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Etterlings (fluffy and ancient)

A combination of an arachnid and lizard, the etterling is a quadruped like creature with atrophied arms connecting to their chest and a chitin like skin. The face is almost reptilian except for the 4-6 spider like eyes and a insect like mandible. Despite their monstrous appearance the etterlings have an inclination towards mechanical advances especially to firearms and other complex mechinery.

The fluffy description for the race is an almost but not technically filling the description with the statistics of the creature to fit in the confines of the standard rule set. The ancient version is made with the monstrous rule set and is a technical representation.

"Fluffy" Etterling (standard)

Type trait: Monstrous humanoid (2 RP)
60 ft. darkvision racial ability
Size trait: Medium (0RP)
Base speed trait: Normal movement (0 RP)
Ability modifier trait: Standard modifier (0 RP)
+2 dex, +2 int, -2 str
Language trait: Standard array (1 RP)
Defensive trait: Stability (1 RP)
Representing four legs.
Movement abilities: Climb (1 RP)
Offensive abilities: Bite (1 RP)
Weapon familiarity: Pistol, Musket (1 RP)
Skill and Feat abilities: Craftsman (1 RP)
Skill bonus (knowledge engineering) (2 RP)

10 pts.

Ancient Etterling (Monstrous)
Type trait: Monstrous humanoid (2 RP)
60 ft. darkvision racial ability
Size trait: Large (7 RP)
Base speed trait: Normal movement (0 RP)
Ability modifier trait: Standard modifier (0 RP)
+2 dex, +2 int, -2 str
Language trait: Standard array (1 RP)
Abiliy Score modifier: Advanced dexterity (4 RP)
+2 dex
Defensive ability: Natural armor (2 RP)
Improved natural armor (1 RP)
Movement abilities: Climb (1 RP)
Expert Climber (4 RP)
Offensive abilities: Bite (1 RP)
Claw (2 RP)
Weapon familiarity: Pistol, Musket (1 RP)
Skill and Feat abilities: Craftsman (1 RP)
Skill bonus (knowledge engineering) (2 RP)
Weakness ability: Light sensitivity (-1 RP)
Other abilities: Quadruped (2 RP)

30 pts.

Bascaria wrote:
Russell Akred wrote:

I was wondering if the Tengu's natural attack of a peck counted as a unarmed strike for the monk. If it did then the damage would be increased from a d3 to a d6 at first level.

My guess is it stays a natural weapon and is unaffected by the monks progression with unarmed strikes because they are listed as attacks with fist, elbows, knees, and feet. No beak in the list. Also it states in flurry of blows that natural attacks are not added or a part of flurry of blows.

The tengu's peck attack (isn't it a bite, technically?) would not increase in damage.

Oddly, the tengu would be allowed to use his beak to deliver an unarmed strike (monks can use any part of their body, those listed are just examples) which would deal damage as a monk's unarmed strike. It would count as an unarmed strike, though, not a natural attack.

And no, natural attacks cannot be combined with a flurry of blows.

The feat feral combat training in UC will allow natural attacks to get the benefits of a monks unarmed attack and allow it to be usd with flurry of blows.

Volaran wrote:

I was kind of hoping that the Ranger would have an option for a Firearms combat style, since several of the other classes got some gun-love (Paladin, Inquisitor, Wizard, etc).

One could probably get a fair amount of benefit from the crossbow or archery styles and just use a gun, but has anyone else given any thought to what might go into a Firearms combat-style, or even a gun-based ranger archetype?

Check the Trophyhunter archetype for the firearm mastery.

Noticed the description of the book has changed; Will details about fleshwarping be in this book?

Also looking forward to the Razmiran priest archetype.

Jam412 wrote:
Kthulhu wrote:
gbonehead wrote:
@Erik: Not only that, it's a wimpy Cthulhu. CR 34, and just a demigod?
Demi-god is a perfectly acceptable classification for Cthulhu. After all, he's merely one of the Great Old Ones. The true powers of the Mythos are the Outer Gods (Azathoth, Yog-Sothoth, Shub-Niggurath, and Nyarlathotep).

Is Nyarlathotep actually an outer god or just some sort of minion? I always wondered what his power level is compared to the rest of the outer gods and to the great old ones.

As an aside, I hate using the term "power level" in this case. It sounds like I'm talking about a Dragonball Z character or something. I can't think a better phrase though.

The last sentence of The Dream-quest of Unknown Kadath, "The crawling chaos Nyarlathotep strode brooding into the onyx castle atop unkown Kadath in the cold waste, and taunted insolently the mild gods of earth whom he had snatched abruptly from their scented revels in the marvelous sunset city."

He can summon gods...

Razz wrote:

I have to agree with the OP on this.

In all fantasy games involving gun users, it's been fairly balanced and the gun users were as fun and diverse to play as anything else.

Paizo should learn from how other games handle it.

1. I see more posts about GW2 than the Gunslinger class, let alone anything about Paizo or the Pathfinder system.

2. The gameplay in that video is significantly different than the Pathfinder system. I do say that looks like an Orange, I thought we were comparing apples!

3. The pistols in that game do not have to be reloaded, if you want a blue blur effect in imagination land while using your Gunslinger, take Dodge and's the same effect. For bonus points you could take Shot on the Run.

4. The class specific ability :Unload. Feats to takethe two-weapon, and rapid shot. The gunslinger has the best BAB so the number of attacks it gets isn't an issue.

5. Ranged weapons in videogames have their damage dependent on the dexterity scores...which..wait...the gunslinger has that as well. How different do you think the gun damage is between that class and the others in the videogame?

5a. To take a moment and actually have a suggestion or thought for the Gunslinger class, maybe it should get an ability at higher evels that would allow them to multiple their dex modifier to the damage, but would still not allow Deadly aim to be used within the touch range increment. I.e. at 10th level the gunslinger can add 1 1/2 of his dex modifier to damage, and 15th he can add double his dex modifier. Alter that for rifles.

5b. If you want an unload ability it should be a higher level feature; Full-round action, but if you really want to get crazy a standard to unload all chambers of any gun held in hand(s).

Oliver McShade wrote:

I never said my cleric was going to invest feats into grit or class.

I never said i was going to take the exotic weapon Prof (fireamrs).

((precise shot i will take for bows, rays, and other weapon))=So when possible ya, will have gotten that feat if possible based on build.

I just said, my cleric was just going to be packing now.

Take the -4 penalty for not being proficient. And at 10-20 feet from target everyone open fire on that Touch 5 AC +penalty = AC 9. The fighter drop there gun, quick pull there sword and attack. The caster stay 10-20 feet away, and keep firing into melee AC 13 now.

My feat diagram for the caster hasn't changed, especially if he is using the lowest BAB, and not proficient in firearms, still at a disadvantage. Grit is a resource a caster is probably not likely to replenish that often, it may be they have use of Deadeye(sp) once per day.

This further reinforces my feelings that amateur gunslinger needs a required exotic weapon proficiency (fireamrs to use), and secondly I think a WIS 13+ should also be included to the feat to further stifle exploitation of the Deadeye (sp) ability.

Would also add the backfire chance should increase by +4 to compliment the -4 for being non proficient.

Oliver McShade wrote:

True, 1st level would be dead right off the bat from breath weapon. But 1st level player can now reasonable hit a Ancient Red Dragon AC.

Was mainly showing how high CR creatures, with +15 or better natural armor, are not vulnerable to guns attacks.

I get your point, so move the ability to a higher level. In another post you pointed out how the warrior still out damaged the gunslinger not making them equal in terms of damage, but does Deadeye(sp)help balance out the difference?

Oliver McShade wrote:

Also, it is to the degree that a 1st level character can bypass =

A CR 19 Ancient Red Dragon = AC 38, Touch AC 5, Flat-footed 38.

Range touch attack By magic spell has to contend with = SR 30, Immune fire, vulnerable to cold, + 22 fort save, +13 ref save, +21 will save.

Range touch attack by gun has to contend with = DR 15/magic.

Enchant the gun +1 (1st level spell on gun). And you bypass the DR all together.

For the dragon fight the first level character is going to be taking negatives to hit the ancient dragon (without instant death) to the point touch AC of 5 is going to be harder to hit than you'd think.

Oliver McShade wrote:
Let me go get those 8 pistols and a lether strap to hold them, my cleric is going to be Packing now :)

Your pistol packing cleric will invest into firearm and grit feats.

First level Cleric feat _ Exoti...oh that's right there's that pesky +1 BAB requirement for the feat.

3rd - Exotic Weapon Prof. (firearms)

5th - Amatuer Gunslinger (Suggestion: Add the exotic weapon req. to this feat.)

7th - I can do my touch attack...but what's that you are saying DM, you say that I'm taking a -4 for firing into melee AND it has soft cover? Well I guess I'll be taking point blank shot.

9th - Precise Shot.

Requires a substantial level of investment. You would have a better argument for the best BAB classes obtaining an edge for three reasons, a) more feats, b) stronger attack has a higher probability of mitigating soft cover and firing into melee c) Obtaing grit easier/faster (haphazard classes).

Let's take a second to be CONSTRUCTIVE would a higher level be a better place for the ability, increase the grit cost, would making it a standard action, or full round action help, combination of the above or is the ability so horrendous that it must be removed?

Increase the grit cost.

Weapon Expertise

The weapon selection represents real world samurai and not one found in a fantasy setting. An example is I can see a human samurai picking up a katana, but I do not see a half-orc (as odd as it may be) to choose it as his preferred signature weapon, being that their race gives them free proficiencies with the falcion, great axe, and orc double axe. I think the benefits from that ability should extend to racial proficiencies.