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HP 91/91, AC 24/32, t.AC 25, ffAC 16, Fort +10, Ref +13, Will +8/+10


Kick 3/4, 9 AoO's/rnd

Strength 12
Dexterity 26
Constitution 17
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 15
Charisma 10

About Vash Ossari


Vash was once a professional gladiator. He wasn't born into it, but he didn't have many other choices as far as careers went. Luckily he was a natural talent and early on he made friends with a trainer who honed him into a warrior who was not to be trifled with.

He called himself "Sidewinder" and styled himself after a desert serpent. He had many victories. Then, after a political shift, the bloodsports were outlawed. He and his fellow fighters were out of jobs. He was tempted to take the fights underground, but instead he decided to try his hand at Bodyguard work.

It turned out that Bodyguarding wasn't particularly difficult most of the time, and he found that if he kept his mouth shut and his ears opened he was able to learn all kinds of interesting things. He made a name for himself as competent and professional. Then his primary client, a rather famous scholar named Meloigne Garracy, was easy enough to work with and was a talkative sort. Vash learned a lot from him. Everything was fine until Meloigne said the wrong thieng to the wrong Vishani outside Sandpoint, and ended up getting them both sucked into a crazy dream world full of messed up children's stories. It didnt take long for them to get separated. Vash wasn't about to give up though. He'd find the old man. After all, he had a reputation to uphold.

Human Lore Warden Fighter 6, Master of Many Styles/Hungry Ghost Monk 3

Initiative: +8
Speed: 30 (40 out of armor)



24 Base AC: (+8 dex, +5 armor, +1 enhancement)
32 Combat AC (+8 Dex, +5 armor, +1 enhancement, +2 shield, +1 dodge, +4 fighting defensively w/ acrobatics, +1 expertise)

25 Touch: (+8 dex, +1 dodge, +1 enhancement +4 fighting defensive, +1 expertise)
16 Flat-footed: (+5 armor, +1 enhancement)

CMD: 30 (+9 BaB, +8 dex, +1 str, +2 fighter)
...vs Trip, 34 (+4 snake style)
...vs Sunder 37 (+7 favored class)
...vs Disarm 47 (+7 favored class, +10 weapon chain)

Hit Points: 91 (46 fighter, 18 monk, 27 con)

+10 Fort (+5 fighter, +3 monk, +2 con)

+13 Ref (+2 fighter, +3 monk, +8 dex)

+8 Will (+2 fighter, +3 Monk, +3 wis)
...+10 vs Enchantments (+2 still mind)



BaB +8/+2

CMB +13 (+9 bab, +2 Lore Warden, +2 Str)

Base +9/+17 for light weapons

Sidewinder +1 Agile Living Steel Scorpion Whip +17/+12, d4+9, x2 crit, Piercing (+9 bab, +8 dex, +1 enhancement, -1 crane style)

+1 Agile Unarmed Strike, +20/+15, D6+11, x3 crit, Piercing, Bludgeoning or Non-lethal (+9 bab, +8 dex, +2 brawling, +1 enhancement, +1 weapon training, -1 crane style)

Trip with Unarmed Strike +24 (+9 bab, +8 dex, +2 lore warden, +4 improved/greater trip, +1 weapon training, +1 enhancement, -1 crane style)

Trip with Whip +23 (+9 bab, +8 dex, +2 lore warden, +4 improved/greater trip, +1 enhancement -1 crane style)

Masterwork Shortsword +17, 1d6, 19-20 x2 crit, Slashing +Poison (+9 bab, +8 dex, +1 masterwork, -1 crane style)

Base +17

Fangs (throwing axes) +17, 1d6, x3 +Poison

Net, +12 touch attack (+17, -4 NWP, -1 crane)

Bola, +18, ranged trip (+17, +2 lore warden, +4 G/Imp. Trip, -1 crane, -4 NWP)

Feats and Traits


Threatening Defender: -1 penalty when fighting defensively or using Combat Expertise
Heirloom Weapon: Whip Proficiency

Combat Reflexes (1st level)
Bodyguard (human bonus) Give Aid Another bonus to AC as AoO.
Greater Trip (fighter 1, retrained)
In Harm's Way (fighter 2) Redirect attack against Aided ally to you.
Combat Expertise (bonus, lore warden) take up to -3 to attack and gain +4 to AC (adjusted by Trait)
Crane Style (3rd level) Fight Defensively at -1 attack, +4 AC
Crane Wing (4th level, monk 1) While fighting defensive, negate one melee attack per round.
Punishing Kick (Hungry Ghost 1)
Snake Style (5th level) Piercing Unarmed Strikes. When targeted by an attack you are aware of, Sense Motive=AC.
Weapon Finesse (5th level, fighter 4) Dex to Attack w/ Light Weapons
Snake Sidewind (6th level, monk 2) Sense Motive in place of critical confirm with unarmed strikes. 5-foot step as Immediate action upon successful crit.
Improved Trip (7th level)
Vicious Stomp (fighter 6) AoO whenever an enemy falls prone adjacent.
Crane Riposte, (9th level) AoO when attack is deflected with Crane Style. -1 to fighting defensively.



Skill Points 9 int, 12 fighter, 12 monk, 12 race, 12 bonus (knowledge skills only)
57 total

+20 Acrobatics (9 ranks, +3 class +8 dex)
...+24 vs falling prone (snake style)
+22 Stealth (9 ranks, +3 class, +8 dex, +2 equipment)
+16 Sense Motive (9 ranks, +2 wis +3 class, +2 snake style)
+20 Escape Artist (9 ranks, +3 class, +8 dex)
+12 Knowledge: Arcana (6 ranks, +1 int +3 class, +2 equipment)
+12 Knowledge: The Plains (6 ranks, +1 int +3 class, +2 equipment)
+15 Craft: Alchemy (9 ranks, +1 int, +3 class, +2 equipment)

Class Abilities


Scholastic (Ex): Lore wardens gain 2 additional skill ranks each level. These ranks must be spent on Intelligence-based skills. All Intelligence-based skills are class skills for lore wardens.
This ability replaces the lore warden’s proficiency with medium armor, heavy armor, and shields.

Expertise (Ex) At 2nd level, a lore warden gains Combat Expertise as a bonus feat, even if he would not normally qualify for this feat.
This ability replaces bravery 1.

Weapon Training: Close. +1 attack and damage and CMB.

Maneuver Mastery: (Ex) At 3rd level, a lore warden gains a +2 bonus on all CMB checks and to his CMD. This bonus increases to +4 at 7th level, +6 at 11th level, and +8 at 15th level.
This ability replaces armor training 1.

Fuse Style: (Ex) At 1st level, a master of many styles can fuse two of the styles he knows into a more perfect style. The master of many styles can have two style feat stances active at once. Starting a stance provided by a style feat is still a swift action, but when the master of many styles switches to another style feat, he can choose one style whose stance is already active to persist. He may only have two style feat stances active at a time. At 8th level, the master of many styles can fuse three styles at once. He can have the stances of three style feats active at the same time. Furthermore, he can enter up to three stances as a swift action.

Evasion (Ex): At 2nd level or higher, a monk can avoid damage from many area-effect attacks. If a monk makes a successful Reflex saving throw against an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, he instead takes no damage. Evasion can be used only if a monk is wearing light armor or no armor. A helpless monk does not gain the benefit of evasion.

Still Mind (ex): +2 on saves Vs. Enchantment



+1 Agile Living Steel Scorpion Whip 8k
Masterwork Shortsword (w/Purple Worm)
Fangs (throwing axes x8) (4 unpoisoned, 2 w/Spellscorch, 2 w/Purple Worm)
Combat Net x2
Bolas x6

Armor: +1 Brawling Mithril Chain w. Armor Kilt 5.1 k
Neck: +1 Agile Amulet of Mighty Fists 16k
Waist: Belt of Dex +4 8k
Wrist: Spring Loaded Wrist Sheathe (right arm, Cure Serious Wounds)
Ring: of Force Shield 8.5 k
Feet: Soft-Soled Boots (masterwork Stealth tool) 50 gp

-Belt and Pouches-
Antivenom x10
Soul Stimulant x2
Air Crystals x2
Spellscorch Poison Stone
Purple Worm Poison Stone
Tanglefoot Bag x3
Tanglefoot Bag w/Itching powder, Rusting Powder and Violet Venom Poison x2
Smokestick w/Tindertwig x5
Alchemists Fire x2
Rusting Powder x5
Adamantine Weapon Blanch x2
Cold Iron Weapon Blanch x2
Ghost Salt Weapon Blanch x2
Silversheen Weapon Blanch x2

Travelers Alchemy Kit
Quick reference almanacs for magical theory, planar travel and alchemical formula (masterwork tools) 150 gp
Antivenom x50
Antiplague x10
Air Crystals x10
Alchemist's Kindness x5
Tanglefoot bag x6
Tanglefoot Bag w/Itching powder, Rusting Powder and Dragon Bile Poison x1
Tanglefoot Bag w/Itching powder, Rusting Powder and Violet Venom Poison x4
Smokesticks x10
Foaming Powder x10



400 gp