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Male Human (Shoanti)

When out of earshot, Lodoro breaks down laughing. He then grabs up first Pellius and then Kira in a big hug and kisses them both on their forehead.

"That was absolutely awesome. You two TOTALLY had that. Brilliant, simply brilliant"

As they start to bicker
"Kira, you're right. You'll have to forgive Pellius, he always has to try and be the star. He once tried to upstage a puppy. Amazingly, he wasn't successful :-)"

As they get back
"The plan worked!! Woo hoo!! Freeing prisoners without violence.

I guess they're right, truth IS stranger than fiction. If that was in a play, nobody would believe it!

Hello. Lodoro here. Ignore this child. We do. Or try to, at least"

He gestures towards Pellius at the end, making it crystal clear that Pellius is the "child" in question