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Justin Riddler wrote:

Could you please send us some pictures of the misprint? This will help us evaluate our production methods. Once we have the pictures we will be more than happy to assist you further.

~Justin Riddler
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My hardcopy of AP 73 Worldwound Incursion has some serios misprints with missing pages and repeated pages. My order number is 2711805.

Chris Lambertz wrote:
The PDF version of the Player Character Folio will not be fillable.

Boooo. It seems clear to me that many in this community would welcome/are looking for a "fillable" "auto-calculating" sheet with all the discussion of HeroLab on this topic. It seems to me that Paizo may be penny wise but pound foolish on this approach.

Looking for a player. We play every other Friday night in the Pasadena area. We are 6th level and playing Kingmaker. Email me at

Mandor wrote:
So based on the Legacy of Fire dice set, expect Kingmaker dice to debut at Gen Con 2011 then be available for purchase sometime in 2012.

2012?But we're playing the game now!

What does it say?