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Keep in mind, you've only played the very early scenarios.

yeah because inquisitor kyra => when you use a sarenrae blessing shuffle it into your deck []put it on the top of your deck. is clearly not too strong.

Wait someone says me something in my headset...

Joke aside, she is a beast in late game.

till you touch your blessing you keep touching them again and again and again.

1. raise your handcap => mark this ability
3.profit !


Or you can simply remove the card for all the groups.

In theory you can play and lose an infinite number of scenario in a row and have all the basic cards banished when you want. So just remove them without tracking, I don't think if would really alter the game that much.


In fact it ramp up a bit the game cuz you'll find more ap3 cards in the boons. In counterparts you'll face more ap3 barriers and monsters.

Augury + augury is just the half of the combo.

Augury + augury + haste is much much better :p

Augury + augury till you snipe the wanted stuff (loot / henchman) => haste => redraw augury => augury redraw haste => infinite scouting + infinite exploring.

For all those taht said "yeah but you are vulnerable for damage" How could you take ANY damage by surprise since all the exploration you'll made are scouted before? you know what is on the top of your location , you just put it. You don't want to face a monster , no problem, continue augury till you have the henchman, same with all the barriers. (bybye all the enchantress, bybye all the pesky barriers, welcome all the loot)

So basically at the moment you touch one of the haste and 2 of the augury you can (as soon as you cannot fail your recharge check) you 'll never be surprised about what you encounter or if you want to clear a deck you can.

Side note :augury isn't forced to put in the back of the deck but can put on top of the deck too. For one augury time to time the best option is (90%) monster => put back in the end henchman if sniped on top of the other dude. but since you can repeat again and again the best option is to call for the loot and put them in the top of the deck and then go for the kill if you have the ability to do that or put him on top of his location to allow another character to go for the kill.

player doesn't have anything to do when it's activated, except say "Don't forget your extra d4"

In our group it is always those who gave the bonuses (blessings excluded) that rolls these dices.

e.g.: Valeros and Kyra in the same location; Hrask at another location. Kyra meets a creature that have a check of 12 in combat.

Valeros use a hamlerlock + his power.
Kyra use nothing else than a mace without discarding it.
Hrask use his power to recharge a card to help and then discard a crossbow.

=> kyra launch her d6+d6+2(melee)+(X strength)
Valeros launch D4+D6
Hrask launch 2D4

So we keep all player active even during the turn of another player.
AND (most important) we can laugh at the bad rolls of Valeros and taunt him hard.

That's about the only way to win with 5 or 6 players without a LOT of luck.

I disagree; maybe in the first couple of scenario but normally you wouldn't upgrade your card feat at 5-6 the same way you would at 3-4.

At 5-6 , at my table the most of the character takes blessings / allies till they are capped and the first power feat are almost always taken for hand size boost => so we just pump up our exploration ratio to the maximum of our possibilities.

If 4 out of 6 people do that you will finish most of the scenario with about 5 blessing in the deck and all location closed(if you shut down the location asap of course), and if you want greed a bit more consider the candle on one of your character that mill hisself quite efficiently.

It was very rare after the first adventure that we have to think about inteligent splitting of the group to squeeze our timer.

In french we have the dungeon of naheulbeuk:

Barbarian : Dwarf, give us the key of the door.
Dwarf: No, it is mine.
Barbarian: Dwarf give us the key!
Dwarf: No it is mine
Barabarian: I said the key!
Dwarf: Here it is.

"There is none problem that can be solved by a good well placed 2handed hammer indaface." (Conar the barbarian)

Acid is also very useful vs targets like Trolls in the RPG. We will see if that is the case in the PACG too or not.

It is. (3 rd adventure the firsts ones if I remember right)

For me at 1-2 and maybe 3 player, the items are really really important because you don't have so much character => less place to hold all the important items and there are some very important items to carry.

Another style of character where I value the items are them who use to have a huge hand (Sorcerer/wizard for example) => you can hold a sh*tload of items that boost your main skills (e.g. belt of strength)
For the wizard it is really important because the 2 last expansion pack have some spells that have 16 to recharge (and even with a d12 + 6(the average of the spellcaster at this point) it is really really hard to recharge them).

So for this kind of character I go for 1-2 cats in ally + 3-4 items to boost the profane skills.

Now at 5-6 player you are under pressure to explore so everybody must explore a bit. And then => items/spells(very rare before the 6th adventure) allowing you extra turns > scouting > blessing > allies > everything else.

As a sidenote I will add that Lini is a rough diamond in the beginning of the adventure that begin really begin to shine about the 2nd adventure and really deploy her power about the 4th scenario.

at this point you have (after the first scenario) +4 on the animal check => +5-8 to EVERY single check you have to make in the game. (so you instarecharge quite every spell exclude the really last ones (mass heal/restauration)and you instaclose almost all location.

and this is just utterly huge.

SO for example if you cast a crappy inflict at this state of the game (considering you have put 3 pt in wisdom) it makes D10+D6+D4+8 (11-28 avg:19,5)

The second path you can consider:

1st card bonus : Weapon (2H one), 2 pt in strength, 1 in wisdom, still the +4 on the animal boost.
As soon you hit your weapon : discard, reaveal weapon, reveal animal => D10+(prolly)D10+D4+6(7 if the weapon is +1) (9(10)-30(31) avg 19,5(20,5) with just 1 card discarded)

at the same point valeros do :

D10+D10+7(8) so 10-28 avg 19// or D10+D8+9 (longsword +2)11-27 avg 19 quite similar no ? and there we are speaking about one of the best fighter.

But then you'll consider that Lini can use her d4+4 on every check so where Valeros is stuck with his d6 in INT or his d4 in Wis, Lini have :

STR: 2D4+4 min (1D10+1D4+4)at this point she prolly have a weapon in her deck since a while
DEX: 1D6+1D4+4 (1D10+1D4+4)
CON: 1D8+1D4+4
INT: 1D6+1D4+4 (her worst skill; still 6-14 avg 10)
WIS: 1D10+1D4+4
CHA: 1D6+1D4+4

she just doesn't have any weak spot, she can collect quite every single boon, defeat every single encounter, she can close every location and she can bear every form of boon in her deck.

Name me one other character more polyvalent. (the only two approaching this form of versatility is Seelah and Lem but both have quite huge weak spot (no items for Seelah)no so good fighter for Lem (whatever the setups you'll try)and still they have lesser bonus

one of the simple situation when you would want to explore with a card before your first exploration is the ally that says : discard to explore, if you encounter a boon , banish it. (trained mercenaries I guess in english) => you already scout the first card, you know it is a bane => the mercenaries wouls allow you to explore without the risk of "banish" a boon.

In the same mechanics there is the raptor that give you a D8 if you encounter a monster during his exploration etc...

I respond to myself: yes it is the same wording than a weapon so I guess it is instead of a weapon or a spell.

Well, this card just go very veeery down in my ranking of "good card"

In fact the only use I found now for that card is for the goblin that force you to succeed a WIS check of 8 in order to play spells or weapon => if you fail you can still use an item I guess.


You can get some ridiculously large numbers of dice to roll. Just last night, facing the Villain I, playing Seoni, took the second combat check against Gogmurt (Combat 13).

I played:
Scorching Ray, 1d12 +2 +2d6 (arcane check plus spell)
BotG, 1d12 (Blessing)
Wand of Force Missile 4d4 (Item)

Valeros was at my location, 1d4
Lem played a Blessing of Pharasma, 2d12 (discard to add 2 dice to a check when playing a spell)

For a total of 4d12 + 2d6 + 5d4 +2 (Minimum 13) for a total of 58! We really wanted that Villain dead!

For me there you use 2 blessing for one check and that is not possible; only the blessing of gods or the blessing of pharasma but not both.

I don't think you can technically add the Wand of Force Missile to another spell check. It's meant to be a check all on its own.

It is write on the card "for your combat check", does it mean instead of the use of a weapon or a spell ?