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Full Name

Wakandah Tregar


Human (Touv)


Wizardess - 7








Neutral (with Good tendencies)






Common, Touv, Kobold, Orc, Goblin



Strength 9
Dexterity 19
Constitution 10
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 10
Charisma 8

About Wakandah Wizardess

Physical Description

A short lush, curvy chocolate toned, dark skinned woman, with silky black straight full bodied hair, flowing down to her waist in the back stands before you. Her eyes are a deep blue as they look at you. her torso is unclothed for the most part, yet she wears a wispy vest, a leather side split, short above her knees skirt, leather boots, and carries a satchel over her shoulder. On her belt you see a small pouch (with what looks like a toad peeking out), and she carries a quarterstaff in one hand, and a light crossbow hangs at her side off of her belt.

Character History:

Her name, Wakandah, means, “possessing magical powers” and was gifted to her by her Grandmother Chumani, and her other Ehawee.

Born into a tribe that relished its place in the world, in the jungles of Hepmonaland, bordering the swamps of Pelisso, along the coastline of the Oljatt sea, Wakandah grew up under the matriarchal influences of her mother, grandmother, and aunts. From early in her childhood she would wander the jungle, swamp and coastline playing with the other kids, learning of the magic that things possessed, the arts of alchemical potions and brews, the writings of the creatures that surrounded them and the far off, but always close planar existences. Wakandah enjoyed dabbling in the trade with merchants that her father would meet and talk to and she learned early on to appraise things, for their value to the tribe, but more importantly the value to others, so that she would always be able to get the best trade for her items she found.

Wakandah’s matriarchs taught her the ways of the wizardess, and the pages of her book that were gifted to her by her grandmother, were from the skins of animals found in her jungle, inks made from the alchemy that Wakandah learned early in her life, the quills from the birds that were killed for food. Bound in the wood of a large tree, carved in the runic language of the Touv, and inscribed with spells taught to her, for her safety and protection, Wakandah happily graduated from her training.

A favorite of hers amoung all the animals were those of the blue and silver toads found in the swampland of Pelliso, and there she befriended a toad she named Zagyg, in honor to the servant that serves her diety Boccob, the god of magic and knowledge. A staff, formed of drift wood she found along the coastal shores, stained and laquered with the bloods and alchemical potions of her tutelage, Wakandah carries the staff with her to honor Boccob. Though she knows little of its use in battle, preferring instead her crossbow that she was taught from her toddling days, her staff serves many purposes for her.

Though the Touv rarely leave their homeland, the wars with the Olman have devestated their lands, and the Touv are no longer the strong tribal people they once were. Wakandah, having finished her latest tatooing of her torso, and writing the last of her current spells into her book, has set off on a personal quest to help her people regain their greatness. She will scour the lands, in search of items, people, or knowledge that can help her to lift her people back to its once former strength. Her diety of magic and knowledge will be her guide, and her trainings from youth, by her mother and father, will aid her in her journeys.

The last merchant vessel that landed to trade, Wakandah made a trade for passage on the ship, heading north. Where she will be taken, what she will find, and how long her journeys will take, are for another part of her journals.

Long-term goals

Loremaster, Thaumaturgist, Archmage (Prestige Classes being contemplated)

History of the Touv

The Touv are detailed in the out-of-print Greyhawk accessory, The Scarlet Brotherhood (and also referenced in the Hidden shrine of Tamoachan). For those without access to that accessory, a brief description follows (reprinted from that accessory):

The Touv people have light brown through black skin; blue or brown eyes, with black eyes being rare, Their eyes are dark as well, though can be any color from a medium shade of brown to black and from emerald green to a deep blue.; and silky straight or wavy hair, often kept long and braided. They have rounded facial features and are typically shorter than most people of the Flanaess, with the tallest Touv reaching about 5'10" in height. While most Touv males do not have facial hair, certain subgroups can grow narrow beards on their chins. Women's figures are often round and lush. The Touv reside almost exclusively in Hepmonaland. They speak Touv, a complex language that is a polyglot of tribal tongues containing many words that mean the same thing.

Little was known about this race until recently. They have been seen in the southern lands as slaves and free in the Amedio and Hepmonaland jungles. They have warred for centuries with the Olman. Touv clothing tends to be simple; such as short split skirts for females and loincloths for males. They decorate what little they wear with beads, semi-precious stones, feathers, and intricate metal work. Neither males nor females wear clothes above the waist; they instead paint their torsos in intricate designs and murals. The warriors of the tribes permanent tattoo their designs in rituals using the blood of their enemies and dyes from plants. The tattoos of these warriors have been found to be magical.