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Building a Better Doomed Hero: Painlord's Advanced Play-by-Post Play

Creating a PFS character for PbP

Discussion Check-in:

This should be set up for a reply to make it easier for you (deleting everything above). I would like the top information all a a single line. When I create chronicles, I can cut and paste this quickly.
RL name: * Character Name * PFS number: * Faction

e-mail: for game day prize support. PM me if you are uncomfortable posting it here. Gameday Only.

This information will make gameplay easier. When I need to bot someone they will have already made their action. Make sure to add the appropriate modifier and the final closed bracket (])to the die rolls.
Most likely use:
Day Job:
Typical combat action:
[dice=default combat action]1d20+ [/dice
[dice=damage]+ [/dice
[dice=attack of opportunity]1d20+ [/dice
[dice=damage]+ [/dice

Adding your avatar to the map:

  • From Paizo's page right click on your avatar, you should get a drop down menu that includes "copy image".
  • Follow the link to the map.
  • Paste image.
  • Resize to fit the five foot square by dragging the corners (dragging the sides will distort the image. Note that some quality will be lost by increasing an icon's size. You should be able to change the view scale to something smaller then paste your avatar to so it is larger and can be shrunk without losing quality.
  • In the case of unusual movements you can go to 'insert' choose line, then elbow connector to show which spaces you are going through or avoiding.

    Creating a PFS character for PbP

    Gameday V: Event 82317 (Alpha 27, Delta 138, Omega 28)