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Full Name

Vipera Besura


F True Neutral Vishkanya Mesmerist (Eyebiter) 1


HP 10/10| AC15/12/13 | CMD +0, CMB 13 | Initiative+5 | Perception+7 | F+2/R+5/W+1 Speed 30


Traits: Reactionary, Charming


Darkwood Light Crossbow +4 (1d8), Cold Iron Shuriken +3 (1d2), Kukri +3 (1d4), Whip +3 (1d4)

Special Abilities

CMD +0, CMB 13


Spells: Level 0 - Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Poison, Ghost Sound


Level 1 (2/day) - color spray, grease


Feats: Weapon Finesse


Skills: Bluff +8, Diplomacy +8, Escape Artist +9, Perception +7, Sense Motive +5, Stealth +9, Use Magic Device +8

Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 8
Charisma 18

About Vipera Berus

Hypnotic Stare (Su):
A mesmerist can focus his stare on one creature within 30 feet as a swift action. That creature takes a –2 penalty on Will saving throws. This penalty changes to –3 at 8th level. A mesmerist can maintain his stare against only one opponent at a time; it remains in effect until the mesmerist stares at a new target, the opponent dies, the opponent moves farther than 30 feet away, or the mesmerist falls unconscious or dies. The mesmerist can remove the memory of his stare from the target’s mind; the creature doesn’t remember that it was affected (nor does it realize that it is currently being affected) unless the mesmerist allows it. The hypnotic stare is a psychic effect, and relies more on the mesmerist’s focus than the target’s perception of his stare. It can’t be avoided in the same ways a gaze attack can. The mesmerist can use this ability even while blinded, but must succeed at a DC 20 concentration check to do so. Staring at a creature requires the mesmerist’s focus, so if he uses a gaze attack or similar ability, he must target the subject of his hypnotic stare or voluntarily end the stare. The penalties from multiple mesmerists’ stares don’t stack, nor do they stack with penalties from witches’ evil eye hexes. This is a mind-affecting effect.

Painful Stare (Su) 1 damage:
When an attack that deals damage hits the target of a mesmerist’s hypnotic stare, the mesmerist can cause the target to take an amount of additional damage equal to 1/2 the mesmerist’s class level (minimum 1). The mesmerist can use this ability as a free action, and can use it even if it isn’t his turn. If the mesmerist uses this ability to increase his own damage, the additional damage increases by 1d6 points for every 3 class levels the mesmerist possesses. This damage is precision damage and is not multiplied on a critical hit. A mesmerist can trigger this ability only once per round, but a single creature can take damage from multiple mesmerists’ painful stares in a round.

Eyeball Familiar (Ex):
An eyebiter imbues one of his eyes with limited sentience, so that he can pluck it out and allow it to move on its own. The eyeball familiar functions similarly to the tumor familiar alchemist discovery (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic 17) except as follows. The eyeball familiar does not have fast healing. The eyeball familiar doesn’t resemble an animal, and its size is Fine for a Medium or smaller eyebiter (or one size category larger for every size category the eyebiter is larger than Medium). It has a fly speed of 20 feet (perfect maneuverability) and no physical attacks (though it can still deliver touch spells once the eyebiter has reached 3rd level). The eyeball has a Strength score of 1, a Dexterity score of 12, and a Constitution score of 10. It has no set Hit Die, base saves, or skill ranks of its own, though it uses its master’s when a familiar normally would. It doesn’t grant its master any familiar bonus, nor can it ever be an improved familiar.

Whenever the eyebiter’s eyeball familiar leaves his body, he is dazzled until it returns (if it is destroyed, the eyebiter loses that eye until he gains the effects of a regeneration). An eyebiter must have at least one eye to use this ability, and an eyebiter with only one eye is blinded instead of dazzled until his familiar returns.

This ability replaces consummate liar and the mesmerist trick gained at 1st level.

Occulus Arcanus:
S 1 D 12 C 10 I 6 W 10 Ch 10 Acrobatics +5, Escape Artist +5, Fly+ 9, Perception +4, Stealth +21
AC 16 FF 15 T 15| SVs F +2/R +3/W +2; Improved Evasion | HP 5
Speed Fly 20 (perfect); alertness, share spells, empathic link

Leather armor, darkwood light crossbow, 10 cold iron bolts, 8 cold iron shurikens, kukri, whip, entertainer's outfit, 2 acid, scroll of obscurring mists, wand of cure light wounds (50)