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Fire Mountain Games wrote:


The game is written expecting only four average-power player characters so you should be fine.

I guess it depends how non-combat focused you truly are.

Gary McBride
Fire Mountain Games

Only two of us have weapons, even though one person is a necromancer with three undead followers. It just worried me after it took us ages to kill two oozes.

I've recently started a game of Call Forth Darkness. I'm a player in this game and everyone is a wizard. We're only level five and at the moment we're just exploring the dungeon but I'm worried that we're slightly underpowered, seen as there's only four of us, and none of us are especially combat focused.

kevin_video wrote:
Vordoth wrote:
When my player faile,d the rogue got the daggers and sneak attacked the guard when he came in (and got a crit) so they escaped the cell pretty easily! He could have gallot them all killed if he'd missed but oh well.
I'd have questioned that. With you chained up and your hands above your heads, that'd make for quit the difficult stabbing.

He'd already unshackled himself, but failed his roll unshackling someone else.

When my player faile,d the rogue got the daggers and sneak attacked the guard when he came in (and got a crit) so they escaped the cell pretty easily! He could have gallot them all killed if he'd missed but oh well.

Second session finished and players are out out of Branderscar

After escaping from their cell and recruiting grumblejack, the PCs attacked the guard room. They killed both of the guards in the surprise round and carried on downstairs. When they got to the stairs, they listened and heard the two guards. They killed both of those quickly and took their equipment.

After that, they went to Blackerly's office and foun his map and that he'd been stealing from the prison(thanks to a succesful intelligence check from none other than GRUMBLEJACK. Despite having an Alchemist and a Witch). They then went into Blackerly's quarters and found him sleeping. They tortured him for a while and finding out about the equipment and password. And getting very rich from the money!

They then went into the armoury and got kitted out. They then went into the barracks and killed the first two guards immediatley, with a bomb. They stupiddly decided that they were going to punch the last guard to death. They failed and he blew the horn. Summoning four guards and two guard dogs. They killed them but when more came they just fled and escaped through the river. They were chased through the woods with guards on their heels and camped out in a cave overnight(Lashtougue's cave!) and won in a bsttle with Lasthongue and a potrol of guards. They then got the Witch's familiar that led them to the manor.

So all in all:
Guards dead: 13
Dogs dead: 2
Blackerly dead
Grumblejack alive
Armoury ransacked
Lashtoungue dead
Almost 1500gp stolen from Balckerly
Act one: complete!

All in all.

I can't wait to see the new book! I probably won't be able to buy it, but I love to see the front covers(book two's was EPIC).

I'm having my second session tomorrow, hopefully it will be longer because we won't have to create characters. I'll speak to you then.

I've just played the first session and the best part of it was when the rogue failed on a disable device and when the guard spotted that he'd unshackled himself he did a sneak attack and got a critical hit, killing a guard because he failed his dissable decice check. And, after that they could easily open ALL their shackles beacuse he has a key. Being evil is so good!

I'm just about to start my game of this, I've read all the way through it and both me and mt players are all really looking forward to it! I'll update you on the ups(and possibly downs)of my villains gaming experience. This is my first evil campaign ever, but my players have always been wanting one. I've got a Deception Witch, a church bombing Alchemist, an Assasain rogue and a family murdering Anti-Paladin. I'm so looking forward to this game!!! I'll be sure to tell you of there villainous feats.