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Will there be a charisma using archetype? While I welcome a con based "caster" when I envision a telekinetic character I envision "extreme force of personality".

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Alright, i'm seeing a problem here... These days till doomsdays are dragging us down... I think jobs shall be handled from now on in the background, basically from now on your socializing and swaying others to your side...

Yes or Nay?

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here we go with some more lore...


Drow technology is not just firearms and advanced alchemy, it also includes fleshwarping. Fleshwarping is not just for creating new limbs, it is a science at the very heart of Drow industry. When you see a Drow walking around with a mechanical arm sticking out of his back it is because of fleshwarping, for fleshwarped "circuits" are entwined throughout the arm and into that Drow's back, allowing his body to control and in a sense "power" the arm.

Fleshwarping even allows Drow to create golems and other constructs, although even an iron golem will have a set of organs provided by a fleshwarper.

And another piece of Drow info, the Servitor.


Servitors are a reflavored Homunculus for anyone who wants a familiar.

Servitors are true masterpieces of Drow fleshwarping, first a torso and head containing the necessary organs are made. Then the torso is augmented with cybernetics, the end result is a three foot tall creature that looks like a cross between a miniature duergar and whatever could be found in the scrap yard.

Instead of feet the Servitor has a set of "treads" (like a tank but much smaller) that serve to propel it around. Servitors are not truly "intelligent", they cannot think for themselves. They can however be "programmed" to perform various tasks.

Servitor's can also "vary" from one another greatly, servitors (with proper "maintenance") can live for quite a long time (general estimate is a 1000 years) and are often upgraded heavily as time goes on.

Well to do individuals and cabals tend to have a few servitors running around and great cabals (a 1000 members+) which can have entire city districts to themselves often have hordes of servitors running around.

Also Rynjin I have noted your desire for "high tech" weapons... Here is an idea.

Fleshwarped weapons:

Fleshwarped weapons are rare in all but the greatest of Drow cities and the Maw, they range from completely "organic" weapons to weapons you would have to take apart to realize what it is. Here is a sample.

The Hotshot

A unique mix of metal and flesh the Hotshot looks like a normal pistol, except for a strange lack of a bullet cylinder. If you look closely at it you see a strange leather like membrane...

The Hotshot pistol instead of firing bullets fires tight jets of alchemist's fire at distances of up to thirty feet, this is propelled out by the storage membrane which when the trigger is pulled which causes the membrane to contract and pressurize the resulting "shot" out at remarkable speed.

Cost 1000 gp Dmg (S) 1d4 Dmg (M) 1d6 Critical 20x2 Range 30 feet Misfire * Capacity 3 Weight 5 pounds Type fire

*fleshwarped weapons do not misfire.

If any of you want to expand on fleshwarped weapons go right ahead.

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I like the occultist but I wonder if the designers might expand the implement list to include "holy items" which allow this class to be a true "theurge" who can use things such as turn undead and the like. A holy relic user could make a good archetype.

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Note GM, I fully support any application that GM Mason makes. He is a good GM and I suspect he will be a good player.

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Pharnox will be busily sorting his "gift basket" by this point in time...

Gift Basket:

3 pellet grenades, iron
3 Bloodblock
3 Clear Ear
3 Allnight
3 bodybalm
1 Troll styptic

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lvl 4, F 5+, R 5+, W 5+, AC 23_ T 14_ FF 19, Per 11+, HP 48/48

Pharnox is going on the basis of deduction more then anything else, he looked for creatures that seemed to share the "defense" of the Piper in high hopes that if he could counteract their defenses that he could counteract the Piper's defenses... If he gets the Ghost Salt ready for prime time he will first test it on the nearest available ghost or spirit, Pharnox the Ghostbuster... He even has a chemistry set.

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lvl 4, F 5+, R 5+, W 5+, AC 23_ T 14_ FF 19, Per 11+, HP 48/48

Pharnox will simply build better landmines...

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Here is Morthar my Invoker character, tell me what you think of him...

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lvl 4, F 5+, R 5+, W 5+, AC 23_ T 14_ FF 19, Per 11+, HP 48/48

Don't worry my companions! I will protect you with my blunderbuss, a most exceptional fowling gun!

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any rolls Rennoc can make to end this state of "barking madness"?

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I vouch for the strange lizard man above me, good player and I swear he won't eat you...honest.

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Avicia looks calmly at the young gathered before her and speaks...

I come bearing good news, an opportunity has come forth one that could lead the boilers out of this hellhole and to a new life... I've gotten a job going to investigate some ship that was thought lost but has reappeared suddenly. The man who's hiring me ain't willing to pay enough to justify sailing the ship back to him, so I got a plan ye see... The ship he had was the crown jewel of his fleet, a massive four master galleon complete with enchanting to it's hull. Not quite one of those fancy knife-ear's galleons but still a handsome prize.

Trouble is getting the ship to here, to do that I need a crew of some sort. Doesn't have to be a full crew, doesn't have to be a crew that's experienced. All this crew has to be capable of is stowing away aboard the ship that will be taking us to where this "lost" ship was seen and then take the vessel itself from where it is to here in Port Krez.

I am not denying that it will be dangerous, such undertakings as this always are. However we need to if were going to live, none of us rightfully deserves what has befallen us. I didn't deserve to be strapped to a stake and nearly be burned to death by damn zealots, you all don't deserve to be rotting because you were born with strange marks on your faces or because your changelings. Yet the world isn't going to jump up and take pity on us, no if were going to have a better life we gotta carve it out of old eberron's hide... Who will join me in this undertaking?

diplomacy (inspire)1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20

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Avicia will go to the boilers den...

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Triple payment? The ship is worth far more then that fool is offering... Time to demonstrate what I am.

As Avicia speaks you swear that her voice is becoming more guttural, like the demons in children's tales... In addition her eyes start to glow like two dark fires that are not red but a distinct purple and black color...

Pathetic, we are not some run of the mill mercs just off the boat from some Brelish pigsty! We are accomplished veterans who could slice or in my case burn you to death in an instant! Ten times the original payment for bringing your bloody boat back or else when I board I'll put a few holes into her so that she sinks to the bottom!

Intimidate (gunboat diplomacy)1d20 + 11 ⇒ (15) + 11 = 26

As Avicia speaks she nudges the hobgoblin and the half elf woman with her foot trying to send a message...

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To Serve The Flame:

When Avicia was at the brink of death she said yes to the voice and in doing so came into the service of the Dark Flame. When she said yes a burst of black and purple flames fanned out from the stake and incinerated the entire village square. Avicia escaped quickly, she fled from Thrane and to Breland and then boarded a ship bound for the pirate isles. She has been in the isles for but a few months and has done her best to blend in... Unfortunately Avicia is not exactly the type to blend in, Thranians are uncommon in these lands and they stand out like a sore thumb. Voices have also began to visit her dreams, each night they grow more and more insistent and clear...


Avicia was once a wholesome, good natured peasant girl the type cynical Brelish call "sunflowers". Yet after her near death experience Avicia has become a "wilted sunflower" as the Brelish call those Thranian women who has been in the business of prostitution for several years. Her blond hair once so slavishly maintained is now a untamed mat, her once kind, blue eyes are now purple and blood shot. Avicia's face once so beautiful and unmarred is now jutted with pulsing blue, purple veins. While her formally plump form has become skin and bones. She wears a set of clothing that has seen better days, they are a far more beaten down version of what most Lhaazar sailors wear. A set of tattered black trousers, a bleached white shirt and a set of old leathery sea boots.


Avicia was once a pleasant individual, now she is a jaded woman prone to paranoid delusions (or are they?) and acts of terrible violence. To be fair acts of terrible violence are exceptionally common in her new locale. Avicia more then even the voice constantly whispering in her mind fears and hates priests, paladins and generally anyone who venerates the flame. For these hated foes Avicia reserves no quarter nor mercy, even if they are knocked unconscious or helpless she isn't going to hesitate in the administration of death. Yet despite all these flaws Avicia is also an exceptionally cunning individual, she understands the worst instincts of human kind and knows how to exploit fear and hate in her enemies. She also fights like a cornered lion, she would have to read a dictionary to understand the term surrender.

before I create the statblock gm does this character match your visions of a demonic warlock?

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I will present four character concepts, one for each pact. Choose which one you like the most and I'll flesh it out gm.

Demon Pact:

The inquisition took her, they called her a witch. They said she would be purified by flame, they strapped her to the stake and surrounded it with kindling and wood... As they did this her mind raced, she knew why she was being called a witch. She had dared to try to give her parents a better life by marrying into the nobility. She had experienced such radiant hope, hope that she and her family might live in comfort and not die by their forties in the field as the work broke their backs. Yet it was not to be, the family matriarch of the family she was to marry into hated her and had begun the rumors... As the smoke ensorcelled around her and she began to fill a burning sensation in her body she heard a voice in her head. The voice offered her salvation, all she had to do was say yes...

Devil Pact:

Cyre lies in mist and ashes, once the greatest of the Galifar provinces. Her people scattered, broken and dying. Cyre is dead and broken to most, yet some remain defiant... Some are willing to do whatever it takes to revive Cyre and see the glorious homeland restored. Some refuse to give up the dream of seeing the golden fields of Cyre and her majestic cities. Some are willing to strike dark bargains in the name of Cyre's restoration, what price is too steep for the homeland?

Fey Pact:

The Fey have slumbered for a long time, they have only made brief forays into the mortal world. They are the tales told to children, they are the folklore of country folk and the stuff of "fairytales". Yet just as such planes as Xoriat have had their heyday so to will Thelanis, the beginning of the Fey Era is coming. Nature itself will embraces the extremes of Thelanis, the land will become like the feywilds... Wild, free and unshackled by mortals and their desire for order, civilization and sanity... The Fey already begin to appoint those who will become their mortal vassals and knights upon eberron. Some choose this path for power, some choose this path for loved ones and some choose this path out of desperation...

Star Pact:

The Karnathi will do anything to achieve victory, they will pay any price to emerge victorious on the field of war. They demonstrated this in the Last War and even after it they began experiments to enhance their troops. They turned to the dark magics and sciences of the Closed Circle to help them, most of the test subjects died from the resulting "complications". But one survived...and killed those who performed the experiments. Now a half insane subject of horrific experiments has escaped from Karnath and has fled to the pirate islands...

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Napoleon was a goblin! Everything is explained!