Name My Kukris!


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Sovereign Court

Altair (The Flying Eagle) Meaning to strike like Lighting

Alruccabah (Polaris) The coldest and brightest in the heavens

Really depends on the origins of the blades. Im a fan of Icequeen and Thunderlord as well.

Lighting Claw
Frost Fang

I suppose this is less of a question of what you want your blades to be called and more of a question of how those names will fit your idea.
Now if you decided to call yourself the "Tempest" And call your blades Riptide and Brine then really it would not matter at all what they did, just the stories that grew out of them.

I myself am hopelessly attached to the idea of smaller blades (Kukiri, Dagger, Short swords Excet) tying to water. The very idea of smaller weapons, more attacks flow past defenses, and move like the river facing a rock when attacked. All of these traits lend themselves to water references.

Falling thunder and Rising tide could work.
Tigris and Euphrates, the twin rivers, could work.
But then so could Pot and Spoon depending on what you call yourself.
I hope you find something that fits and that you enjoy.

Bambi and Thumper?

Grand Lodge

In a previous edition of this wondrous game I had a matched set of throwing knives I named Sinister and Dexter. They would fly where I pointed. It was fun and I had several little quips I used when ever I could. These escape me now as it has been some time.

Good luck with your naming and as previously mentioned, mostly it will have to fit your theme.

Jack Johnson and Tom O'Leary

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

Wallsingham wrote:

Bambi and Thumper?

Jimmy Dean approved!

Sovereign Court

Matthew Morris wrote:
Wallsingham wrote:

Bambi and Thumper?

Jimmy Dean approved!

Mr. Bond approves as well. ;)

Other names which are more tongue in cheek:

Hack and Slash
Slice and Dice
Slash and Burn
Turn and Burn

Or why even name two? If they are a set just call them as one name (ala Soul Calibur, which became 2 swords if the user prefered), in which case:


I second slice and dice

you can also use

this and that

butcher and block

ace and spades

Law & Order

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