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So the 5th level dwarf ancestry feat Clan Protector.

Doe the fact that this feat requires an Interact action make it useless in combat? Parry requires an Action but not an Interact action. Interact includes the Manipulate trait, meaning Clan Protector now provokes many Attacks of Opportunity.

The way it is written, however, leads me to believe this may have been an error:

“…When you use an Interact action to gain a circumstance bonus to AC from your clan dagger’s parry trait, you can grant the circumstance bonus to an adjacent ally instead of gaining it yourself. You can use multiple Interact actions to protect multiple allies, or to protect yourself and an ally.”

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So I’ve been a fan of Paizo ever since Dungeon and Dragon magazine and the Age of Worms adventure path.

I’ll be the first to admit that I overlooked PF1e adventures in lieu of the adventure paths during the whole run of PF1e. But with the Crown of the Kobold King adventure coming out soon I’d like to know - what adventures were particularly successful? Which were not?

Yes, each product has reviews, but most are like 5-10 reviews tops. Hardly an accurate sample size. Not sure if Paizo would be able to comment on actual saves either. I know sharing recent sales data is a no-no for competitive reasons, but some of these are approaching 20 years old now.

Any thoughts out there about the viability of a sorcerer as the primary healer of a team?

I’m considering building a Chelaxian human expatriate trying to run away from his diabolical heritage in distant Varisia to become a priest of Erastil. Baseline choices would be diabolic sorcerer, raised by belief background. Possibly picking up either the archer or oracle (flame) archetype.

Specific recommendations are always appreciated but I’m more interested in the overall viability of a divine sorcerer. Thanks!