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hp 8, ac 14/10/14, F 2+, R 2+, W 2 (4+ against Charm, Compulsion and Fear effects)+, Init 4+

About Morthar


Morthar in an act that made him well known in both the noble and champion districts served as an ambassador between two families with a long and brutal blood feud. He successfully managed to mend relations between these two families, the Farfell's of the noble District and the Redvales of the Champion district upon his arrival in the city but a year ago... Since then Morthar has found a steady stream of work as a professional "mediator" for Nobles, Merchants and even the occasional star crossed pair of lovers... Of course he charges a fee and this job helps him learn of important secrets and influential vices...


Morthar was born a slave in Cheliax and was used by a lazy student of one of Cheliax's lesser known Academae of magic... Unfortunately for the idiot it turned out that Morthar was far more intelligent then he had ever been... While the "master" was out drinking Morthar was busy digesting the information contained in the numerous books of lore that lay scattered around the quarters of the brat. He learned Infernal, Abyssal and Celestial within the course of two years and in another two would become powerful enough to destroy his master...

Morthar tampered with the magical circle of his "master" in a slight but devastating way, when his "master" performed the summoning spell for a hellhound the circle did not protect him from the creature... Morthar then made his escape and struck out into the wilderness of Cheliax to strike his Pact, his years of listening to his master and other students he brought to his bed had given him loads of information concerning the numerous vices of the Academae...

In a darkened basement of a manse in ruins Morthar called forth a Bone Devil or Osyluth from the depths of Hell. He had taken great preparations in his summoning, first he had chosen a "new" Osyluth (aka one with little experience in pacts) and struck a bargain with it... Instead of offering his soul Morthar offered the creature valuable information concerning the students, teachers and even the headmaster of the Academae...

In exchange for power Morthar tells the Osyluth of the numerous mortal vices and secrets that he gathers, Morthar always makes sure to know the business of everyone where he ends up so that he can feed his patron on the less valuable secrets and vices, Morthar does this well...


Male human warlock (Devil Pact) 1
LE Medium humanoid (human)
Init +4; Senses Perception +0


AC 14, touch 10, flat-footed 14 (+4 armor)
hp 8 (1d8)
Fort +0, Ref +0, Will +2 (4+ against Charm, Compulsion and Fear effects)
Defensive Abilities


Speed 30 ft.
Special Attacks Mystic Blast (1d6)
Spell like abilities Pact Tongue
Special Abilities Tempter, Lash of the Slaver, Devil Kin, Holy Anathema


Str 10, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 18 (16+2)
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 10
Feats Improved Initiative, Elaborate Contract
Skills Knowledge (planes, religion, arcana) 7+, Diplomacy 8+, Intimidate 8+, Sense Motive 5+, Use Magic Device 8+
Languages Common, Abyssal, Infernal, Celestial
Favored Class Bonus 1 extra skillpoint per level
traits Steadfast Loyalty and Outcast's Intuition
SQ Pact
equipment Chain Shirt (100 gp), scholar's outfit (free), dagger (2 gp) and 38 gp.

Morthar is a true diabolist, he is not some wizards washout apprentice desperately bargaining for even a shred of power... Morthar in addition to his diabolical powers possesses exceptional charisma and focus, he is a keen bargainer and well aware of the effects reputation can have on others. Morthar is also highly political, where as another diabolist might seek out long lost magical artifacts for power Morthar prefers to manipulate others to gain power. Morthar understands and acknowledges the power of magic and respects it however he considers political power to be superior to it in most instances.

Morthar's main goal is to become the ruler of Sasserine in everything except name. To do this he is focused upon building up contacts, informants and allies from all sectors of societies. Whether they be from the grungy district of Shadowshore or from the gilded Halls of the Nobility Morthar will build up his powerbase and eventually takeover all of Sasserine...

Morthar's face is a intriguing one, while he does not fit the term "handsome" he draws others to him easily... His face is like that of a scholar, inquisitive and hawk like. His eyes are black, a side effect of his pact. He maintains a goatee and his hair is pure black, in contrast to his skin which seems to always be pale even when exposed to sunlight... He wears a chain shirt composed of red links and a cloak and hood of black material. Morthar stands at just under six feet tall and walks with the gate of a man who has seen and fought much and lived to tell the tale...

Pact Tongue:

Pact Tongue
School enchantment (compulsion)
Spell Level 1
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components S, V
Range Close (25 ft. + 5 ft/level) and personal
Target One creature that speaks a language
Effect The caster simultaneously learns the tongue of a
nearby creature and binds that creature to speak
truthfully. The caster learns a single language spoken by
the target creature as per the comprehend language spell
(and thus cannot speak the language himself). Additionally,
the target creature is treated as though it were within
the area of a zone of truth .
Duration 1 min /level
Saving Throw Will negates; Spell Resistance yes

Lash of the Slaver:

-Lash of the Slaver:
By reshaping the fell energies that normally form her
mystical blasts, an invoker can form her dark powers into
a tool of possession and enslavement known as a “slaver’s
lash” as a move action. A slaver’s lash resembles a sinisterlooking
whip and may function as such. The invoker is
proficient in this whip. Additionally, the invoker may make
a touch attack with this whip against a creature within 15
feet. If the test is successful, the slaver’s lash wraps around
the target creature and latches on with unearthly strength.
The lash remains attached to creatures as long as the invoker
continues to concentrate on it each round. Each round
as a free action, the invoker may give the creature a single
command. On the creature’s next turn, it must make a Will
save to avoid carrying out the command in place of taking
its own actions. While attached to a creature, the lash
will grow or retract as much as needed to remain taut and
attached to the creature regardless of how far the creature
moves from the invoker.
An Escape Artist test with a DC equal to 10 + the invoker’s
class level + the invoker’s Charisma modifier allows a
creature to escape from the lash. The lash may be sundered
like a normal whip, though the invoker may reshape it as
a move action. While the invoker’s mystic blast is in the
shape of a whip, she may not use her mystic blast as she
normally would (and attacks with the lash deal damage
as a normal whip rather than as a mystic blast). Changing
a mystic blast to and from lash form is a move action or
as part of an attack made with the lash of the slaver made
as a standard action. It can also be changed as part of any
mystic blast.


The invoker has gained unnatural charisma in exchange
for turning her fellow mortals towards evil. She may use
charm person as a spell-like ability with a caster level equal
to her class level a number of times each day equal to her
Charisma modifier. At 6th level, she may use her daily uses
of this ability to cast suggestion instead. At 12th level, she
may expend two uses of this ability to cast mass suggestion
. At 16th level, she may expend two uses of this ability
to cast dominate person or charm monster. In order to continue
benefitting from this ability, the invoker must attempt
to persuade a living creature to commit an act they would
consider immoral at least once each week. If the invoker
fails to tempt a living creature in this way, she loses access
to her mystic blast class feature until she has done so.

Mystic Blast:

Mystic Blast (Sp:)
Even the greenest of invokers can easily learn to manipulate
their eldritch power as though it were a newfound
limb. At will the invoker may make an attack with her
mystic blast as a standard action. Mystic blasts are ranged
touch attacks that deal damage. Normally this damage is
untyped, but she my chose to make this damage of a type
based on of her pact (as described in the pact class feature
below). Changing the damage type is a free action. The
invoker’s mystic blast does 1d6 damage at first level and an
additional 1d6 damage every two levels thereafter. Mystic
blasts have a range increment of 60 feet and a X2 critical
modifier. An invoker’s effective caster for her mystic
blast is equal to her invoker level.