over 8 hours away from me, one is local and the new one is an hour distant and we have all turned into good friends and THIS is the key. The dinks get weeded out and we move on.

Oh, and for the final word...

Have Fun out there!!!!

~ W ~

wraithstrike wrote:

What we do: The player rolls. If he does not like his roll he can ask the DM to roll for him, but if he ask the DM to roll he has to take that roll.


This is what we do for the 3 groups I run.

Works like a charm

Lol, I had a friend in one of my groups along time ago play with his youngins. Something like this also happened and I remember him and his Missus telling me the stories and the little devilkins just giggling and snickering.

I looked at him and just said: "Guess you don't skimp on presents at XMas and BDays do ya?"

His wife cracked up and mentioned 'boobytrapping their bedroom door so the know when the little heathens come into the room while their sleeping! He just smiled, shook his head and mentioned something about his parents getting even with him or some such thing.

Good luck with the gaming. I haven't gamed with any young kids in a LONG time so I both envy you and wish you good luck!

Family that Plunders together stays together?

I also pity the boy that first wrongs The Sisterhood!!!

Have Fun out there!!!

~ W ~

Okay, no build will win vs a GM that is out to get you.... give it up.

Some very good advice out there... Torger has a good passive aggressive way to get a point across and seriously, the person that suggested the 10 others just make the point of not wanting to make up another set of characters to just go out and die uselessly is a great idea.

I mean, if you're not having fun, why are you doing it? His house is the reason he's the GM? Dumb. Work one of the others into "Giving it a Wing" for a campaign, see if it goes! You never know, it might just end up showing him and the others there is a different way to play.

I am the only GM in my area for 2 groups now for over a decade and run another group that I have been the only GM for since the 80s that is over a 10 hour drive. These groups are night and day different and what the one group likes, the others loathe. I then, adapt that game to the group, not just the way I and the one group like.

Oh, and yes, it is my goal to 'Win' as a DM / GM. Sorry. My idea of winning? If at the end of the Game Night, the group is talking about the NEXT game! If they're not smiling and thanking me for almost grinding their bones to make my bread, I didn't win. I win if they are looking forward to more of me as a GM. Even if I KNOW none of them want to do it, it makes me feel like I've won.

The guy behind the screen has got to know it is a two way street. Yeah, you need him to GM but it's awful lonely behind that screen if no one is on the other side!

If one of you wants to DM, give it a go. Seriously, what's the worse that can happen? You kill the old GM at level 7 every campaign? >.<

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Hope some of this helps...

Have Fun out there!! (If not, why are you there????? )

~ W ~

I ran a game for a friend of mine. He was a solo Cleric and led a band of NPCs through out his career. It went from 1 - 18 before we quit.

I played the NPCs in roleplaying situations and he ran them in combat situations with me pitching in on personality quirks. Example: One of his NPCs was a rather snarky scout (rogue) who had a quirk that he was a Klepto. He collected 'trinkets' from every town he stayed in. Made for some great moments.

Also, his Mage NPC had a Familiar that was 'not fond' of his cleric. You know, you have a cat that hates one of your friends? Yeah, good times.

It takes a lot of work for you as a DM in my opinion as you only have one Player Brain working on options and plans. So, you have to keep the NPCs offering ideas (sometimes NOT the right option) and plans to keep them moving. At least I did.

If you and the Single PC are good friends, it could make for a very rewarding game. Mine was. Heck, we had a long drive one day (6 hours) and we roleplayed a session for most of it. I rolled the dice as he drove and we covered a huge amount of ground in his campaign!

Good luck and I hope some of this helped.

Have Fun out there!!

~ W ~

Phneri wrote:

I had this once. Interaction went something like this:

Player: You can't see my sheet, it's mine, and my character has secret stuff.

Me: Cool. See that bit that says "Conditional Modifiers?" Bottom Right? Put in "Sexual attraction to fire."

Player: Wait, what?

Me: You all are at the inn. It's warm and inviting. Unfortunately, [player], a little too warm and inviting. The fire in the hearth is can't resist. Make a roll, please.

Player: I'm not doing that! That's not part of my character!

Me: Oh, you choose to fail then? Ok. Your will slips away from you, as do your pants, as you fling yourself groin-first into the inviting, sensual embrace of the flames. Everyone else watches you thrust yourself to a horrible burning death, too stunned to react in time to save you.

...Now, after you roll your new character, I'd like to see the sheet.

Players for my game roll the character at the table. With the group. I don't do antagonistic player v. GM play, and don't tolerate attempts to frame the game that way.

ABSO-frigging-LUTELY hilarious! My wife just snorted her tea out her nose. You sir win the Thread in her humble messy opinion!

Have Fun out there!!

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TriOmegaZero wrote:

I can actually say for certain I wouldn't buy a compendium. I'm not buying the Inner Sea Guide because it's not 100% new material. I might pick up the PDF, since they rock awesome prices for things like that, but I don't need another print copy on my shelf.

Wallsingham wrote:
Oh, and what the heck is Lulu? I can have something printed? I am intrigued!
A print on demand site. Lots of small RPG publishers put their books there so they don't have to invest in print runs that may not sell. You can submit a PDF to them and they will print it for a reasonable price, and you can make it a private thing or have them put it out there for anyone to buy a copy.

Thanks Tri!!!

Have Fun out there!!

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Oh, and what the heck is Lulu? I can have something printed? I am intrigued!

Have Fun out there!!

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I'd have to say yes if it was under $10 Printed and like $2 PDF (Which I dislike personally). If it was a total reprint of the Core Rulebook with the changes, most likely not. That's just too steep a price to kick out for me.

Have Fun out there!!

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