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I second that...Congratulations!

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Same here...good luck to our GM in the election.

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I just posted....and might be able to do one more today. Then had until Saturday afternoonish

Win boon: 1d20 ⇒ 19
Which boon: 1d3 ⇒ 2

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When I ran it, they got the missing letter almost immediately (had a person who has a 'thing' for word puzzles).

Though they did hit me with a few curve balls. And with that--since I hope that other GM's will have a single place to come to do some background prep--I might slightly hijack this thread for a couple of thoughts. And I will spoiler it to just make certain that it isn't just out there to see randomly.

There is almost Zero information about Historia Prime up to Historia 6. What did they look like (we do get a little on Historia 4)? Male, Female, Non-Binary? How about roughly when they were 'serving'? ESPECIALLY if the players decide that they REALLY want to find out why Guidance of all people sealed Historia 3's records? I know scenarios need to be kinda open on some things, but if you specifically have a super hard DC on a Computers (and at level 8...DC 30 isn't "Super hard") and it says that Historia-7 was researching on the past iterations, and that Historia-3 records were locked by Guidance....that is a nice plot hook that can send people on a tangent almost immediately. At least I didn't have much of the 'personalities' left to have to roleplay with 5 and 6, basically automatons of Prime. But this is a scenario that I honestly thinks should have been maybe 1-2 more pages long, just with more history and descriptions on the previous Historia's.

And after that spoiler...anybody run this on the low tier feel that the fights were just a little too easy? I did have a five player table with a decent spread (Exo-Mechanic 8, Operative 7, Soldier 5, Drone-Mechanic 5, Mystic 5, so APL=6) and they basically 1 rounded everything except the final boss. I know a few of the 3-6 and the 5-8 seem that the tier 3-4 or the 5-6 are cake walks.

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Going to add this again, group of 6 players, so adding things like advanced templates, or 1-2 character levels to NPCs (and changing the classes/levels of such to make more sense).

Name: Ser Ignacio
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Magus (blackblade)
Adventure: Songbird, Scion, Saboteur
Location: Stachys?
Catalyst: Duchess Veleto Lotheed

I was wondering if I should post this or not. Since it was a PC wanting to write off his character (was not liking Magus's one spell Johnny feel, especially with bad dice rolls), but since it was such an awesome story, felt it was worth it.

So, the Duchess found Ser Ignacio...interesting at the Jubilee, which of course meant she was keeping an eye on him everytime they went into Birdsong, or Lotheedar. Eventually (near the end of Act II, but before Act III, when the group HAD to split the party to go deal with final talks with some of the other Barons/Baroness), the PC in question "stayed at Stachys to guard it". This was where The Duchess came and nabbed him to bring him to the Palace of Birdsong, off screen killing him and using his body as an art piece.
Well, that was about 2 weeks before the assault. When they get to the Duchess (who was rebuilt to be level 6 Rogue level 3 Assassin) was wailing about the ruffians breaking into her home (playing the part with a high roll on the Bluff), the PC's were calming her down...about 30 seconds of talking (hint, hint). When right at that moment, 2 of the PC's not talking to her open the other 2 doors, one to her "child", and one to the "art room". Well, they found Ser Ignacio, flayed and toyed with, and the child was crying, and the Duchess got off her Death Attack. Hit, but the PC was able to (barely) make the save.

All in all...this fight was the one of the 2 that in Book 2 they were all talking about. The other was Baron Telus (who they "broke the curse" with).

I don't normally like PC death, but when a PC asks to be written out, it is often in a permanent way. I get their permission first (usually they come to me and ask to have their character removed because of either not liking the character, or in one case, the character getting too "dark" and affecting IRL the players mentality). When this happens, I usually make certain they understand it is for storytelling purposes on the death.

Now into book 3, where I get to see if I can drive characters insane, or maybe get them stoned. Just worried about the fact they are not really up to storming a garrison (not the right build of classes really).

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Looks like we are missing more of a front line. I will not play the Technomancer (seems we have enough magic).

Formian Solarian lvl 3 front line.
Dwarf Soldier lvl 3 front line.

Both are good. I have the Solarian I think 100% ready, the dwarf will just need a bit of cleaning up (he just got level 3, most is updated, but I want to double check).

If people want to look at my alias's and think on it.

Baragh Dented Helm.

Either way I will be ready in less than 6 hours (work got crazy this week, so zero free time--even at lunch--to do much).

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I would prefer to use the nuar technomancer (5), but I don't want to hold it up more than a day or so. So, with that the 3 level 3's (I thought one was four, but I was off), are

Lvl 3 Dwarven Priest Soldier of Iomedae and Torag. Front Line fighter, melee.

Lvl 3 Formian Tempered Pilgrim Solarian, Front line fighter, melee.

Lvl 3 Half-orc Dragonblooded Envoy (Intimidat. Take Diplomat -Diplo and + Intimi from Intimidate). Back line Intimidator--not a healer.

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Do we have an approximation on when we will start? If it is before Sunday, I will have a number of level 3 or 4's available right now. If it is after Sunday (around 10 PM GMT-4) I will have a level 5 that would love to save the poor mistreated renkrodas.

Either way is fine with me.

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I have a character or three that I would love to play Save the Renkrodas in. One is currently in a game (probably won't be out for 1-2 weeks min), another is scheduled to be in games this Saturday, but will (likely) be available as of Monday. The others are ready to play.

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I have a few characters that I can play in a 3-6, all 3 or 4. Just depends on what we need.

Baragh Dented Helm is currently in game, but we are at I think the last diplo roll and end should be done by Wednesday is my guess. Level 3 dwarf priest Soldier (and a lot of fun)

Kitkul is level 3 solarian, and is a formian, so fun also. Believes it is the protector of all its clanmates.

Tsultro Jik is a 2nd seeker (Jadnura) faction. Half orc, level 3 Intimidat Envoy (Take Diplomat minus the Diplo, add Intimi, intimidates instead of diplomatic). Scoured Stars Survivor.

And Zanraz (the one I would rather not play, but can if needed) a level 3 technomacer, level 1 soldier. Oh, and a Nuar. Great character, but I have him pinned in for a game on the 27th.

Most are at least 1/2 GM credit babies...only Zanraz and Kitkul has had more than 2 or 3 games, the rest have only had 2 to get their characters hammered out.

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@GM Skeemo. I would also like to put my name in for Heart of the Foe. I have a few characters in 3-6 range (almost 3-4).

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Shifty, I would be interested in playing 1-11 In Pursuit of the Scoured Past.

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Sorry, I am going to have to drop out. I thought I had another character to play at a local con in a few weeks...but I need to have this character (to have the table go off and also to play with IRL friends I don't see that often).

Hope things go well for you all.

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Woohoo...Finally PFS legal. Though sad to see that the 1st part of book 1 wasn't put in as the PFS legal part. Was the best part of a 12 hour RP we ever had. Though with almost zero combat, it would be boring for a lot of people.

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Looking for a Commencement scenario for a level 1 (GM baby with 1 XP) character.

Or a later season 1-4 scenario for a level 3 character (most of the 1-XX to about 1-16 I have played in).

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Sorry, that is what happens when you think faster than you type..especially before coffee.

I used the actual "track your own XP" for Rise of the Rune Lords (which I did a 4 player game), and then with Skull and Shackles (which started at 6 players, and ended at 8). For RotRL tracking XP and levels was about exactly what the beginning of each book suggested that the PC's should be at X level when they get to Y place.

For Skull and Shackles--which I didn't up the fights at all in book 1 and most of book 2--the group of 6 players was almost 1 full level behind by the end of book 1, and when I finally figured out that somehow I should be modifying the fights and/or experience in book 2 they were almost 1.5 levels behind in XP. I then started to figure out that adding "advanced" template and/or "giant" versions of monsters helped a bit with XP. I almost got them caught up to where the book suggested they were supposed to be at by mid 3rd book. Then in 4th book 2 more players came in. At that time I did calculations and determined that I would have to add ~50% more mooks (all with advanced template), or else rewrite most combats and encounters to somehow make the CR be where it would give the approximate amount of XP needed to equal what the original 4 player AP had.

So, TL:DR. I didn't mean never going back to Skull and Shackles (Probably Paizo's 3rd or 4th best AP IMO and I would LOVE to play it someday), but NEVER going back to tracking XP in an AP, just going to go by the recommended times to level that the front of the book suggests.

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Probably not. I have yet (only barely) had a character death. At the end of book 2, somebody is going to "retire" their character to become a major-domo of an area. He will keep his equipment. A new character is being built with the average wealth of a 7th level character, so realistically it is probably adding some total wealth to the party. If the player wasn't being retired and died, keeping the character's equipment should be fair...maybe not all items (I am assuming a fighter would want to be buried with his favorite weapon and armor for example).

I would just keep an ear to the players, and if they really feel they are getting behind in the wealth curve, to maybe find a way to add some small wealth. BTW...Book 2 is a WEALTH sink. Good players will sink their wealth they get into the obvious sinkhole, and not equipment. I hate to reward people who think helping the storyline by making them have less money for equipment.

You could also keep an excel file on total items given out...log all items in from each book, and just remove what they PC's didn't find. Then divide by 6, and keep your own track. Then at the end of say every other book or so, try to add a little more cash to bring them up just a little. The Players won't know you are doing that, and it might make them a little happier in the long run.

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Agreed with that. I honestly don't track XP anymore. I did it for RotRL and Skulls and Shackles. After that, I just threw it out and just started to use the "PC's are supposed to be at X when going to Y" from the beginning of the book. Especially with the 5-8 player tables. Skulls and Shackles (which at one point I had 8 players) was pulling the XP/Level so far behind that when I finished, I swore never to go back to that in an AP.
I figure that if the combats, traps and story is still engaging (and fun for the PC's and players), at at least somewhat--sometimes--challenging for the players, that the XP track is about equal to what it would be in a 4 player game. is--to me--the harder to keep fair. They will fall behind a bit, but you can use "hoards" (say end of book 2 maybe), to hopefully bring them up to about equal to average wealth....but I honestly think for 6 players, you shouldn't be at full average wealth per level...maybe 75-85% of it. Otherwise designing those fights gets even thougher :-)

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Agreed with that. I honestly don't track XP anymore. I did it for RotRL and Skulls and Shackles. After that, I just threw it out and just started to use the "PC's are supposed to be at X when going to Y" from the beginning of the book. Especially with the 5-8 player tables. Skulls and Shackles (which at one point I had 8 players) was pulling the XP/Level so far behind that when I finished, I swore never to go back to that in an AP.
I figure that if the combats, traps and story is still engaging (and fun for the PC's and players), at at least somewhat--sometimes--challenging for the players, that the XP track is about equal to what it would be in a 4 player game. is--to me--the harder to keep fair. They will fall behind a bit, but you can use "hoards" (say end of book 2 maybe), to hopefully bring them up to about equal to average wealth....but I honestly think for 6 players, you shouldn't be at full average wealth per level...maybe 75-85% of it. Otherwise designing those fights gets even more tricky :-)

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GM PDK. I was (and still am) in the similar situation of the 6 player table issue. Honestly, there isn't a "GOOD" always do this kind of rule for every group in any of these AP's (and I have ran a few). Depending on party make-up and play style (and if you have those people in your group that can NEVER roll to save their--or their allies--lives).

With that said, here is a few things you can do to help make the fights more equalized for an average group of 6 PC's.

1] Always give all "mooks" the advanced template. or if this is impractical, increase all mooks by 50%. Later books you might be doing both (and at book 5-6 you might have 100% increase in all mooks and advanced template...again...depending on the group and their build/abilities)
2] On named baddies (that have race and class templates (example, Fair-minded Efarni)), reconfigure them to a 20 pt stat purchase, and give them +1 levels (at the upper in of the books (end of 3 and on), maybe make this +2 levels).
3] On almost all fights, use the given HP, but because of # of players, be willing to give the baddies up to 90% of their max HD, just in case you notice that they are dropping them like flies. Conversely, if they are having a problem, you can drop the baddies a few HP below. The given HP I feel is more a guideline VS a static number (What...all level 0 Basic orc has 6 HP....why? Why can't one have 4 and another 8....)
4] Try not to have any single Big Bad (or even major baddy) be by itself...6 player character action economy vs. 1 big bad is still usually going go badly for the Big Bad, and make the fight feel like a waste. Figure out something, like adding a weak version of the Big Bad, or maybe some kind of mook to help with the action economy is needed.

The BIGGEST issue with 6 players IMO (and one you have to be careful on) is Average Player Character Wealth. If you increase the amount of gold given (again, by making the mooks having more gear to be sold, or something else--adding more treasure), you are almost setting up making the players even harder to challenge. BUT....if you do just give them what is in the book...realize that their APCW will be likely 75% (or less) of what a 4 player table would have. This is a fine line to have to walk...if you get close to going lower than 75% of what they feel they should have, you will probably start to hear your players harrumphing that they have no money (at least more harrumphing than you normally would expect). You can mention they are playing in an AP designed for 4 player with 6 players--it might work once or twice--but it won't always work. Especially when they do hit that end Big Bad Boss that has "Saves or Suck" or something else that is tearing them apart in book 3 or 4.

The way I work on this by hinting in a 6 player game that this should be looked at--and if the players don't get the hint it is their fault--I allow all magic item/weapon/armor creation feats (not golems...I don't want more action economy issues...). It helps a lot in balancing the APCW. And I know there are people likely to say that these feats are also allowable in a 4 player game. But I noticed in a 4 player game, feat economy makes it very unlikely that many will be taken (maybe brew potion if they have an alchemist, maybe 1-2 item feats if a wizard or (likly not) a cleric). But in a 4 player game I feel that most players won't go for item creation feats as much--even if it would make their APCW go up by a lot.

Hope this helps a bit.

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TellinCob, my group is about 80% done with book 2. So I have been thinking about this a bit also.

My group, will likely be getting almost all the loyalty points. As in I think they are going to make sure that they do all the rebuilding of Stachys. And, because they are sinking a LOT of the money they are currently getting into rebuilding the town, I think I am going to tie the amount they can get away with on taking of things in the Palace of Birdsong to the loyalty points.

The ones that are obviously against the no looting royal property are still off limits. The group will likely not be pulling say the 10k gold, as they will think it is part of the no looting rule, but maybe have Martella tell them to take some (or all of it) if they completely rebuild Stachys and get the max loyality points.

Whatever you do, just make sure you keep the group in at least a little new cash...they do need to be at least semi-equipped for the next book ;-)

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Player - Jim Crase
Character - Sir Randolf Inerio (own character lvl 1 occultist, 2PP (Confirmation))
PFS - 56565-15
Faction - Sovereign Court
Played or GMed: no
Day Job Roll: Not yet.

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Iris2142 wrote:
The Imistos fight at the end of the entire underlevels is brutal as is. Not surprised people have died. My party made it out with single digit hit-points and all spells and abilities spent for the day. Made great suspense for what they might face when they got above ground and saw the bloodshed and were completely spent.

Oh, I fully 100% agree...the group (remember 6 players) basically walked through ALL fights up to and including the rat...and had basically hogtied/ripped off/persuaded Mimips to effectively it was a party of 7 (almost 8, as the 1st level cleric that they saved in the main escape room was channeling to heal). Though they had almost no consumable (spells/abilities) left, just basic hack and slash at that point.

If I hadn't upgraded Imistos at all...that fight would have hardly been a speed bump to them. Now it is one of those stories the group often talks about (more so than a certain halfling end boss..which was just a slight speed bump (and I did add 2 war priest levels to her...sigh).

Also...has anybody else noticed their group having a chant of "I HATE halflings" and "Kill all the halflings", no matter if they are good or evil? ;-P

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Sounds like you decided against this idea, which probably is for the best. But to give a story on maybe why others shouldn't....

I have an Asmodean cleric (Asmodean Advocate) in the game we are working on (book 2 about 1/2 way through Act II)....We had to have a LOT of talks about his character, mainly that he couldn't have his character evil aligned (so went LN) and that he had to have a reason why he would support Eutropia--which we figured that he was fine with her inheriting as she was legally in the right as the Senate voted to remove the law about women not ruling (which he also mentioned that it has already been broken many a times...just not for the official ruler of Taldor).

In hindsight, I probably should have nixed this, mainly because this character has basically broken all Bluff/Diplomacy rolls (something about at level 1 having like a Profession (barrister) at like +16...and that being able to be used as Bluff or Diplomacy...sigh). The player knows that he is a numbers player/power gamer, so we did dull his starting skills a little...but I have basically made every Diplomacy/Bluff roll at least a DC 5 or so higher because of this...

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Marking my interest also. Probably an alchemist (Canis knows me IRL...and can vouch that I love alcheists). I wont be doing the goblin alchemist though....think that is likely to be to popular.

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I would have posted earlier, but I didn't know this existed....

Before going into name and gory details....just a note that I am running a 6 player game,so I am often adding advanced templates or 1 or 2 character levels to NPC's (or adding more mooks).

Name: Orlen Drungal
Race: Aasimar
Classes/levels: Swashbuckler 3
Adventure: Crownfall
Location: Forgotten Archives
Catalyst: Imistos Gulbend

Background on Catalyst:
Imistos was rebuilt to give him passing trick. He became a unchained rogue (poisoner) 3: Fighter (Freehand fighter) 2. His already awesome bluff and acrobatics became even better to help with the end fight. I did not increase the other 2 halflings in the last room. With Imistos being level 5, he was CR 4 by himself, though without any increase on his equipment (as the assumption was he didn't expect to be teleported and only had what was on him at the time of the teleport). Adding the 2 other halflings likely brought that up to a CR 6 or CR 7 encounter. For a a party of six level 3's and the action shouldn't be impossible (especially with the other NPC's helping them in earlier encounters, healing and all that). Almost all other fights--even against the Dagio the Great--were handled pretty well with minimal damage or usage of consumables, so I was confident they could handle it.

The Gory Details: The group set of the trap right before....which told the 2 halflings in the next room to prepare, and gave Imistos knowledge that his backup was there. Though I missed on all the daggers--I think out of the 2 people affected by the trap, I rolled 2 daggers on one person and 1 dagger on the other, the highest roll was a 4 (I was thinking this was going to be one of those bad nights for dice rolling).

The group opened the next door semi prepared for a fight. Because of initiative order, all were able to get in to fight the 2 halflings in the room....except for Orlen. He rolled poorly on initiative and was left in the previous room with Imistos...who had delayed to see who was left in the back room (the rest oft he NPC's were in the circular rat room including Imistos who was at the door). With Orlen left, Imistos came out of delay and charged. Because of all the bluffs I had been rolling were in the low to mid 20's nobody suspected him to attack Orlen. Got off a good hit, and that now had the fight in 2 fronts. Orlen (and another person in a round or two) fighting Imistos--who was using passing trick to great effect while the other halflings were getting beat up fast. Because of sneak attacks, Orlen dropped in 3 well below his -CON.
Luckily the cleric had a breath of life scroll (conveniently actually written in the scenario) and a snake familiar. He was to far to get to Orlen--was in the other room--but could as a move action pull the scroll and standard action cast it...and I gave him as a ranged touch attack the ability to throw his snake through the 2 sets of doors...figuring the snake could take 1d6 damage as it hits the ground and 5' slithered to Orlen to do the touch attack--as Orlen had dropped right to the left of the door. It while Orlen didn't die permanently, he was out of the fight). All in all the total rounds of this fight was 6...with Orlen dropping on the 3rd round, and round 5 and 6 were just getting enough people in to gang up on Imistos.

Now....because of Book 1...EVERY Character AND Player has a hatred of halflings, and are all thinking about taking a ranger level to get favored enemy halflings in the rest of WftC....