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463 posts. Alias of Vrog Skyreaver.


HP/SP: 28 (28) / 36 (36) | EAC/KAC: 18/18 | Init: +3 | Fort: +7; Ref: +8; Will: +4 | Resolve: 2 (5) | Perception: +6


Force Ward: 16 (16); regen 4 hp/min | Elemental Overflow (+2 to Dex)


NG Human Kineticist 4 | Theme: Themeless


English, Afrikaans

Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 16
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 11
Charisma 10

About Verve

EAC/KAC: 10 base, 4 dex, 4/4 armor

Speed: 30'

Telekinetic Blast: +8 to hit KAC; 1d6+9p damage

Acrobatics r4 +11
Athletics r4 +7
Perception r4 +7
Sleight of Hand r4 +11
Stealth r4 +11

Iron Will
Spell Penetration
Weapon Focus (Kinetic Blast)

Theme Features: gain Athletics as a class skill and +1 Dex.

Class Features: Telekinetic Blast , Gather Power (1/2/3), Burn, Elemental Defense: Force Ward, Elemental Overflow (+4), Infusions (Extended Range, Kinetic Blade), Utility Talents (Basic Telekinesis, Telekinetic Finesse, Telekinetic Haul)

Basic Lashunta Tempweave (EAC/KAC: 4/4; Max Dex 5; Upgrade Slots: 1; Bulk: L) -1950
Infrared Sensors -200
Personal Comm Unit -7
Iridescent Spindle Aeon Stone -740
Mk 1 Ring of Resistance -735
10 pouches of 100 pieces of diamond-shaped crystal -100
Messenger Bag (Consumer Backpack) -3
Everyday Clothes x2 -2
Hygene Kit -3

460 credits


Verve likes to tell people that she grew up Monaco, swindling stupid tourists out of their money.

In actuality, Verve was born in Sierra Leone to a native freedom fighter and the daughter of a wealthy ceramics magnet from the United States who had come to Sierra Leone to help as part of Peace Corps Inc, but fell in love with Verve's father, who was as poor as can be. When her father found out, she was disowned and left to "fend for herself with her savage husband".

It was less than a decade later that Verve's parents were murdered by the forces of one of the local warlords for having the temarity to offer food to anyone who asked for it.

Verve was 9 at the time, and only managed to escape when her powers manifested and she managed to kill the soldier who had been ordered to kill her with a pen to the eye.

Verve left into the jungle and made her way out of Africa, sneaking aboard a cargo ship bound for Greece. She snuck off the ship and made her way throughout the EU, learning the art of the grift and avoiding the worst sort of people who might take advantage of a young woman on her own, using her powers to protect herself as needed.

All of this came to a head the night she took a job to rob a small, antiques shop in Brussels, which happened to be owned by the alter-identity of Escalation, a hero. He caught her trying to break in and managed to subdue her, but she used her powers to escape, and the next few weeks there were several instances of him capturing her and her escaping. Eventually, when he caught her, he asked her for her story, and called her out on her lies (One of his powers involved knowing when someone was lying to him). After several attempts to lie to the man, Verve relented and told him her true story. He offered her the chance to be his sidekick, which after some deliberation she accepted.

She worked as his sidekick for several years before retiring from the life, wanting to go to college. During her first semester Verve (who was going by the false identity of Karen Summers) received a letter from Boston Theoretical. Intrigued, Karen took some time off from school to go and hear their offer.

Kineticist Conversion:

HP: 6
Stamina Points: 6 + Con Modifier
Key Ability Score: Constitution

Bab: 3/4ths; Fort: primary; Ref: primary ; Will: secondary

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Basic Melee Weapons, Small Arms, Light Armor.

Skill Points: 4 + Int Modifier
Class Skill List: Acrobatics, Intimidate, Medicine, Mysticism, Perception, Profession, Stealth. Additionally, Aetherkineticists gain Engineering and Sleight of Hand as class skills.

Telekinetic Blast (targets KAC): 1d6+con mod; increases as per the Solarian Solar weapon class feature. Standard action to use.

Gather Power: can reduce the burn cost of a power by 1 as a move action or two as a full round action. If the next round's move action is used, can reduce the burn cost of a power by 3 points instead.

Burn: Instead of burn's normal mechanic, each point of burn costs a point of resolve instead. This means that the kineticist will track resolve spent in the same way that they track burn spent.

Elemental Defense: Force Ward While active, you gain a pool of temporary HP equal to your level. If an attack deals less damage than you still have as temporary hit points from force ward, it still reduces those temporary hit points but otherwise counts as a miss for the purpose of abilities that trigger on a hit or a miss. These temporary HP heal at a rate of 1 hp/minute. You may take a point of burn to increase this pool of temporary HP by an additional amount equal to your level; doing so increases the amount your temp hp heal by 1 hp/minute. Whenever you accept burn while using an aether wild talent or Blast, you siphon some of the energy from the aether flowing through you and your force ward recovers a number of temporary hit points equal to your character level, up to its current maximum. You can dismiss or restore your force ward as an immediate action, but doing so doesn’t change the number of temporary hit points available, and the temporary hit points don’t recover while this ability is inactive.

Elemental Overflow: gain a special form of weapon specialization with all kinetic blasts, adding one and half times the Kineticist's level to all kinetic blast damage. Additionally, at 4th level, as long as the Kineticist has spent at least 3 resolve points, the Kineticist can apply the benefits of a mk 1 personal upgrade to one of his 3 physical ability scores; at 8th level, the kineticist can apply the benefits of a mk 2 and mk 1 personal upgrade to any of his physical ability scores; finally, at 15th level, he can apply the benefits of a mk 1-3 personal upgrades, one to each of his ability scores. While this does mean that the Kineticist can never benefit from a personal upgrade to their mental stats, they can also change the attribute that they are adding the stat bonus to upon gaining a level in Kineticist.

*Utility Talents:
*First Level:
- Basic Telekinesis: Gains an effect similar to psychokinetic hand, but can move an object weighing 10 lbs per two kineticist levels instead of the weight limits of the spell. Range is increased to medium range if Kineticist has the extended or long range if the Kineticist has the extreme range talent. Having the extended range talent also allows the Kineticist to move the held object(s) up to 30', or up to 60' if the Kineticist has the extreme range talent; the Kineticist can also collect a pile of loose objects or a pool of liquid with the same weight limits.

- Kinetic Cover: Gain the barricade feat.

- Telekinetic Finesse: can use Basic Telekinesis finely enough to attempt checks within close range, including Engineering (Disable Device) and sleight of hand checks.

- Skilled Kineticist: gain an insight bonus to engineering and sleight of hand checks equal to half my level.

*Second Level:
- Greater Skilled Kineticist: add Mysticism and one kineticist class skill to the lists of skills that Skilled Kineticist modifies.

- Telekinetic Haul: increases weight for basic Telekinesis to 200 lbs. per kineticist level; can spend a burn to futher increase the weight limit to 2,000 lbs per kineticist level for 1 minute per kineticist level

*Third Level:

- Self Telekinesis: Acts like Level 2 Flight spell that lasts for 1 round.

- Telekinetic Invisibility: Works like Invisibility, but half the bonus to stealth and avoid automatic detection by sound-based precise and imprecise senses (you do not get the bonus to stealth against creatures with such abilities, however).

- Touchsight: Gain Blindsight (any distance; target you hit with telekinetic Blast) for 1 round when you hit a target with your telekinetic blast, but only applies to the target.

*Fourth Level:
- Telekinetic Maneuvers: can use the combat manuever option of the telekinesis spell (using Constitution as your ability modifier).

- Spying Touchsight: Works as Clairaudience/Clairvoyance on a single target; requires ranged touch attack to attach strands, or can attach strands from Touchsight; requires concentration, but can switch sense when I concentrate

*Fifth Level:
- Force Barrier: create either a sphere or hemisphere around me that functions as wall of force.

- Greater Self Telekinesis: gain the benefits of flight level 3. if you have extended or extreme range, gain the benefits of flight level 4.

- Reactive Touchsight: never flatfooted against attacks within 30' or because attacker is unseen or invisible. Always succeed on perception checks to act in the surprise round against opponents within 30'.

*First Level:
- Pushing: burn 1; if the infused blast hits, can attempt a free bull rush against the target of the kinetic blast using Con mod instead of strength mod. Can only push a target back 5' base, but can spend a point of burn to increase the distance to the maximum the bull rush would have pushed the target.

- Extended Range: burn 1; increase the range of kinetic blast to 120'.

- Kinetic Blade: burn 1; can use my telekinetic blast as a melee attack instead of a ranged attack, including making any additional attacks as desired.

*Second Level:
- Bowling: Burn 2; Attempt a trip combat maneuver check against each target damaged by your infused blast, using your Constitution modifier instead of your Strength modifier to determine your Combat Maneuver Bonus.

*Third Level:
- Foe Throw:

- Kinetic Whip:

- Extreme Range:

- Snake:

*Sixth Level:
- Disintegrating:

*Eighth Level:
- Many Throw: